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    CR affect on menstruation and amenorrhea?

    Thanks for the excellent resources Dean. I appreciate that information! It is very helpful! I am naturally very concerned about bone health, and I am glad to see what has been found about it. Thanks for chiming in Liz. I am glad to know that you had 5 years of CR without amenorrhea. 17% seems like a good body fat % and I am glad that the hormonal cycles were not affected at that level.
  2. I have been working on confining my eating to a couple hour eating window. I keep myself out of the kitchen in the morning and go about my business until about 2 pm when I have a late, and filling, lunch. Before then, I focus on getting most of my water for the day. I drink a lot of it with lemon or lime. After lunch, since I have had such a filling meal, I do fine until I have a small dinner several hours later. It has really cut back on the snacking for me, and I don't miss having breakfast. If you really love breakfast, you could start it off by pushing it back a few hours and combining it with lunch. Keep pushing it back until you get it to the time frame you want it. Drink herbal teas or whatever to help.
  3. Hello! I am a woman of reproductive age and am interested in the idea of CR. I am looking for information on how this affects the hormonal profile and function, and whether it causes amenorrhea, and if so, whether this is by default a bad thing. Most of the information on amenorrhea I can find tends to refer to anorexic or overly athletic individuals and classifies this as a non-desirable or pathological occurrence. However, I have read before that having fewer periods and lower levels of female hormones can have a protective effect against cancers. If I go on a CR diet, will I be at risk of losing my periods, and is this dangerous to my health if so? What is the experience of other CR women, and have their been tests or studies on this particular topic? Any help pointing me in the direction of resources on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!