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  1. Todd Allen

    Low fat and tocopherols

    Careful!!! DON'T eat the entire almond! Your Cronometer plan allows for 1 g almond. A typical almond weighs 1.2 g.
  2. Todd Allen

    Low fat and tocopherols

    According to cronometer 5 grams of wheat germ oil provides 50% of daily vit. E for only 45 fat calories of a daily 180 fat calories of 1800 cal at 10% fat. Add 5 g each of sunflower seeds, almonds and evoo and you would be at 75%. Add in 200 g spinach and you've got 101% of daily vit. E and another 5 grams of fat to squander as you please.
  3. Todd Allen

    Low fat and tocopherols

    Leafy greens such as spinach and from brassicas I think are the richest low fat sources. Doable calorie wise but not volume wise for me. I normally get much of my vit. E from high fat foods such as seeds, nuts and avocados. I think wheat germ oil is much richer in vit. E. per gram of fat then those whole food sources and might help the fat phobic make goal. But I just take a weekly high quality mixed tocopherols supplement during periods of restriction when I come up significantly short.
  4. Todd Allen

    There is no optimal diet for everyone

    The glycocalyx is the first line of endothelial defense and endothelial damage is an essential component of cardiovascular disease a leading cause of death. Considering it has been shown to be damaged by hyperglycemia I'm glad to know I never spike my blood glucose.
  5. Todd Allen

    Exercise optimization

    There may be benefits to undenatured whey concentrate cold filtered from unpasteurized milk if you can find it. Supposedly is more effective in raising glutathione, has a better ratio of L-glutamic acid to D-glutamic acid and retains more immunoglobulins. One downside is it doesn't dissolve well in water especially if you get a pure form without added lecithin. I combine mine with other things like cacao (myostatin inhibitor?) and creatine monohydrate which also dissolve poorly and mix with raw egg making a paste before thinning with water or other liquids. Making a paste with seed or nut butters and/or mashed fruit also works fairly well. Lately instead of thinning to drinkable I keep it fairly thick, sprinkle on raw sunflower seeds, cacao nibs, shredded coconut and a few crushed nuts and eat with a spoon as a meal. I'll sometimes flavor with cinnamon or ginger. Strong flavors help make less palatable things I try such as ashwaghanda and peony root ingestible.
  6. Dean pointed out that CE is a hormetic stressor similar to exercise. To be beneficial the dose must be within ones tolerance. If ones tolerance is poor as is common with advanced age and especially sickness then CE is a potentially fatal stressor. Being able to control exposure is key.
  7. I'm surprised you are attributing decreased life expectancy to the cold. I expected you to blame their diet although there are other possibilities that may dwarf cold, the lack of fresh veggies and the abundance of alcohol. The variation in summer/winter day length surely takes its toll as it does in other cities of the extreme north. And the largest cities of Siberia such as Novosibirsk, Omsk and Chelyabinsk have a lot of heavy industry and many smaller cities are based on resource extraction such as metals mining in Norilsk and oil in Nizhnevartovsk. Hard to guess the impact of environmental degradation but it surely is relevant since most of the population lives in cities versus a small minority living in pristine wilderness.
  8. Todd Allen

    Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Bone Health

    Tom, love of gadgets and insatiable desire for novelty are curses of humanity. I've long given up hope of suppressing those urges. I can't get no satisfaction but I sometimes find I can get what I need with modest cost. Here's my latest purchase still on the boat from China... https://m5stack.com/products/new-arrival-2019-m5stickc-esp32-pico-mini-iot-development-board-finger-computer-with-color-lcd?variant=17203451265114 The modest cost part though is delusional. To make any practical use of this gadget will require a ridiculous amount of time and effort.
  9. Todd Allen

    NAD supplement?

    I think fasting, exercise and thermal stress may have senolytic effects, boost SIRT1 activation (and NAD+ too?) and should be a foundation for testing NAD+ boosting supplements.
  10. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    Tom, it is surely possible perhaps likely that there is an explanation having little or nothing to do with diet composition for why the state in India with the best longevity only has 3% vegetarian. Maybe it is the water. Maybe their rice is high in arsenic. I don't know, just threw it out as one of many points perhaps of interest. Here's another curiosity to chew on. Although a small data set I find this potentially relevant because changes in cholesterol are a commonly used metric by which plant based diets are judged healthier.
  11. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    I pointed to the limitations of the Adventist study because I see it as insufficient to support statements such as "we can see from the Adventists that there are longevity benefits to vegetarianism" or "there is a small longevity benefit to modest fish consumption and a longevity cost to meat consumption". I believe assertions such as "plant protein is healthier than animal protein" being unlimited in context or scope require a very high standard of evidence. Even a large number of unassailable examples are insufficient to guarantee such generalization and only a single solid counter example is needed to falsify such a statement. Unqualified assertions going unchallenged undermine the credibility of the community. Contrast the nature of assertions worded as if fundamental truths of universal consequence versus my statement "By sheer numbers I find India of interest." I set a lower standard for data sufficient to make me take interest and ask questions. I believe questions should be asked and assumptions need to be challenged.
  12. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    Has anyone done this? Maybe you can reference the statement(s) which give this impression?
  13. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    I expect not having kids has a bigger impact. Not using motor vehicles, flying on planes, buying stuff with extravagant manufacturing costs, ... Do you honestly believe it is better for the planet to be eating fresh fruit daily flown in from the opposite side of the planet versus getting some milk, eggs and perhaps meat from animals on ones property? Especially when those animals enhance the productivity of crops by providing fertilizer, tillage and control of weeds and pests reducing the need for fossil fueled sourced inputs?
  14. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    First I've heard of "Impossible burger". I think "unlikely burger" would be a better name. Unlikely it is healthy or environmentally friendly, the two suggested primary motivations for eating one.
  15. Todd Allen

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    First I've heard of "Impossible burger". I think "unlikely burger" would be a better name. Unlikely it is healthy or environmentally friendly, the two suggested primary motivations for eating one.