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  1. That's great you got a baseline measurement. I haven't done the test yet, nor heard about it from anyone on the forums. I think the lifestyle and supplements only slow the rate of telomere shortening. In the future a gene therapy could be more effective. Liz Parrish, CEO of Bioviva, has reported results of her self experiment with telomerase gene therapy. You can see her interviews on YouTube. Bill Andrews (Sierra Sciences) is also pushing gene therapy trials. I do the lifestyle measures you mentioned and also take TA-65.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to use Life Length or RepeatDx. They show distribution of telomere length and percentage of short telomeres. Another inexpensive test is TeloYears, but it only shows average telomere length. A few supplements that modestly increase telomerase are TA-65, Cycloastragenol , TAM-818. Lots of discussion about this on the longecity forums. Two books on the subject are The Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn and The Telomerase Revolution by Michael Fossel.
  3. KenB

    protein RDAs for vegans

  4. KenB

    protein RDAs for vegans

    He doesn't cite anything, just anecdotal reports of improved exercise performance and low inflammation. Hopefully he will run a study. I'd like to see the results.
  5. KenB

    protein RDAs for vegans

    Hi Mccoy, yeah it's is a long video, but you can get everything from the audio. He says there is a community of people doing well on this type of diet. Maybe it's not as bad as we thought. Probably better than the standard American diet. He's got a website and is trying to start a study of the diet.
  6. Nice mushrooms Gordo. It's great that you grow them. Maybe i'll try one day. Until then I buy Dr. Mercola brand Fermented Mushroom Complex.
  7. KenB

    protein RDAs for vegans

    This guy seems OK with high protein
  8. KenB

    Exercise increases all cause mortality

    Interesting. More evidence to avoid high volume cardiovascular exercise. The intensity threshold of 3 METs seems a bit low.
  9. KenB

    Risky supplementation

    I agree, good summary Tom. Speaking of risky supplements, is anyone here taking NR?
  10. KenB

    Exercise increases all cause mortality

    Hi, Here's my take on optimal exercise for longevity. Activities could be combined, but assume unlimited time for exercise. Any thoughts are appreciated. 1. Low Intensity activity and movement Everyday. As much as possible. 2. Moderate Low Impact Aerobic (60-70% Max heart rate) 30 minutes. 5 x per week. 3. Resistance Training 2-3 x per week. To maintain muscle mass and strength for daily activities. 4.Flexibility, mobility and balance exercises 2-3 times per week 5. Movement pattern. Any activity that makes your brain learn a new movement pattern (ex. Dancing) 2-3 times per week 6. High Intensity Training. 2-3 times per week.
  11. KenB

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    Great picture Gordo, it should go on the home page :)
  12. KenB

    Healthy fats ?

    Your right, thanks Michael. It's good to know their background. I suggest we don't dismiss the information because of credentials (he was a chiropractor). Pompa reviews supplements and health products he thinks will help his clients. What do you think about the PureForm Omega supplement? Regards, Ken
  13. KenB

    Healthy fats ?

    Doctors discuss plant based Omega 3 / Omega 6 supplement. You tube: Dr. Dan Pompa Cellular Healing TV Episode. 188.
  14. Interesting talk and some new research on Ketones and BAT. Dr. Benjamin Bikman - 'Insulin vs. Ketones - The Battle for Brown Fat'
  15. Hi All, There's a good review of cooling vests at: https://activemsers.org/gear/reviewcoolingvest.html and buying guide at: https://ActiveMSers.org/tipstricks/choosingacoolingvest.html