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    CR Sleep Survey Results!

    Dean (and others), A recent meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies found a positive association between daytime napping and all-cause mortality. Note, incidentally, that the interesting study of sleep in three pre-industrial societies you discuss above mentions that napping is relatively rare in such societies. -- Daytime napping and mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies [pdf] Zhong, Guochao et al. Sleep Medicine , Volume 16 , Issue 7 , 811 - 819 Abstract Objectives The association between daytime napping and mortality remains controversial. We conducted a meta-analysis to examine the associations between daytime napping and the risks of death from all causes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancer. Methods PubMed and Embase databases were searched through 19 September 2014. Prospective cohort studies that provided risk estimates of daytime napping and mortality were eligible for our meta-analysis. Two investigators independently performed study screening and data extraction. A random-effects model was used to estimate the combined effect size. Subgroup analyses were conducted to identify potential effect modifiers. Results Twelve studies, involving 130,068 subjects, 49,791 nappers, and 19,059 deaths, were included. Our meta-analysis showed that daytime napping was associated with an increased risk of death from all causes [n = 9 studies; hazard ratio (HR), 1.22; 95% confidence interval (CI), 1.14–1.31; I2 = 42.5%]. No significant associations between daytime napping and the risks of death from CVD (n = 6 studies; HR, 1.20; 95% CI, 0.96–1.50; I2 = 75.0%) and cancer (n = 4 studies; HR, 1.07; 95% CI, 0.99–1.15; I2 = 8.9%) were found. There were no significant differences in risks of all-cause and CVD mortality between subgroups stratified by the prevalence of napping, follow-up duration, outcome assessment, age, and sex. Conclusions Daytime napping is a predictor of increased all-cause mortality but not of CVD and cancer mortality. However, our findings should be treated with caution because of limited numbers of included studies and potential biases.
  2. Pablo Stafforini

    Human Chow - CR-Friendly Meal Replacements?

    Any updates on this project, Dean? I may be interested in partly funding it, and other members of this forum might be, too. Incidentally, in this comment Michael R. mentions "an on-hold idea to make a near-whole-food Soylent."
  3. Pablo Stafforini

    New Documentary Featuring CR

    The full documentary is available here.
  4. Hi Dean, What is the evidence that there are no ceiling effects for the health benefits of fruits and vegetables? I don't mean to dispute the claim—I'm just trying to educate myself. Thanks! Pablo
  5. Pablo Stafforini

    Sensible Diet and Lifestyle Advice for Longevity

    Dean, do you know of any existing commercial mouthwash that is made with these ingredients, or some close enough approximation?
  6. Pablo Stafforini

    Inspiring Oldsters

    Thank you for compiling this list, Dean! I find stories about very old people in very good health surprisingly inspirational. The PBS documentary The Art of Aging includes many such stories. Perhaps my favorite one is that of Saburo Shochi: He is 98 at the time the clip was shot. Years later, at age 106, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest person to complete a trip around the world using public transportation exclusively. Dr Shochi passed away in 2013, at the age of 107.