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  1. I read that all NSAID are COX inhibitors but I get this effect only from paracetamol.
  2. Excellent answer, many thanks for that, I wonder how to start looking what the inflammatory problem could be. Not the greatist thing to learn that geriatric clinical practice applies to me but that's life I gues :-) Likely not my case, not drinking after 17:00 is part of my sleep improvement practice.
  3. 45+ old male sleep maintenance issues for couple of years resolved by fixing the basics- blacked out room, avoiding alcohol and coffee having the biggest effect. Still even if I am able to sleep 8 hours the sleep is not as restorative as I would expect. Recently I have noted that 500mg paracetamol (tylenol, acetaminophen ) result in truly excellent restorative sleep. My question is: what could be the mechanism involved? What hormones are affected by paracetamol that have relevance to sleep? I would like to modify my diet/lifestyle further to get this type of sleep without the drug. Normal weight, fighting mild gastrointestinal and dermatological issues that indicate autoimmunity and allergies, on paleo diet since 6 years if that is in any way relevant. I have no pain the drug would help me with.