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  1. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    First and foremost, if we assign to the SB the attributes of the more familiar GOD, then it is by definition 'non-created'. Otherwise, we may be stuck in the concept of an infinite regression of creators. The purpose of the SB may be diverse: simple entertainment, scientific experiment, whatever. Even reasons unfathomable to us. Other relevant questions would be: what are we supposed to do (rules of the game or of the simulation), is there a way to contact the SB, has our logic been injected by the SB with a degree of similarity to it, what happens when a layer of the simulation (our physical body) ends its cycle, and so on and so forth
  2. mccoy

    Living Bricks that Reproduce

    It would also be useful to program the bacteria in such a way that they can build a complete house. I don't know if I would feel safe in it, though...
  3. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    To link all the reasonings to the ultimate purpose of life, the hypothesized existence of a supernatural being (SB) may not even grant a clear purpose in life. That requires further reasoning. Our purpose may be to play the simulation as desidered by the SB, which would require to know the intent of a SB. Our purpose may even just be random. Everything can be hypothesized and discussed, but simply dismissing the hypothesis as fairy tales may be interpreted as a sign of intellectual arrogance.
  4. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    That was a memorable film! Although Schwarzenegger's role I liked best was by far 'the terminator'.
  5. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Ron, I wonder why you refute so drastically the gospels. They tend to be hagiographic, but any hagiography is known to have its basic truth, even though the details may have been reshaped. Besides, that's not even the point. The hypothesis of the existence of a supernatural, impersonal intelligence that created the cosmos does not need any historical or scientific evidence. That's a hypothesis that cannot be proven nor disproven by physical science, which is by definition impotent in the metaphysical field. The relevant context is another one, it's based on logic, ontology, philosophy, inference, observations and extrapolations from the physical reality.
  6. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    This has been discussed in the forum. The evidence seems to suggest that extreme survival mode (extremely low BMI) actually tends to decrease longevity. So again, repeating Matt's words, you should not be doing CR, rather you should eat more (healthy food) and reach the optimum BMI which provides statistically lower mortality, at least 20 kgm-2 in your case. More is better, always in your case. And you should increase some muscle mass, after that you can think about decreasing fat tissue, if needed.
  7. mccoy

    Altering exercise modality to benefit brain health

    REsistance exercise: I find it's better done alone, with concentration, trying to optimizie the muscle-mind connection (apparently, it helps to express genes favourable to hypertrophy). Aerobic exercise: due to its tediousness, I find it useful to employ audio or visual aids to keep the mind busy (very convenient on the threadmill, stationary bike, walks and even runs). I find it that when the video is interesting, then I might go on for hours, especially if on moderate intensity. I don't do that simply because I have other things to do... Re the OP, I find that the brain tends to optimize the neural connections in every activity, eventually making such activities as much automatic as possible. I might think of matching exercise to cognitive abilities in fight sports such as ju-jitsu, MMA and so on. But I really wouldn't practice them for the upropse of longevity... strategic team sports like American football, soccer and so on might have a significant cognitive aspect when planning and executing the team game.
  8. mccoy

    Water Kefir

    But the sheer numerosity of organisms, called 'bacterial load', may well be the reason for its effectiveness. After ruminating on the issue, and considering how deleterious bacteria may poison us through oral ingestion, most probably the number of them, bacterial load, is correlated to how many go through the digestive system, besides being protected by food matrix, lower than usual acidity and so on... So, if bacterial load is what allows enough probiotics to survive the hostile environment, then water kefir is much less beneficial than milk kefir. Unless maybe drunk in large amounts. On the other side, water kefir most probably does not cause a significant secretion of gastric juices and acidity, so it may be better than milk kefir. These are just thoughts, without searching any hard evidence on the topic.
  9. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    As Clinton suggested, you should try and get out of your dietary confusion and use some scientific methods like cronometer. Calcium minimum intake is usually at the very minimum 1000 mg per day, in your case it might be 2000 mg per day. You can eat healthy foods like lots of yogurt and cheese or other dairy products to satisfy your Ca requirements.
  10. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Ron, the point is that we have no proof that there is no contemporaneous account of the life of Jesus. As I wrote before, most books on the life of Jesus have been probably burned by the early Church for hagiographic reasons. Besides, many books on any subject have not survived the centuries. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The only thing you can logically conclude, based on your reasonings, is that you don't believe that the figure of Jesus, for example, was real. But, as we all know, beliefs are subjective and potentially far from the objective truth. By logic, I can accept strong skepticism, but objective reasoning suggests that strong denial as in your case, or a statement of zero probability, is a biased and not scientific attitude.
  11. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    3rd rticle linked by ron, excertp: Again, a huge leap of faith from the physicists! Evidence of extra dimensions has never been found? No matter at all, it will be found anyway. Their faith is the same as the followers of all religions. Evidence of God has never been found? No matter at all, We'll find it after death or after the cycle of reincarnations.
  12. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Ron, from the 2nd article you cited Again, we are at a level of wild speculation. Gravity is supposed to be the 4th dimension in the model of strings? But it has not been proven nor tested. Well, God is supposed to be an old man with a white beard sitting on a throne above the clouds, in some religious models. But, like the theoretical strings, it has not been proven nor tested.
  13. mccoy

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    And I'm replying, do that and you are going to die.
  14. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Ron, an excerpt from the first article you linked above: So, nobody has seen a single string so far, nobody has given any tiny sliver of proof, the theory is cultivated mainly because of its mathematical elegance. So, it turns out that scientists are pursuing, with a huge leap of faith, something so weird and tiny and untestable just because it appears mathematically elegant. Well, I pursue the idea of god with the same leap of faith the string theorists display, and I also appreciate the elegance of the model of a cosmic Observer. Bottom line, I logically infer: based on current evidence, I and the string theorists are exactly at the same level. The idea of God has exactly the same scientific value as the idea of strings.
  15. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    The book from Finkelstein and Silberman is considered by many largely speculative. for example, quoting from wikipedia: Evangelical Christian biblical scholar Kenneth Kitchen was critical, writing that "[A] careful critical perusal of this work—which certainly has much to say about both archaeology and the biblical writings—reveals that we are dealing very largely with a work of imaginative fiction, not a serious or reliable account of the subject", and "Their treatment of the exodus is among the most factually ignorant and misleading that this writer has ever read."[73] Richard Hess, also being critical, wrote that "The authors always present their interpretation of the archaeological data but do not mention or interact with contemporary alternative approaches. Thus the book is ideologically driven and controlled."[74]