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About Me

Lacto-ovo vegetarian for 40 years. - vegan for 2+ years, with satisfactory results.

Presently back to lacto-ovo: pure vegan diet too restricted, too stressful for digestive system. Plant-based protein powders made me nauseous.

Current BMI 23

Height 170 cm = 5'7"

Present interest: pursuing healthspan and longevity, avoid chronical mTOR upregulation. Being physically fit and muscular within reason. 

Present CR: rather a DR or dietary restriction:

  • Moderation in animal protein. 
  • Calories optimization → just enough to keep present weight and eventually boost some muscle protein synthesis → weight increase governed by skeletal muscle mass
  • Present average 2400 kCal per day
  • Usual regime: prevalently plant-based, with animal protein (dairy products, non fat-lowfat, little eggs).
  • Fresh fruit → heavy consumer
  • Vegetables → heavy consumer
  • Nuts & seeds, legumes, whole grain cereals→ regular consumer
  • polyphenols, phytochemicals → avid consumer, especially (-) epipcatechins (from unprocessed cacao powder), secoiridoids from EVOO 
  • Special tools used → FMD or fast mimicking diet, every three months now.
  • Supplements→ custom-tailored strategy
  • Adaptogens→ presently none
  •  Cold exposure from fall to early spring: cold shower minimum 3 minutes at the start of the day. Intermittent exposure during the day, from a few minutes to a couple of hours; only air with minimum attire, no diving into the water
  • Sun exposure from spring to fall: noon hours good for D3 production but heavy on the skin. Brief exposures preferable. On the beach, I have to apply sun protection.