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  1. Todd Allen

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    Feeding lab mice an unnatural diet of highly refined lab chow ingredients is a poor basis upon which to generalize effects in other species such as free living humans of diets only sharing similar macronutrient ratios but composed of completely different foods. Stories such as this mainly serve to suggest to me the stupidity of the researchers and journalists and the gullibility of their followers. In this case much of the blame goes to the journalist as this is the referenced paper and its initial paragraph and much of what follows suggests a different story: Ketogenesis activates metabolically protective γδ T cells in visceral adipose tissue
  2. Todd Allen

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    Clinton, I considered taking resveratrol but haven't seen compelling evidence of benefits to justify the cost. I think it is slightly more compelling for those with metabolic syndrome but I haven't seen much to suggest benefits for those already well engaged in exercise and diet optimization with CR and/or fasting. I'd reconsider if someone here made a good case for it with links to large RCTs showing substantial benefits additive to other healthy lifestyle factors.
  3. Todd Allen

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    A plastic bag over the head.
  4. According to https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 as of this morning 31,523 confirmed cases, 638 deaths Here is a good review article with recent info on the virus https://www.livescience.com/new-china-coronavirus-faq.html
  5. If the virus gets loose in the US I wonder if our lack of a public health system is going to make things even worse then it has been in China?
  6. When I was a kid it was trendy to use the word bad when something was good. Now that we are grown ups we can do the opposite.
  7. Todd Allen

    Haven't been sick at all since taking Zinc

    Easy Gordo, you are threatening to undo all my longevity efforts, I think I'm going to die laughing.
  8. I can believe there is less interest in evaluating side effects difficult to measure such as psychological impacts of medications. And considering how much drug research is carried out by pharmaceutical companies one might ask how much incentive have they had to find these side effects? Even when side effects are known they are commonly over looked. I have a muscle wasting disease the severity of which is correlated to insulin resistance and yet several physicians have suggested statins to me despite myopathy and increased risk of type 2 diabetes being significant side effects. Considering a large percentage of men with my disease die young from weakness related things such as pneumonia, choking and falls or from the comorbidiities of type 2 diabetes and only a moderate percentage make it to ages where heart disease is a common cause of death makes me question the thoughtfulness or the priorities of the US medical system.
  9. Todd Allen

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    Perhaps, depending in part on the frame of reference. Compared to the average American adult Brad looks great. But I've seen plenty of older power lifters with more impressive muscles and older body builders with narrower waists, flatter bellies and straighter backs.
  10. Todd Allen

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    I've read a couple of his books on muscle hypertrophy. I hadn't seen him before and imagined him to be very fit. Kind of shocked to see him in a video and see he is also a master of abdominal fat hypertrophy.
  11. Todd Allen

    Water Kefir

    Between batches I store grains in a 4 oz mason jar in fresh milk in the refrigerator. I typically don't rinse the grains but just lift them with a fork and let them drip for a few seconds before transferring them. About once a year when dividing a grain I'll replace the one I keep stored in the freezer as a back up in case the ones in the refrigerator go bad. I've only once resorted to my back up grain when I got a little fuzz growing on the storage jar in the fridge. They probably were still salvageable by rinsing but I didn't bother trying and tossed them when the frozen one worked. To wake the frozen grain I first used it for a day to make a mini 4 oz batch before transferring it to make my typical 1 quart batch. I used to regularly use the thickened milk from the 4 oz grain storage jar to ferment other things like rolled oats, wheat bran, and sometimes fruit such as prunes or dried tomatoes for sour dough bases which I'd use with nuts, seeds and eggs to make dense breads.
  12. Todd Allen

    Water Kefir

    I avoid plastics in food storage and prep as much as possible. I make kefir in glass mason jars. For a one quart jar I'll drop in a kefir grain lump about the size of a hazelnut. When the fermentation is nearly done CO2 gets trapped in the grain and floats it to the top of the jar making it easy to retrieve. It gets bigger with each batch and when it has doubled in size I divide it.
  13. Todd Allen

    Water Kefir

    I make kefir using 50% whole milk and 50% heavy cream and it comes out much like greek yogurt without straining. I sometimes make 100% heavy cream kefir which is more amenable to my taste but so thick it is difficult to recover the grain which is unable to rise to the top. So this is a treat only made when our grains grow too large and need dividing.
  14. I think Dr. Sinclair is overlooking the recent progress we have been making. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes but now it is increasingly common for ever younger children. My wife is a middle school science teacher and a significant percentage of her students have T2D and have to be given frequent bathroom breaks and visitations with the school nurse. Considering T2D is a major risk factor for both Alzheimer's and heart disease it seems possible those could soon also become common among her students.