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  1. BarryR

    Cronometer results for March 2019

    Thomas thanks for your post. I have been using cronometer for a few years, weighing all of my foods. I find this to be the only way to systematically reduce my calories in a consistent matter. Only with the slow moderate controlled decrease in calories, can I train my body to get by with fewer calories, without starving myself in the process. Here is my chart from today.
  2. Don’t take this personally because I don’t know anything about you, but from my own experience, trying to improve at running, or any sport, I think comes from a feeling of inferiority or lack about myself, and that I can prove myself to others by showing them how fast I can run. Then I realized how enjoyable it is to run a ten-minute mile and not have any desire to push myself for faster times.
  3. I love running. I run almost everyday. But I run 2 miles. I wonder about what the ideal distance and frequency and pace of running is to maximize longevity. I have to think more than 5 miles a day, 8 minutes/mile, becomes counter productive. There must be some balance between the benefits of exercise and the negative consequences of having to consume more calories. I eat around 1700 cals/day, in a single meal. I wouldn't want to increase my exercise intensity if i had to also increase calories or risk losing weight. I feel like i am getting most of the benefits of running now, running 2 miles, 10 min/mile. The most difficult part of exercise is getting over the obsession to always be improving.
  4. BarryR

    One apple a day...

    A couple of months ago I switched to a single-meal-a-day, and 1600 cals/day. Before that I was eating a lot of fruit. If you believe that there is value in practicing a daily fasting routine (of at least 21 hours a day), it gets very hard to consume much fruit. Now I just focus on berries. I actually have 4 apple trees in my backyard, that I planted a couple of years ago. If I get some apples from them I will have to make an exception. Now my diet is primarily sweet potatoes, greens, oats, rice, beans, peanuts, some chocolate, and some other more exotic things like spirulina.
  5. I am currently running 3 miles per day, 5 or 6 days a week. I was just reading through an older version of Dr. Walford's "The 120 Year Diet". He suggests that 15 miles per week, is the ideal amount of running, with the goal of max longevity. He also mentions an experiment with 4 groups of mice. Group1 - fed ad-lib, no exercise. Group2 - fed ad-lib, exercised. Group3 - cal restricted, no exercise. Group4 - cal restricted, exercised. Group2 outlived Group1. Group3 and Group4 both outlived Group2. BUT Group3 (no exer) outlived Group4 (exer). I am already following a 1600-cal/day vegan starch-based diet, eating one meal a day. I am 5'11", 130 lbs. I am thinking about reducing my miles per week from 15-18 to around 10-12. Any thoughts? Thanks.