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  1. It doesn't appear to be very contagious or deadly. Hard to get very excited about it.
  2. Todd Allen

    Science of Fasting !

    Probably. My cholesterol is responsive to diet. If I massively over eat for a few days I can drive cholesterol low and when I fast it goes high. Some animals such as squirrels and bears have been found to have very high cholesterol while hibernating which can be for months at a time sometimes more than half the year. So even if transitory spending a majority of time in this state ought to be killing them if the theory of duration of exposure to elevated cholesterol was the primary driver of CVD.
  3. Todd Allen

    Science of Fasting !

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the effects fasting can have on LDL. Many can see significant jumps in LDL when they fast. I increased my LDL by more than 200 mg/dl after a 5 day fast but I tend to be an over achiever.
  4. This is what Geert Vanden Bossche has been predicting. He suggests this pattern is likely to become worse for the vaccinated, especially if the vaccination campaign continues and new vaccines targeting current variants such as Omicron are deployed. GVB's analysis of C-19 evolutionary dynamics.pdf
  5. We have discussed several times now that "covid deaths" is an uninteresting essentially meaningless number. It was derived by counting people who died within a significant period of time typically measured in weeks of a positive PCR test. The PCR test does not in any way indicate one has, had or will get the syndrome of Covid-19. It never indicated infectiousness or even any degree of symptoms. This likely explains the tight correlation between "covid deaths" and death in general across age and risk groups. We don't know how many died FROM covid. That number could be much smaller. If institutional standard of care guidelines for the mistreatment of Covid-19 had not been issued the number of deaths might have been negligible as they were throughout much of Africa and many 3rd world countries.
  6. That was my point of view then. But for more than a year I have wondered how many of those deaths were truly due to this new virus? It has been very widely acknowledged that guidelines for counting Covid-19 deaths conflated those dying with Covid-19 and those dying from Covid-19 which may have inflated death statistics by a factor of 10 or more. "With Covid-19" was determined by highly flawed PCR testing with too high cycle counts while traditional means of diagnosis such as analyzing symptoms were eschewed. Also how many of the deaths actually caused by Covid-19 might have been avoided if not for so many idiotic policies? For example, failing to protect the most vulnerable such as in retirement communities, over reliance on ventilators, using drugs with dodgy evidence of benefit like Remdesivir, not treating early symptoms of breathing impairment and inflammatoin, silencing and revoking licenses of doctors who were saving patients by not following institutional treatment guidelines, discounting health promoting lifestyle practices of diet, exercise, stress management, vitamin D supplementation, etc. Read the article I posted for a much longer, more detailed and well referenced list of the ways the pandemic was made worse than it might have been.
  7. Indeed it is! You should read some of those stories before flippant dismissal. Their journalistic standards are high and quite rare in this time of so many news outlets being beholden to corporate interests.
  8. Ron, you saw this sooner and called it out more accurately than anyone else here. I was perhaps your harshest critic especially in the spring of 2020 when I wanted to believe early failings of government and institutional responses were due to incompetence and I was triggered by your framing it all as malfeasance of "the left" despite my disdain for the Democratic party and everything aligned with them. Here's an article I largely agree with placing much blame on the malfeasance and corruption of the left which doesn't trigger me at all: https://thegrayzone.com/2022/03/31/left-covid-lockdowns-mind-autopsy/
  9. Thanks Al! That is the most horrific finding I have seen yet of how fast these vaccines lose effectiveness.
  10. Todd Allen

    War in Ukraine

  11. Todd Allen

    War in Ukraine

    We have this issue in the US too. Here's a current video blog from an American living in Kharkov, Ukraine who strikes me as better informed than most Americans as to what is actually going on over there. I was tipped off to this video blogger about a week ago by https://www.moonofalabama.org/ which I also endorse for the thoughtful community and the bloggers track record of changing his positions as new data arises. I have been attempting to boycott Google and Youtube in response to their censorship. I made the exception for this. It wouldn't surprise me if this video gets zapped and I'm glad I was able to see it.
  12. Todd Allen

    Priority Micronutrient Density in Foods

    They did. From the paper:
  13. Priority Micronutrient Density in Foods
  14. Russia To Ban Fertilizer Exports To 'Not Friendly' Countries
  15. Todd Allen

    War in Ukraine

    Most of the press coverage of this war disgusts me just as much as the press coverage of every war of my adult life. Though here's an article I find largely agreeable despite it appearing in a somewhat tawdry publication: PETER HITCHENS: One glorious day in Sevastopol 12 years ago, I saw what was coming. That's why I won't join this carnival of hypocrisy