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  1. Vivacitas

    New member here!

    Although i've been reading about CR for a few years I've just recently gotten it in me to get serious. I think this might normally happen after a major health event. For me the event resulted in having three brain surgeries last year. All is well now but it made me think about my health differently. I now have my scale, the CRONOMETER app, some CR recipies, and a bucket of motivation. What I need is instruction. How do you get the stats to enter into the app? Am I going in the wrong direction?
  2. I'm also new to CR but the best book I have is The CR Way. I got it at Half.com. Nearly half (no pun) of the book is recipes!! It's where I learned of Burdock root tea. My husband and I love loose tea with some ginger root and a lemon wedge. He prefers dandelion leaf tea and there are a lot of Web sites that sell loose teas.