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  1. Not necessarily. See: https://www.crsociety.org/topic/11718-tmao-cardiovascular-disease/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-32442
  2. A Round-Up of Anti-Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine and Treatment Research
  3. Sibiriak

    Hibernation confirmed to slow aging

    I'll gamble on that being true.
  4. Does anyone think this is a serious concern? https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-06605-w#Sec2
  5. And legitimate doubts that they are genuine! Universal doubtism!
  6. Sub 1mg doses are routinely advocated. Higher doses, of course, are also discussed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd say there really isn't an established standard.
  7. I would suggest calorie restriction instead. Aim for a muscularly-ripped BMI of 21-23. That would be the primary step; nutrient ratios, exercise scheduling etc. can be tweaked secondarily.
  8. Titanium dioxide particles frequently present in face masks intended for general use require regulatory control
  9. I believe beans are ultra-healthy and it's good to eat a variety of them. According to various studies, beans with deeply-colored coatings (eg. red, purple, black) have greater amounts of phytochemicals with anti-cancer/anti-aging potential. See for example: Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of the Extracts of Twelve Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Endemic Ecotypes of Southern Italy before and after Cooking (2016)
  10. How do you define "pandemic"? Is the flu a pandemic? For a lot of people, Omicron becoming like the flu would signify the (probable) "end of the pandemic". Keep in mind, the flu kills millions every year and deadly new variants appear constantly. From Brian's opinion piece: "Could end ‘emergency phase’ of pandemic", “plausible hope for stabilization” -- I don't see how those very cautious assessments are "delusional". Unless more severe variants appear, they will likely turn out to be true. No one is predicting that Omicron will be the last variant. And the author never explains what he means by "get out of this". Would the appearance of milder/more transmissible variants qualify as "getting out of this"? Increased N95 mask availability. Yes. Increased global vaccine/treatment availability. Yes. But "measures to actually curb transmission"? What measures? The author, makes sure not to tell us . More government mandates? Lockdowns? Heightened authoritarian state surveillance and control? What?? And yet nowhere in his opinion piece does the author identify the key obstacles to global vaccine availability, let alone concrete steps to overcome them. He certainly avoids evaluating the WHO's recommendations:
  11. Sibiriak

    Appropriate kcal-dense foods

    Big buckwheat fan also! See info here:
  12. Thanks, timestamps are definitely helpful. Looks like an interesting discussion on the different theories of aging. So far, I've found Gustavo Barja's "Towards a Unified Mechanistic Theory of Aging" to be a compelling approach. I was able to download the full pdf previously, but it's no longer available for free it seems. See some excerpts and a graphic in my post here (scroll down).
  13. Sibiriak

    Appropriate kcal-dense foods

    Selenium and human health (2012) The Lancet A U-Shaped Relationship Between Selenium Concentrations and All-Cause or Cardiovascular Mortality in Patients With Hypertension 2021 Association of selenium levels with the all-cause (A) and cardiovascular mortality (B) performed by restricted cubic spline analysis. Selenium intake, status, and health: a complex relationship (2020) [Read article for discussion of complexities and caveats related to the U-shaped curve relationship]
  14. Sibiriak

    Appropriate kcal-dense foods

    What are the pros of excessive selenium intake?