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  1. Clinton

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    I take 200mg of trans-resveratrol every morning with 300mg of Nicotinamide Riboside. By itself it probably doesn't increase lifespan in humans at all, but has shown some impressive results in obese men. Combined with N(R) it should be able to increase your sirtuins ... David Sinclair still claims to take 1g of resveratrol each morning along with NMN. I believe that generally speaking you want the trans form. Read up on it on Examine.com https://examine.com/supplements/resveratrol/ They state that "supplementation of resveratrol refers to the trans form exclusively" ...
  2. Clinton

    macro nutrient ratios

    Todd, thank you for your above post regarding Dr Kraft and tying diabetes and cardiovascular disease - excellent info
  3. Clinton

    I overeated today

  4. Clinton

    Simple Daily Menu,

    Just my opinion but you started out mentioning your whole grain intake (talking about fiber bran cereal and whole grain muffin) which isn't a bad thing, but emphasis (imho) for people that are already consuming a low-calorie diet necessarily needs to be on nutrient-dense foods. So diet generally prioritizes vegetables (including leafy greens), fruits, nuts and legumes with whole grains being beneficial but less of a power-punch wrt micronutrient intake. Then you discuss intake of 'vitamins enriched' ... "multivitamin" (this should already have all b-vitamins covered - doesn't it??) PLUS a "B-complex"? ... My best advice is to use the search function on the forums and study the how to achieve optimal nutrition and see if you can come up with a diet that provides RDA levels of all micronutrients without trying to meet RDA levels by consuming vitamins (aim to only supplement the vitamins that you cannot obtain through diet). You will need to keep track of the foods you are eating to assess your micronutrient intake; most users on these forums (I believe) use the free 'cronometer' app to determine their micronutrient intake. Here is an example of Michael's diet: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/51743-michaels-quotidian-diet/ And this is a very good starting point regards vitamin supplementation: https://www.longecity.org/forum/stacks/stack/122-michaels-tiered-supplement/
  5. Fwiw I take 2TBSP of ground flaxseeds for ALA, about 1oz (1/4) cup of almonds and a couple of fish oil capsules every day (500 EPA 250 DHA) each.
  6. Clinton

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Yeah Mike, I'm with you on this one. If a person is interested in a fat source with a salad/veggie meal to aid absorption of fat-soluble nutrients (Vitamin A's, E's and K's, etc.) walnuts, almonds, avocado, pieces of olive provide higher polyphenol density, fiber and other nutrients compared to any oil, even if it does contain some diluted polyphenols such as evoo ... (which requires judicious selection/sourcing, storage considerations, etc..) ... When it comes to evoo ... is the 'juice worth the squeeze'?? not for me.
  7. Clinton

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Mike, Your link above is not functioning, Clinton
  8. Clinton

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Sorry if this was already discussed - but I was wondering how does eating a couple of olives compare (polyphenol-wise) to the calorie-equivalent of evoo?? I assume that the 'meat' of the olive would contain significant amounts of the healthy/desired polyphenols??
  9. ok I'm taking notes ... when my bone density eventually decreases schedule fecal transplant from someone living near the equator; hopefully youthful and vegan - got it!!
  10. Clinton


    This is also what I’ve found regarding supplements from India, and the main reason I don’t take ashwagandha.
  11. Clinton

    1 week of CR

  12. Clinton

    video of end of first CR vs Eugenia Cooney CR!

    Guys, when Fernando Gabriel/Gombo posted about Lizzie Velasquez he all but flat out admitted he’s trolling these threads. Every time you respond he’s laughing...