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  1. We make good food/lifestyle choices for ourselves and our children and do our best to protect them from too much modern medicine, but once adolescents this can fly through the door due to rites of passage, socializing, hormones, alcohol, crap food, circadian disruptions etc until they mature. The problem is adding mandatory vaxx (which can be case for College/Military) on top could pose a huge assault on the immune system, perhaps allowing other pathogens or auto-immune responses to take hold. This is why I'm thinking exogenous supps like C/D and selenium (3 brazil nuts at least) could be helpful, some with the opinion that very high Vit C doses are very effective, others say expensive urine. ( NB: Searching online has led me to some anti-vaxx sites which are convincing although alarmist and depressing. I've had to avoid)
  2. Thank you Gordo Apart from the vaxx and the whole military thing it is a great opportunity and this particular area is very hard to get into. If he puts his head down he could really have a secure future, but health is more important than anything . Everyone advises to space them out but that is not an option in defence force. I have done some digging around and I come up with Vit C, D and selenium before/after and during the vaxx. Here is but one example of selenium, in elderly patients, but still....https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10218756. There are definite risks for sure. Thanks again Gordo - just a worried mum. By the way I have gone more plant based after reading some of your comment.
  3. I'm hoping some of the great minds here can give me some advice. A young loved one is entering the defence force to be trained in a profession that doesn't involve deployment and with which he can continue to work in civil life. However he still needs to do the initial 19 week training which involves a shedload of vaccinations on the schedule, plus others including tuberculosis and typhoid. I know of at least two men who have been permanently disabled by forced vaxx (an airforce pilot and a dad forced in order to visit his prem baby) not to mention many vets on boards claiming chronic ill health and premature death after service which they attribute to jabs. None of the people I have mentioned here received compensation as the vaccine manufacturer is exempt from liability and if one consents to a jab by offering arm then they are aware of risks (despite being forced or co-erced by employer/hospital). I've been advised to ensure he takes Vitamin C before and after the procedures. Would fasting before or after help? Vitamin D? Please can anyone else offer anything else he can do to minimise any serious side effects, (apart from not going which is my wish). Thank you very much for hearing me out.
  4. I've been a long-time lurker here and have probably read through just about every post on this forum. I've been LCHF, even ZC, for many years due to IR and a strong FH of T2 but Rhonda Patrick's videos, especially with Longo, have set me off towards a more plant-based diet. I've just read Ray Cronise and David Sinclair's latest paper, which again reinforces my growing belief that a plant-based is probably more beneficial for healthspan. Anyway I would like to know anyone's thoughts please on Acarbose for longevity; this is such an under-rated and under-used medication for T2's, it seems not only to outperform Metformin but improves lipids, vascular health, blood pressure, weight loss etc. I had no idea as to the full extent of it's method of actions until I found this paper. The side effects of this med seem to be minimal, apart from some early gastro issues. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4620230/
  5. Jasmine2

    Dysfunctional US Politics

    Sthira, I am a long-time lurker/reader and have never posted but I have to give you a virtual standing ovation for this which you write so beautifully. Thank you, thank you. I don't live in the US but this could be easily directed at my fellow countrymen, the me-me greed that has filled me with despair for the future of our kids and mankind. Wait let me guess, you're another entitled, white Baby Boomer who got his big suburban house and cush pension and awesome healthcare and imagined immunity from the rest of us, so screw us. You voted proudly republican to give yourself more at the expense of everyone else, wow, big surprise, stunning shock. White baby boomers: not content with giving us your stupid wars, our crippled veterans, our crappy service jobs, our impossible student loan debts, your astronomical medical expenses -- medicine which you get for nearly free while millions go bankrupt after a cancer diagnosis -- your stupid politicians with their hyper partisanship, lets-shut-down-government, geniuses, your Wall Street financial collapses, yeah, thanks boomers for the worst economy since the Great Depression, for the crushing federal debt, for your unaffordable housing, your endless selfish fucking greed, depletion of fossil fuels, your failure to support alternative energy, your success at fouling the oceans and rivers, your denial that you have anything at all to do with global climate change, or infrastructure collapse, or unprecedented species' extinctions, or the deterioration life for all -- all except you and selfish Kripalu Healing Retreats -- hey we'll keep washing your dishes and growing your kale and wiping your toilets and you keep killing our science and driving us into poverty....so big surprise now you give us Donald Trump. Baby boomers voted this monster into office -- Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your organic turkey.