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  1. Clinton

    Supplements Thoughts

    Good points, thanks Tom.
  2. Clinton

    Blood sugar levels?

    Oops I mixed up the order of glycogen uptake by liver and muscles. Thanks Todd - I’ve corrected above
  3. Clinton

    Blood sugar levels?

    Gordo, This is part of the reason why I try to stay lean, and maintain as much muscle mass as I can on a natural CRON(ish) TRF (18-6ish) Mostly Plant-based diet 😉 Dr.Peter Attia discusses this in a couple of his youtbe videos but essentially he likens muscle mass as acting as a 'glucose-sink' acting as (my words here) an overflow reservoir for glucose spikes. My understanding is that circulating blood glucose: first, tops up glycogen stores in the liver secondly, tops up glycogen in the muscles lastly stored as body fat Clinton
  4. Clinton

    Supplements Thoughts

    Michael Rae takes 1500mg of glucosamine daily as well if you look at his daily supplement regimen. Tom, I agree with your comments on the epidemiological studies on glucosamine and trying extrapolating those effects to an individual; however those studies aren’t the only reason why I maintain consuming glucosamine. Glucosamine seems to be a powerful up regulator of AMPK, and based on the 28% increased lifespan in rodents by ‘mimicking a low carb diet’, it seems to act like an actual CR mimetic in this regard (as opposed to other ‘CR mimetics’ that don’t appear to do much in healthy humans). Finally, if you believe rapamycin and metformin combo seems to be a powerful anti-aging combo (which I believe but am not on at the moment), glucosamine is one of the closest (natural) mimetics to metformin, as EGCg (catechin of green tea) is to rapamycin (ref: ‘Towards Natural Mimetics of Metformin and Rapamycin’ Aliper, Jellen, Cortese and others. Www.aging-us.com. Aging 2017 vol 9 No 11). Clinton
  5. Clinton

    Supplements Thoughts

    Ron, You and Dean have the micronutrients covered including D3, K2 and CoQ10. Glucosamine is excellent as you’ve found - Vince Giuliano dedicated a glucosamine article on his blog covering its powerful in-vivo effects on decreasing all-cause mortality. Lycopene is a carotenoid and is very beneficial, and I believe it’s valuable to get plenty of natural forms of vitamin A such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene (I consume carrots and spinach for this). As far as polyphenols go, I would place a good green tea supplement at the top of the list. One of the best is AOR Active Green Tea - I take this instead of drinking green tea since I want an effective dose and prefer to drink coffee. Clinton Edit: I’ve recently been taking 250mg daily of Nicotinamide Riboside (instead of NMN).
  6. I take approximately the same, Dean. 2 AOR ortho mineral caps per day at different times is 286mg. Many people are unable to get enough sun due to where they live or prefer the hormone via supplement which raises serum levels same as sun exposure without UV damage to skin. Now THATS simple, easy and SAFE. Pizza and ice cream aren’t high on the list when it comes to a diet that supports healthspan and lifespan.
  7. Thanks Gordo! Seems like there is some solid evidence for health benefits for shortening up the TRF window down to as small as 4hrs or one-meal-a-day (as well as eating those calories earlier rather than later).
  8. Avoiding calcification of endolethial tissue is possible. You need to ensure adequate vitamin D3 and magnesium intake; but what really seems to get the calcium back into bones where it belongs is vitamin K. Read up on vitamin K, and in particular the K2-MK4 and MK7 seem to be very valuable and worth supplementing with.
  9. Clinton

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    I don't think you should consider doing a 'cut' until you first increase your body weight by adding muscle mass. In my opinion you are dangerous thin already; especially for your age. Why are you putting this into your body? If you are trying to "Live the CR way" and are consuming very low calories (which, for the record, I do not thing you should be doing at your age), then you could (intelligently) displace the sugar and package of halls with the equivalent calories eating a whole (super) food like spinach and be much better off. If you were to evaluate what you ate on this day for micronutrient intake you'd quickly come to the conclusion that you are greatly undernourished and likely very unhealthy. What you are doing thusfar is not supporting 'life-extension'; rather you are very likely in the process of shortening your lifespan.
  10. Fernando, I think you might need to talk to a psychiatrist regarding your weight loss goals.
  11. I’ve personally known mice that eat well during the week but then binge on the weekend. RIP Mickey!!
  12. Clinton

    Regaining Health with CR Diet

    Good advice McCoy! Thomas, I hope you post back here with your progress.
  13. Clinton

    Could a person weigh less on a ketogenic diet?

    I've believed (s)he's been trolling for a while now, but offered some advice just in case.
  14. Plant Based Diet; beans, greens and lots of nuts with other fruits & veggies is awesome. Intermittent Fasting (16-8). Keep track of nutrients on chronometer app and only supplement what you can’t adjust for with improved diet (obviously you will require vitamin D3 and B12). Exercise in many different ways and sleep well; eat enough to support physical activity. Fernando - 2 things; 1-You are probably too young for caloric restriction. 2-if caloric restriction is not done intelligently and carefully it will be detrimental.
  15. Clinton

    "Green" Powders

    Fred, I put just 1/4 tsp of Greens+ in each of my nut-berry-buckwheat-kefir meals of the day. I purposely try to avoid products that are fortified with vitamins (Greens+ isn’t fortified), rather get the vitamins (A’s from carrots, cooked tomatoes, salsa, V8,etc.) (E’s from walnuts, almonds, avocados). But Greens+ has some green plants/veggies and spirulina including lots of other polyphenols & ingredients that in small doses should be beneficial (milk thistle, ginseng, ginkgo, red beet root, bee pollen, royal jelly, licorice root). It makes a nice addition to that meal to essentially add some green veggies. Clinton