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  1. Clinton


    Thanks Ron, I’ve been considering broccoli sprouts also. Jed Fahey has tested a few sulforaphane supplements and Rhonda seems to be pretty knowledgeable about this topic. She was previously growing sprouts but began ordering prostaphane mainly due to time coming constraints. BROQ is apparently the same supplement; but it still requires 3rd party verification/testing. clinton
  2. Clinton


    1-Low calories/CR 2-Vegetarian/vegan wfpb diet (naturally plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre) and lower in protein (not much more than RDA). Beans, greens, nuts, tomato paste or v8 juice, carrots, cruciferous veggies, etc. 3-Time restricted feeding; at least 16-8 or even OMAD 4-optimize any necessary micronutrients to RDA levels based on chronometer (or other) evaluation; I need some iodine, zinc, some B vitamins 5-some additional vitamin D3 and K2. I am comfortable taking Jarrow K-Right which is 2000ius of D3 and plenty (but not above tolerable upper limits) of K1, k2-mk4, and k2-mk7 6-nicotinamide riboside 300mg, green tea extracts or lots of green tea (I take AOR active green tea; not insignificant amounts of all 4 catechins); you can take up to 3 caps per day; I take 1 or 2. 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate. 7- 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed, some fish oil. Small amounts of taurine, beta-alanine and creatine similar to Michael Raes regimen. 8- 100mg of ubiquinol. Some melatonin before bed. Sleep (and sleep hygiene) are critical. 9-resistance training and HIIT This completely reverses aging 👍😁 For sulforaphane I am considering BROQ. It is apparently made identical to the prostaphane drug made in France and yields over 10mg sulforaphane per capsule. They look legit, and upregulating NrF2 is maybe the most valuable supplement beyond micronutrients since it upregulates NQO1 (therefore better at improving nad to nadh ratio than only increasing nad like N(R)), causes markers of inflammation to plummet ... if you could only take 1 phytonutrient; sulforaphane would get my vote. Check out BROQ, etc, also good links to other sulforaphane refs. https://fastlifehacks.com/rhonda-patrick-sulforaphane/
  3. Arnold successfully sued a doctor that stated his heart surgery was due to steroid use. Arnold said that the doctor could not claim that without ever having examined him; Arnie claimed that the surgery was necessary due to some congenital defect.
  4. The highest food source by far for spermidine is wheat germ. Does anyone here consume wheat germ?? it’s very inexpensive and just 2TBSP per day would provide considerable spermidine.
  5. Clinton

    What floss do you use?

    Colgate Total- me too. Same with the toothpaste
  6. Clinton

    Keepin' the carbs LOW!

    Good post, Ron. Once a person prioritizes fibre and micronutrients the diet is going to be fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains and legumes... plenty of wfpb carbs. It’s sustainable and can support an awesome looking physique as well 👍
  7. Just FYI- You can order organic parsley pretty cheaply on Amazon... and btw- my shoulder and elbow feel like they have recovered... I am back to lifting hard!! 💪💪
  8. Nice vegetable intake!! I also prioritize spinach, carrots and cruciferous veggies. I assume you are taking the parsley for the apigenin?? I used to be keen on parsley for apigenin but read that the bioavailability of apigenin is very low... however it is an extremely compelling nutrient to be sure; highly anti-cancerous and generally impressive
  9. Great video Mike, Seeing such dramatic improvement in kidney function is quite inspiring! Any guess on which veggies are more protective than others? Lately I’ve been convinced that cruciferous vegetables are/ (sulforaphane) is the most impressive phytonutrient there is... Are you taking any supplements beyond micronutrients such as green tea or nicotinamide riboside??
  10. This is certainly important to know for one interested in maximizing longevity. I wonder now if BMI were very slightly increased in these long-lived people solely due to the addition of a lean 5-10lbs muscle mass: (I am NOT advocating some aggressive mass-building protocol of lifting and diet like a powerlifter or bodybuilder might follow) simply adding some challenging resistance training 3-4x per week, if that would provide additional protection against ACM and be yet another slight improvement in lifespan?!? The resulting BMI might be 23 (or so) but you’d have the added benefits of increased bone density and the additional glycogen sink that muscle mass provides...
  11. Clinton

    Keepin' the carbs LOW!

    On the Enterprise we ate mostly food that was prepared using pellets ... we added food coloring to shake it up a little ...
  12. Clinton

    Silvanesti Smoothie

    Thanks Sibiriak, That looks like they have included all of the main supplements that can aid in joint health, Clinton
  13. Clinton

    Silvanesti Smoothie

    McCoy, I haven’t dedicated the necessary time to research for myself what we can expect from collagen, what forms, brands, quantities, etc to consider. I see that Rhonda Patrick sometimes takes hydrolyzed collagen, 1g, the Great Lakes brand. I’m trying to recover from a shoulder injury at the moment... possibly an issue with the elbow on the same side. I am taking EPA, DHA and glucosamine at the moment but the body seems to heal slowly...
  14. Clinton

    Keepin' the carbs LOW!

    Does you cat ever get p1ssed off when it sees you gulping down the Liver pate?
  15. Clinton

    Silvanesti Smoothie

    McCoy, I am looking into collagen myself at the moment. Did you come to any conclusions?? Have you started taking any??