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  1. mccoy

    Blood sugar levels?

    More muscles mean more GLUT-4 mediated uptake, but more muscles need to be maintained or grown with greater amounts of calories and probably more carbs. Also, the greater the volume of training, the higher the calories needed. Many of which are typically carbs. In my n=1 case fasting BG tends to be the same, but with a higher variability. My latests measurements: 87, 97, 82 mg/dL. A typical bodybuilding diet is based on carbs, with little fats and many proteins.
  2. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    That's very good, 3000 kCals for a guy your age is not excessive. I would just keep eating according to hunger, but select healthy food: legumes, whole grains cereals and pasta, potatoes, cheese, eggs, vegetables, nuts & seeds, fresh fruit, especially bananas. Since you have to gain weight to be healthier, you can also indulge in some chocolate, ice-cream and calorie-dense foods. Enjoy your hunger! Just try and eat your food in many meals, not to fill the stomach too much.
  3. Maybe it's global warming but this year I'm having a real hard time at feeling cold, temperatures being very mild so far... I wonder if Siberia is still cold or is it warming up as well?
  4. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Christopher Langan's Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU) remains pretty obscure and very hard to grasp, whereas, the scientist who inspired him, John Archibald Wheeler with his participatory universe is clearer. Wheeler, an eminent physicist, was the father of the Hydrogen bomb, In developing the Participatory Anthropic Principle (PAP), an interpretation of quantum mechanics, Wheeler used a variant on Twenty Questions, called Negative Twenty Questions, to show how the questions we choose to ask about the universe may dictate the answers we get. In this variant, the respondent does not choose or decide upon any particular or definite object beforehand, but only on a pattern of "Yes" or "No" answers. This variant requires the respondent to provide a consistent set of answers to successive questions, so that each answer can be viewed as logically compatible with all the previous answers. In this way, successive questions narrow the options until the questioner settles upon a definite object. Wheeler's theory was that, in an analogous manner, consciousness may play some role in bringing the universe into existence.[81] From a transcript of a radio interview on "The Anthropic Universe":
  5. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    BMI is best, CI has not caught on
  6. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    If you want an index scaled by the cube of height then there is the Corpulence Index (CI) But the BMI seems to be far more popular, aside from measuring very small babies.
  7. mccoy

    Body fat percentage?

    With age usually non-healthy fat (visceral fat) tends to increase, but that's not always the case.
  8. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    Good, but the optimum for longevity seems to be an high enough BMI with low adiposity. Not necessarily very high, but around 22-23 kgm-2. Also, as we've been discussing, skeletal muscle has its benefits, like increased glucose uptake (anti-diabetes) and increased resilience (anti-injuries). Maybe you should practice some resistance exercise (weights or free-body) and aim as a preliminary goal for a lean 150 lbs,= 70 kg, = 20.3 kgm-2. At 6', 121 lbs = 16 kgm-2 This means decreased longevity. So I repeat, if you are looking for longevity, you should reach at least 150 lbs. 165 muscular lbs would be even better. It is easy sometimes to pursue a delusional goal like yours and try and be as skinny as possible. It is harder to pursue a really healthy goal of muscular, functional and aesthetic physique.
  9. mccoy

    cheese and red wine?

    Ron, your Methionine intake does not seem too high, so perhaps a direct influence of protein on the IGF-1 value may be ruled out. Lysine is a known issue of vegans but it should be available in soy products like soymilk and tofu. I remember that by design I was able to be always above the lysine RDA. If you want to be rigorous with food chemicals, you may try to create your own food by saving similar foods for which the EAAs quantities are reported, and change what else must be changed.
  10. mccoy

    cheese and red wine?

    Maybe you should check methionine % RDA, and ascertain if proteins really do influence your IGF-1, at least theoretically.
  11. mccoy

    Natural CR mimetic

    Interesting, that's yet another of the many plant-based compounds which boosts the immune system in a very specific way.
  12. mccoy

    An exception to early mortality of excessive growth

    Interesting, among the world's tallest people he seems to be the longest-lived, and only very few went over the age of 70 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_people
  13. mccoy

    cheese and red wine?

    You should perhaps have written 'too micronutrient-poor per calorie'. But then we should not eat nuts and seeds as well, nor fatty fish probably and gorge on Kale, spinach, green collards, watercress and other very micronutrient-dense food, including zero-fat undrained yogurt. I have my strong doubts on the validity of the micronutrient-poor-per-calorie philosophy, except in very low energy diets.
  14. Research on mechano growth factor: its potential for optimising physical training as well as misuse in doping In the above brief article, there are a few interesting details on the MGF, which of course can be used as a therapeutic factor when muscle atrophy is a problem: sarcopenia, metabolic ailments, astronauts after prolonged low-gravity missions, recovery after immobilization.
  15. You are not the only one! I remember that Valter Longo during his stemtalk podcast said that the reason why he suggests higher protein after 65 years is to counteract the decline in systemic IGF-1 and subsequent sarcopenia. He also said that higher protein can be avoided if we lift weights every day. This is consistent with the release of MGF and systemic IGF-1, independent of protein and methionine ingestion.