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  1. mccoy

    How am I doing?

    No, as we've been saying, it's the average which counts.
  2. mccoy

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    I wanted to postpone a few months the next FMD to consolidate muscle hypertrophy, but the body intelligence suggested to me otherwise. I started developing a slight aversion for food and feeling nauseated after eating. So, that means it's time for the 11th FMD. 1st day, 69.4 kg bodyweight
  3. mccoy

    CR for women

    MMMmm, immunity should be increased by a more plant-based diets, you may try and take some zinc supplements, which has been discussed at length in another thread. I have no idea about the knee inflammation and especially amenorrea, but that might be exlained by a lack of transition in changing the regime, maybe starting with too low calories. Vitamin C; just one kiwifruit a day and half a pepper (red, green or yellow) will drastically increase your Vit C intake, above the RDA. K2: the vitamin K2 content of K2 is still debated and the literature is pretty controversial. When the data on the literature disagree so much, there is something amiss somewhere. Brie, Gouda etc should (but not necessarily according to recent literature) contain K2, but they are high in fats/calories, so you have to eat little of them. Rhonda Patrick took MK4 but from a costly brand of supplements, I don't know if it is available in Italy. I take MK-7 from an unexpensive supplements brand (Vitamaze from Amazon) but I grew suspicious of all the data on MK7 since they disagree so much. It may even be that all news on K2 are hyped and it is not really necessary, it may be that K2 is synthetized by the body starting from K1. But, just in case, since D3 and K2 go hand in hand to regulate the Calcium transportation and deposit, some K2 supplementation may still be advisable in a precautionary way. I'm glad you feel all right now on the new diet. If you like cheese, unfortunately there are very few lowfat brands in Italy, INs has some lowfat sliced cheese, whereas Todis has some excellent lowfat goat cheese (Canestrato di capra). Of course if you are able to restrain yourself and eat very low amounts your caloric balance will not be compromised too much.
  4. mccoy

    CR for women

    El Ceibo is unprocessed → About three times the (-)-epicatechin, a strong protective phytochemical plus it's partly defatted → less calories. I suggested canned sardines because, to my knowledge, it has maybe the best nutrients/price ratio you can find in fish. also, sardines are less contaminated in terms of mercury and heavy metals and are usually caught in the Atlantic and processed fresh. Canned sardines in tomato sauce are best since they are less caloric, but lately I could not find them anymore, my wife liked them. Wild salmon is great, although price is far higher. Wild salmon caught in the norhern Pacific may be contaminated by the Fukushima radiations from cooling waters, but that's just an hypothesis.
  5. Another interesting remark from MW's book. Sleep fragmentation (multiple awakenings) is negative since awakenings add up to subtract an amount of time to sleep while we are in bed. But, if the awakenings are of short or very short duration, their total contribution may not be significant at all. In my case: I have a very fragmented sleep in that I wake up 5 to 20 times, but it also takes me a few seconds to sleep again. The total waking state may add up to a few minutes, which is perhaps 1% of total sleep time. Previously I was wondering if my sleep has always been utterly unhealthy with so many episodes of awakenings and how I could be still alive in apparent reasonable good health, but now the perspective is different, fragmentation appears not to be necessarily disruptive. Quantifying exactly the total duration of such wakeups is another useful feature of the Dreem band.
  6. This is a substantially positive review on dreem2. https://sleepgadgets.io/dreem-2-headband-review/ Also, the related app can provide an hypnogram, which can be compared to a standardized 'healthy' hypnogram for the same age class. The hypno is basic in that portrays Wake, REM, NR-light, NR-deep phases, but to the practical purposes that would seem to be enough. I didn't find yet an example of
  7. mccoy

    Exercise optimization

    Todd, yes, we all know those guys are only concerned about short-term resilience, enough to win even a single Mr. Olympia...
  8. mccoy

    Exercise optimization

    Thanks, I like the comparison, even though, incredible as it may seem, there are guys presently who maybe outsize even the incredible Hulk. Big Ramy is considered probably the biggest bodybuilder ever. Besides handling heavy weights in specific patterns, Hypertrophy is boosted by a combination of various steroids, insulin, hGH and who knows what else. I don't know what's most admirable, the massive muscles or the massive resilience to the huge abuses imposed to the system.
  9. mccoy

    Exercise optimization

    I've kept practicing the theory on the hypertrophy of skeletal muscles and applying it to my specific situation. Today I hit the 70 kg bodyweight threshold, above 24 BMI. Bodyweight has soared after the latest FMD, I also ate abundant dietary leucine tryptophan, calcium (yogurt mainly) , whereas calories have not been that excessive. Evidently, my system needs dairy products in their most digestible form to obtain muscle hypertrophy.
  10. Good luck! At least, you are already on metformin+statins, which seem to be almost mandatory when taking rapa.
  11. mccoy

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    If we eat whole grain cereals in non-neglible amounts then we should be able to hit the Se RDA. I was curious so I checked yesterday's Se contributions, half a Brazil nut (2 grams) gave me 70% RDA, whereas a similar, slightly larger contribution, 79%, was provided by 175 grams whole grain bread. With whole grain cereals and yogurt I would have reached the RDA regardless of brazil nuts or supplements. But that of course implies a certain level of calories with a nontrivial contribution of carbs-containing foods.
  12. This is another example, with 350 g cooked pasta + 0.5 cups tomato sauce and a little spinach, no deficiencies except fatty acids (n3 and n6), 20 grams fibers,
  13. Substituting refined carbs, for example pasta to fruit and vegetables is a disaster form the point of view of an healthy diet, unless you drink plenty of green juices and fruit juices (at least one liter per day), which only contain a small amount of fiber. Besides, you may need some supplements since you'd risk some vitamins deficiencies, like retinol if the cronometer example is accurate.This is an example, but to meet the energy target you'd need to zero EVOO and you only get 150 of cooked white pasta. To me, this would not improve at all training efficiency with respect to the previous design. I'd be curious to see what you are eating now entered in cronometer, maybe you're eating more fiber than you believe if you did not verify with a dedicated app.
  14. mccoy

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Re: brazil nuts, the issue with them, as Dean underlines, is not the very high content in Selenium, rather the very high variability in the content of Selenium itself, which implies that we really do not know how much Se we are ingesting from them, little (compared to the reccomended intake), enough, too much. Cronometer displays an average value, if multiple sources are available. This issue has already been discussed. What I do is I purchase only brands which display the chemical composition, assuming that the Se concentration described in the label is accurate, and that's not necessarily true. The call of the honeyguide site comments a specific article, with the following eloquent plot. The values are in micrograms per single brazil nut.
  15. That adds up a further layer of complexity since even refined cereals do contain fiber. Good, I'll try some other design out.