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  1. Danielovich

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    This is the best thread ever, every time I forger what am I doing here (in this reality) . I come back and re-read it 😀
  2. I've found it via his website: https://peterattiamd.com/start-here/ Which actually has some quality information. I haven't, does it add something that wasn't covered elsewhere? Enjoy!
  3. This is a great talk, Probably the best video content I've stumbled upon, probably since Rhonda interviewed Longo. Goes through problem definition, strategy (mostly) and some tactics.
  4. Danielovich

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    They've found that a simulation of particular effect is exponential is the number of particles participating. Thus, concluding it will be impossible to simulate a large number of such particles. But, Quantum computers in theory can work with exponential time: https://cs.stackexchange.com/questions/12892/quantum-computers-parallel-computing-and-exponential-time Thus, if our simulators have access to those computers, they can simulate those kind of interaction in linear time.
  5. Danielovich

    Valter Longo interviewed by Rhonda

    New article by Longo, as before amazing results!
  6. Danielovich

    Basic income -does anybody see another sustainable solution?

    Gordo, Indeed basic income is different that food stamps. Compare those two scenarios: 1. Getting $1000 food stamps (or other social benefits). Now you start working for minimum wage and get paid $1500. Your total income is $1500 --> no incentive to work, as you loose benefits. 2. Getting $1000 basic income, Now you start working for minimum wage and get paid $1500. Your total income is $2500 --> there is an incentive to work as it adds to your basic income. A small but very important difference.
  7. Danielovich

    Dysfunctional US Politics

    First I'll start by saying that this is indeed a topic with great importance. I would not join the debate here, but I think I share mostly Gordo's views on the topic. Meaning, both parties will have to re-think and reorder themselves as most of people understand the current way of doing things isn't going good. This will lead to better options in the future. Dean - You are indeed doing an important task with your connections at Facebook/Google, I wonder If you can elaborate on the response you get from your colleagues?
  8. Danielovich

    Introducing myself [newbie alert]

    Gordo, Amazing shot (and jump!)
  9. Danielovich

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    Thanks for the link Dean, I'll definitely check it out. And keep updating this thread, it ROCKS!
  10. Danielovich

    Introducing myself [newbie alert]

    I've visited the colorado last month for a family re-union. Done some nice CE, via swimming in the sky pond.
  11. Indeed it gets hot in this area. As someone who also working in this realm, those are exciting times
  12. Danielovich


    Observer, Don't forget that he is looking through the lens of "Circadian rhythm". So Coffee or tea indeed affects it. But if you switch the lens to fasting, I believe that zero-calorie beverages are OK.
  13. Danielovich

    Caloric or proteic restriction?

    Josh made a series of posts on this topic recently: http://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2016/09/05/nutritional-geometry/
  14. Danielovich

    Self Driving Cars

    Amazing work Dean, it is great that you are keeping us posted with the latest research on this topic. Funny fact, I've looked at your paper and who cited it, and surprisingly enough it was a work on HRV
  15. Danielovich

    Valter Longo interviewed by Rhonda

    Thanks for the reference, I already know this work (As most people here I guess). My question was regarding if it is better (health wise) to do a 5 day full fast compared to 5 day FMD? Let's assume I don't have an adherence problem And if Longo actually compered those two in a clinical trial.