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  1. mccoy

    Post a picture of what you just ate

    I recently picked up lots of wild asparagus around my home, one of the very few wild edible vegetables I can recognize
  2. Maybe, I'd take rapamycin or rapa analogs, intermittent dosages, as already discussed elsewhere in this forum, once you have cancer the collateral effects of rapa wouldn't mind so much, probably.
  3. I agree basically with Dean, on the fact that there is such a degree of variability in cancer instances that it is impossible to answer a priori. I remember my mother has had brain metastatic cancer which meant, as Dean rightly defined it, a death sentence. In these inoperable cases, the best strategy even in my view, a strategy that is sometimes overlooked, is pain relief and the quality of the small stretch of life left to the patient. To date, 30 years after, I still regret that things didn't go straight that way. In less serious cases, research and personal inclinations may govern the strategy. For example, I'm a follower of Longo's FMD which has been studied in conjunction with chemotherapy. I would research deeply that specific field and apply the combination(s) which seems more promising. Some people are more inclined toward keto diets, which sometimes seem to be promising, but are not efficacious for all cancers. Some other people may prefer to adopt a healthy vegan diet with the primary purpose of lowering IGF-1 ... .
  4. It makes sense, one of the known side effects reported by some metformin users is nausea and gastric distress...
  5. Efficacious myostatin inhibitors would be the dream of every pro-bodybuilder. The article though doesn't suggest that there is any viable, commercial product presently, although there are a number of trials underway (and some failed ones). Myostatin inhibition, AFAIK, can easily turn out to be dangerous, causing excessive hypertrophy of muscles with consequent CV system failure. Something similar may have happened to Rich Piana, who exhibited inordinate hypertrophy .
  6. mccoy

    Evaluate my and my cousin's CR

    How can we evaluate without knowing at least the daily average regime, the relevant blood parameters? BMI may be too low.
  7. mccoy

    Nuts and Mortality

    Ron, maybe that article has been already discussed elsewhere, the groups have not been taken at an isocaloric level, so the lesser amount of energy in the intervention group maybe enough by itself to explain weightloss and increased insulin sensitivity. Also, the control group made no change from its former diet, which may have been unhealthy, besides the population was overweight. The dietary intake was self-reported, which allows a potential large error, possibly jeopardizing the conclusions. Also, the study did not report fasting glucose and HA1C changes. Some people, like myself, have pretty high fasting glucose but low postprandial peaks, whereas others have the opposite. I agree that insuline levels are probably a better parameter for healtspan and longevity but we cannot compare them directly to blood sugar measurements. So, did the lowfat diet increase insulin sensitivity because of it decreased energy intake hence decreased hepatocellular and IM lipids, or because of the effects of decreased lipids, or both? Would it work in healthy, exercising, food-conscious guys like the members of this forum? And it would be interesting to conduct a controlled trial on blood sugar and insulin changes in isocaloric, healthy diets, with one control arm, one VLF arm, one high fat-low carb arm .
  8. mccoy

    Nuts and Mortality

    There is not very much literature on the VLF vegan diet. Maybe nothing at all. McDougall's, Esselstyn, and the like. So many carbs would tend to increase glycemic index in some people. McDougall's diet is mostly carbs, although healthy ones. The IML theory may be true but should be compared to a low-carb diet. To me again, it seems that some people should choose whether to avoid high glycemia or high cholesterol. There is no possibility of optimization for some people and at a certain age. So the question is: what's the effect of a low-fat-high-carb diet on blood sugar? A controlled trial on All significant parameters: fasting concentration, postprandial concentration, HA1C, healthy people, large sample, all ages. This would really show if a VLF (vegan) diet is a win-win or is a win-loose.
  9. mccoy

    Starting CR at 54

    Jbbarea, I agree with what Todd has written above, and you can also restrict calories without overdoing it, sometimes it's even better that way to loose weight, since it doesn't trigger abrupt alarms to the bodyweight homeostatic processes. 1500 kcals would sound maybe too low a regimen to be maintained for a long time. Starting from 1800 and then watch the weight trend and eventually go down in small steps or staying that way seems often more effective on the long run. Also, if you don't already do that, you should use some app to see if all requirements are met (EAAS, vitamins and minerals) and in case supplement what's missing.
  10. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    And to get back to the multiverses theory, I wonder how it can be testable... Of course, it cannot rule out the existence of a creator/simulator, even by stepping up the complexity of the creation/simulation by semi-infinite orders of magnitude.The creator/simulator may just have created an unfathomably complex and unimaginably vast creation/simulation.
  11. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Thanks Tds, I appreciate Sabine Hossenfleder's consistency in her reasonings!
  12. mccoy

    Post a picture of what you just ate

    This is some sort of homemade superbread: 50% whole grain wheat flour, 50% ground sunflower seeds. Exceedingly nourishing as per cronometer, exceedingly delicious, exceedingly satiating, not exceedingly glycemic.
  13. mccoy

    Post a picture of what you just ate

    Oranges from Sicily: right now they are exceedingly delicious, this is my regular breakfast. Just 3-4 oranges, not the whole crate. I found they don't elevate blood glucose significantly.
  14. mccoy

    Nuts and Mortality

    Mike, I believe the changes in some parameters (sometimes not even very large) were not so impressive considering the kind of shake they drank (probably in two gulps). That is probably not at all comparable to a meal with lots of vegetables/fibers, nuts or seeds or EVOO, a little cheese. Besides: AFAIK, also (pre)diabetes entails vascular damage. Back to the optimization issue.
  15. mccoy

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    Guys, to me, nothing is geekier than interstellar, with the consultancy of Kip Thorne. That's the original reason why I subscribed to Netflix. When I have a little time, I'm going to see it a second time, with a step-by step consultation of Thorne's book "The science of interstellar".