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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have not reviewed the study to know its credibility, but in a way the reported findings will help me to reset with more gentleness after an occasional work-stress binge, instead of feeling dread about the damage done to my body. With mindfulness, I am trying to better understand the events & environment that can lead to occasional overindulgence but this can provide some comfort in the aftermath. Thanks again.
  2. JamesMitchell

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    Just wanted to say I purchased the book and am enjoying the sample so far. I appreciate that Fontana includes chapters on meditation, community, and diet's impact on Mother Earth. This book will be a good roundup of what I first learned from The CR Society in 2016. I'll be passing the book onto family & friends. Thanks for sharing it's existence!
  3. JamesMitchell

    A New Leaf

    Hi Dean, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for sharing all your wisdom and gathered knowledge. It had made a big impact on my life. Your professionally written posts encourage me to write more clearly. I've told many people in my personal life about, "this guy Dean on the CR Society website who is such a rational and scientific thinker." I hope to develop more of your characteristics as I grow. Your coming posts on our ultimate purpose and satisfaction in life are ones I will find most interesting as time goes on as I feel more certain the way I eat, exercise and live is what's best for my physical health. So thank-you again Dean. I'm sure there are many more lurkers like myself who have appreciated your contributions. James