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  1. I agree on the formerly uber-cunning Xi presently having some brain issue....
  2. I am reluctant to give up the Coratina oil I usually purchase unless it is clearly shown that the benefits provided by BMD are greater than the benefits provided by a high concentration of secoiridoids and tocopherols. How many studies or trials do we have on BMD?
  3. I don't know if any direct comparisons are possible but they have a long way to go yet. But while America is speaking about intersectionality and gender neutrality and Europe is following suit, they are busy colonizing Africa and South America. Perhaps the war in Ukraine has been useful as a wake-up call.
  4. That's true, but have you noticed how the renewed communist regime has readily adhered to the free and global market, they are eager to show that a communist nation is better than western democracies are at providing prosperity to the citizens. Even though the citizens are deprived of freedom. 🤐
  5. mccoy

    War in Ukraine

    One of the eliminated generals might be Gerasimov, the supreme commander of military forces in Russia. He wasn't present today at the 9th of May celebrations. It's just speculation but not an unreasonable one given the premises...
  6. mccoy

    War in Ukraine

    What appears now clear, is that Putin promoted the brigade responsible for the Bucha massacre, promoted its commander to colonel, then sent them to the most dangerous battle zone, where they were apt to be obliterated. Apparently, that's the way they settle those matters. No way the Hague tribunal is going to charge dead guys of war crimes.
  7. It would be interesting to go through all the exchanges but, really, the day is made up of 24 hours, so regretfully I have to renounce. I'm noticing that many, many people here are getting ill from SARSCOV2, with bland symptoms. It's probably impossible to avoid the infection but so many cases are symptomless. To me, it's presently the least of the worries I can have. I also ceased to wear a mask, except where it is still mandatory.
  8. Ioannidis is one of the practically bright minds in medicine and deserves attentive listening. He has been the target of many attacks during the Covid madness but whatever he says is worth ponderating.
  9. This is exactly the point raised by the school of Vincent Racaniello, professor of virology at Columbia and host of a number of channels on virology and so on. The right strategy should be: to avoid serious illness through proper vaccination and proper behavior. Avoiding being infected is almost an impossibility. Watching cases may have a monitoring value but not a high practical value. By the way, I wonder how a superhumanly cunning person like Xi Jin Ping has allowed the recent lockdowns in China to happen. They are highly harmful to the economy, and to people's morale, and are almost ineffective at fighting the spread of the virus, the cost to benefit ratio being incredibly high. This shows that even the most bright and cunning minds sometimes get it wrong. Perhaps a solace for the lesser minds like me.
  10. Presently the Aktiia bracelet is working better, after the 3rd calibration, I have an impression that it depends on how the calibration is carried out. Now the data are interesting, there is a marked variability during the day but also during the night, with some isolated spikes, some of which clearly outliers (probably from exertions and so on). In my case, this parameter is still in the optimum range, sometimes around the upper bound, so it means I'll have to take no interventions but I have to check the trend. The aktiia results provide the daily average, but that's not a significant statistical parameter in the presence of spikes or outliers. It should indicate an average on the filtered data sample, or at least a median value My present metabolic status is BP=OK, Lipids=OK, BG=not optimum or too close to upper bound of optimum, intervention under way .
  11. To be rigorous, it's a normo-proteic diet, in the intention of Walter Longo, that is he adheres to the 0.8 g/kg/d from Randd et al, 2002, which we cited many times. In many of his talks and podcasts, Longo insists that too little protein may be harmful, even as too many, except after the age of 65, when he suggests to increase protein intake to avoid sarcopenia. That's the general rule, but we discussed about the fine details, like, the age 65 years is not at all a precise benchmark, also an hyperproteic diet after that age may be avoided by exercising every day (with weights) in such a manner producing local IGF-1, also called MGF, mechano-growth factor. Not to mention the point I raised innumerable times, that is that optimum protein intake is a random variable, depending on the individual setup and activities and environment. My conclusion is that it's not possible to know which is the optimum protein intake, unless under clinical trial conditions or unless we are trained to listen carefully to the neurological signals. Last but not least, optimum for longevity might not be the same as optimum for efficiency.
  12. mccoy

    oxalates: are they a problem for calorie restrictors?

    Very good article
  13. mccoy

    War in Ukraine

    Russian TV speaks about launching nuclear warheads into Europe, making it almost sound like launching a birdshot.
  14. mccoy

    War in Ukraine

    Putin sent missiles into Kiev at the end of Gutierrez's visit. OK, Stalin has been left behind, LOL.
  15. mccoy

    War in Ukraine

    Saul, at the beginning I wasn't so sure, but now I think you are probably right