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  1. In Italy everyone still wears a mask in indoor public places, whereas in the outdoors it's not mandatory presently (depending upon the alert degree). I can wear a surgical mask without much inconvenience, whereas FPP2 and FPP3 tend to be bothersome.
  2. mccoy

    Healthiest Greens?

    This is a little OT, but peppers, they are very rich in vitamin C, which may be very useful if citrus fruit is not eaten regularly (they're a fundamental part of my present regime). A few other vegetables like broccoli contain vitamin C, but peppers are just replete with it.
  3. I just ordered the aktiia BP, but it will take at least one month for the delivery
  4. Blood Press Monit. 2021 Aug; 26(4): 305–311. Published online 2021 Mar 4. doi: 10.1097/MBP.0000000000000531 PMCID: PMC8248249 PMID: 33675592 Blood pressure from the optical Aktiia Bracelet: a 1-month validation study using an extended ISO81060-2 protocol adapted for a cuffless wrist device
  5. Immunovaccinology is more and more sounding like nutrition: different groups of researchers saying one thing and the opposite thing at the same time. 👎 More to the point, that's after all what medicine is about: application of research and observation on patients. What's nonplussing is that we have data samples of tens of millions of individuals, so I would expect more unanimous opinions.
  6. mccoy

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    There are always low-fat and non-fat brands of cow milk in commerce.
  7. mccoy

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    I've nothing against Barnard, except the fact that he mistook diet for religion. Together with many others.
  8. They seemed to be ok for the short lifespan they were allowed. And, probably, their evolutionary adaptation to such an extreme diet involved a brutal selection with so many Inuit bodies strewn along the ice. Only those with the right genetical polymorphism survived to procreate and the spawn would eventually carry such polymorphism. Or die prematurely. This is the truth that the acolytes of the paleo religion fail to aknowledge.
  9. Ron, I'm playing the devil's advocate here, but the blue zones populations are pools of genetically selected individuals found in isolated areas, where the same genetic pool could not be diluted. They are developments of specific protective genetic setups. Their dietary regime has its importance but probably does not govern, ditto for other factors. omega 3s or not, they would have regardlessly displayed extreme longevity, most probably.
  10. Interesting anecdotal story from Drew Harrisberg. Please note that he has T1D which means his pancreas beta cells are completely nonfunctional and that he must use exogenous insulin otherwise he's toast. He agrees that a keto diet very high on animal saturated fats blunted his insulin receptors. He agrees that keto diet can be done on vegetable food although it's not long-term sustainable. It's an interesting fact that after turning to a healthy vegan diet his insulin receptors became very sensitive, even with high concentrations of carbs. I don't know if all his conclusions are valid in individuals without T1D, but basically, he makes a point. In my case, I am not cutting carbs very low and even that allowed my BG baseline to drop to normal. My next step could be to reintroduce gradually low GI carbs and decrease fats, although I don't find very practical a VLF diet. What is sure is that my adiposity was lower on a lower fats diet than on a lower carbs-higher fats diet, since the former provided less calories. In my personal experience, low carbs and ad-lib energy did not yield rippedness and six-packs.
  11. Ron, the temporary ketosis I underwent was due to effects of the modified Longo's Fast-Mimicking-Diet I followed for 5 days. My present regime is not a ketogenic, rather a moderately low carb diet (70 to 100 g per day). In a keto diet the ingestion of carbs is severely limited to usually 20-30 g per day max (a little more with exercise).
  12. After 5 days of low-carb FMD, fasting glucose was 79 mg/dL, the lowest I ever measured on myself. Of course, this value is the result of ketosis after a reduced carbs FMD and will probably increase , but I would say that a FG concentration between 80 and 90 mg/dL can be considered optimal for most people, surely that applies to me. Once this parameter has been reasonably adjusted, I'm going to keep the diet moderate-carbs and proceed with the cholesterol parameter, measuring it and deciding what can be an acceptable strategy.
  13. mccoy

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Low-carb FMD, one example with 70% Fat, 21% carbs, 9% protein. I enjoy the peppers and tomatoes dish, with EVOO.
  14. mccoy

    Tomato eggs

    San Marzano tomatoes! I'm reading this while on my Fast Mimicking Diet and it has been a mistake! No, actually, I got accustomed to it and am perfectly all right. But after the fast, I'm going to prepare this dish, which sounds actually very good on winter days.
  15. mccoy

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    I know Neal Barnard and we cannot say he's unbiased. For example, he has a strong bias toward fats (even the healthy ones) and dairy products (even the healthy ones). He wrote a whole book on the beta-casomorphins in cheese, contending that it contains opioids that cause addiction to it.