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  1. paula

    Casu martzu a Sardinian blue zone super food?

    An extreme take on the concept of feeding the biome it’s favorite fermented food. The maggot idea is off putting, an exaggeration of ordinary fermentation organisms, or my little worm who sometimes appears in my beloved apple. I heard mimolette cheese, which is popular has mites. Didn’t see any when I ate it. I do love eating weird foods though.
  2. paula

    CR for ectomorph?

    When you learn more about it, cr benefits are from using the minimum energy with cold exposure, but without going below healthy BMI. With practice, you can achieve it. You may have been doing it before and now you went overboard. Many people, but not everyone NEED to lose weight. I am 67, way underweight at 40 kg and 1.6 meters. look for more science about it.
  3. paula

    Brian May - "Very healthy" but "near death"

    I found this thread inspiring to start today. Other than most of you are men, genetically, I feel quite similar to all the posts. Luckily my cholesterol is ok by kaiser I don’t consider statin worth the risk. At 67 I do bow down to cozaar, amlodopene and losartan for my isolated systolic hypertension. Imagin my dismay in the pandemic after it being predicted when I was 30 that I will die of pneumonia even though my only inkling has been bad pneumonia at age 2 and a low score on spirometer. All my life I have no problem with daily huffing and puffing cardio. so I shall join the parade when it’s my time. I equate it to jumping off a high dive, only one jump each.
  4. The point is to consume fewest calories. Losing weight is a side effect. That’s what I get from the original research
  5. paula

    The mousetrap

    Appreciate it both of you and McCoy. It was a weakness I always had. Learning about this body. I still have a lot in common with you all at least the thinking part.
  6. paula

    The mousetrap

    Restricting has landed me in a world of hurt. Now I have low sodium, high potassium, anorexia and malnutrition. But I still slog away, and hope to beat it all. I forgot a lot of why I did this in the first place, but it hasn’t come back. Things like arthritis and all those blubbery feelings are still gone. Turns out this age (66) was not a good time to start either calorie or protein restriction, especially for someone as small as I. (Started at 113 pounds and went down to 78 before getting medical help). Sent to emergency room twice for hyponatremia, forced to see a raft of psychologists, dietiticians, doctors, refused hospitalization at kaiser for weight gain, very upsetting) once the sheriff came with a flashlight in the middle of the night to send me to emergency room 40 miles away for hydration with salt. Oh boy. The saga continues. I had no idea all this was going to be the result.
  7. paula

    How to determine my goal weight?

    I love this thread. Michael I am going along with restricting energy intake to the point you find tolerable. Within reason. I have had great success with this, and sticking to much the same foods, all things that I love, and I do the rotation religiously. I think I do feel a religious bent to calorie restrictions. Hoping for "healthgevity" rather than an extended life in general. Thank you all for being so interested in this topic. In my case its as if being thinner of itself requires added calories to maintain my size, or is it that I don't want as many calories as I did when I was heavier? No way to tell.
  8. paula

    How to determine my goal weight?

    I just don't see that the suggestion that your BMI will stabilize eating the same (calorie restricted) things that you always did. Setpoint never seems to arrive. So in that case the rotation is the best way. On Wed and Thursday I can limit carbs, just for those two days. Nothing sweet. In order to sustain this I eat tons of protein. Friday through the weekend is when the vegetables are less appealing and I tend toward rich foods. Mussels, muffins etc. And of course my mega waffle. That seems closer to a sustainable calorie restriction/intermittent fast (of a type). And closer to the type of religious fasting that has been part of life in the Mediterranean up until the last century. Thanks for all your help. The BCAA supplement is fun and I continue to build muscle
  9. paula

    How to determine my goal weight?

    So I am eating the RDA of protein (meat and plant), the Mc Doug all level of fat (or more sometimes with protein), and for carbs mostly vegetables, about two fruits a day (more when seasonal berries or fruit tempt me), and a few grains, beans, dairy and treats to provide nutrients and satisfy hunger I eat on a two day rotation, emphasizing one macronutrient at a time. Rotation Haylie Pomroy style. I continue to reduce weight now down to BMI 17 or so without eating less. Will I stabilize? So far I am down 30 pounds since 2007. Should I be concerned? T3 is normal. all blood tests for disease or deficiency are normal. WBC are slightly low and have been all my life. I have adapted well to the change over a long period of time. My blood pressure runs about 156/73 pulse 55. Exercise the same or less as I age.I feel like just letting it happen, but I want to know it will stop at the right time. Any suggestions?
  10. paula

    Low BMI and health

    Got it. Thanks
  11. paula

    Low BMI and health

    That sounds great McCoy. I love all of that (food for medicine, exercising to stimulate hunger,and all) and from reading books and other posts here I have the framework to understand the way you describe rebuilding these beautiful muscles. I will switch personal trainers to use the guy who specializes in physical therapy. I will increase loads for awhile to activate more muscle repair, and eat yogurt in the after workout meal. Do you mean a bcaa supplement? During weight training? I imagine using the bcaa produced by my gut biome from eating all that soluble fiber. Not dependable enough?
  12. paula

    Low BMI and health

    Ok I can eat more yogurt for this purpose. I am also trying to get off blood pressure meds by the Kaiser recommended plant based method but I indulge in about 8 eggs a week and 2 ounces of salmon or chicken or meat about four days a week. I am now 41 kg. 64 yrs last month. Active I do lift on machines at the gym and do aerobics with 3 pound weights.I do TRX. More often when tax season is over but now once a week one of these options. Eating all kinds of carbs to make up for meat and it invigorates me to do this. Exercise is easier when you're thin.
  13. paula

    Low BMI and health

    Regarding low BMI, I now discover that it is possible for little old ladies to get anorexia. The doctor suggested I was losing my muscle mass as well this time. So now, in addition to gaining weight (even typing it gives me the creeps), I suppose I need to increase work with weights. My question is do I need to do this in conjunction with increasing protein? I have found cutting my protein/fat proportions quite invigorating, for variety and energy reasons. Olive oil and yogurt have been suggested as body building. My go-to's are sweet potato and peanut butter. I bet I would really enjoy durian if I ever got a chance to try it. I loved jack fruit and breadfruit when I was in Kona in December. Thoughts, anyone?
  14. paula


    Reset the genome with chemicals. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/15/science/scientists-say-they-can-reset-clock-of-aging-for-mice-at-least.html?rref=collection%2Fspotlightcollection%2Ftimes-tips&action=click&contentCollection=topics&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=18&pgtype=collection&_r=0
  15. paula

    REALLY low-fat good after all?

    No need to use NAOH. NACL or other traditional cures (water leaching?) would be my choice.