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  1. Sibiriak

    Fungi !!

    "Fungi Can Teach Us a New Way of Looking at the World" Der Spiegel interviews biologist Merlin Sheldrake. Easy reading; fascinating details; intriguing conclusion.
  2. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Damn you, Mccoy. That looks so friggin' good.
  3. Ron, that study has already been posted and discussed in this thread here. I'm not sure the point of your bringing it up again without adding anything new. Please review the related comments made then by Gordo, Dean, TomB et al., if you don't remember them. I'll quote just two: The point about dosing/protocols is crucial, imo. My personal regime is even more intermittent than the one Dean described. It involves a mix of cold showers, cold baths, cold-water swimming, and slightly under-dressing on cold days for fairly short periods. It incorporates standard principles of progressive training adaptation, with some strategies taken from periodized resistance training theory. I don't do any kind of protracted exposure to very cold temperatures. And btw, I've always found the effects to be quite pleasurable, invigorating and health-promoting. I can understand though that if you are cold-phobic, have unusually strong concerns about heart disease, or feel you might to be too frail to endure repeated CE hormetic challenges, the addition of a systematic CE protocol to a calorie moderation+WFPBD+ exercise regime would not be something you'd want to consider.
  4. Impressive, even for your age. I tried, and while I was a bit above average (according the the graph above), the test did confirm that I wasn't a spring chicken any more.
  5. Sibiriak


    Thanks for the link and summary.
  6. Why COVID-19 is more deadly in people with obesity—even if they’re young What? Someone can be both severely obese and healthy at the same time? (Cf. the often-invoked notion of "metabolically healthy obesity.") Whatever... read on if you are interested (likely you arn't) in the specific mechanisms by which obesity exacerbates COVID-19.
  7. No you wouldn't. Following a systematic, well-designed program of cold exposure (CE) is NOT the same as living in a cold climate. ( I live in Siberia-- I can assure you almost no one there practices CE, nor is the average lifestyle particularly healthy. Health/longevity statistics about Siberians wouldn't tell you jack about CE practice by health-oriented individuals.) Likewise, following a systematic program of sport, resistance training, aerobic exercise etc is not the same as doing manual labor work for years. Equally important: no claim is being made that practicing CE by itself would necessarily provide huge health benefits. The suggestion is that CE works synergistically with calorie moderation, protein moderation, optimized personalized nutrition, systematic exercise etc.
  8. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    That's just horrible. An absolute public health catastrophe! And one of the most important things you can do to avoid the dreadful horror-show of cardiovascular disease, really, the thing that should be on the top your list is: Do NOT under any circumstance consume a tablespoon of fresh, organic, cold-pressed, polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil on top of an organic mixed green and vegetable salad. I'm telling you Mike, don't do it. Just don't!!!
  9. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Quite amazing, isn't it--- given the well-known fact that a gram of pure fat = 9 calories ( carbohydrate & protein, 4 calories.) I know your trolling. And I'm just playing along!😈 It's midnight for me...
  10. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Mike, clearly you have an unhealthy relationship with olive oil. My personal advice would be to make a clean break. Just walk away. And don't look back.
  11. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    The thing is, an olive is around 85- 88% fat, the rest is mostly fiber, with a little protein. The downside of whole olives is the very high salt content usually encountered.
  12. Sibiriak

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Mike, don't put a spoon of polyphenol rich, endothelial-protective EVOO on your salad. It might give you a heart attack. Seriously, don't do it!!
  13. Thanks. CE mimetics, CR mimetics, fasting mimetics, exercise mimetics etc.-- everyone's looking for (patentable) mimetics. But the real things are right there, free for the taking. Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby!
  14. Sibiriak


    Common warning-- by itself it doesn't tell you much, or differentiate that particular product from tons of others. Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic in US- and Indian-Manufactured Ayurvedic Medicines Sold via the Internet (2008) Only 25% of Ashwagandha Supplements Pass ConsumerLab.com Review (2015) Maybe not. I would think taking a much smaller amount of purified extract (eg. 125mg) with confirmed levels of active ingredients might be preferable. There are two main extracts used in the higher-end brands, KSM-66 and Sensoril. KSM-66 is a root- only extract, while Sensoril is made from leaves as well as roots. Here's a KSM-66 spiel, fwiw: For the Sensoril spiel go here: http://natreoninc.com/sensoril/ It's also "certified organic" etc. "Organic", however, tells you nothing about heavy metal content. Cacao is a good example of that, which we've discussed elsewhere. For example: Heavy metals in foods Cadmium contamination in cacao products So Why Don't We Brew Our Chocolate? It's easy to get freaked out by a generic "may contain lead etc." warning (California prop 65 warnings are ubiquitous), but you need to look at the individual product and keep in mind the levels of heavy metals found in normal foods. Do you know the amounts of lead and other chemicals which can cause cancer that are in the coffee, tea, cacao, herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, leafy greens, legumes, berries, nuts etc. that you consume day in and day out?
  15. Count your blessings. At 31, I have just weeks to live. Here's what I want to pass on