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  1. Clinton

    Reputable Online Pharmacy?

    If you cannot ensure legitimacy, purity (safety) of the product it isn’t an option imho.
  2. Clinton

    Does IF damage the heart?

    Thanks very much for bringing up this topic here since we may not all be on longecity. This was new info for me.
  3. Clinton

    Average age of death per calorie!

    2000 calories 80 years. 1500 calories 80*2000/1500= approx 107 years. 1000 calories 160 years. 1 calorie 160 000 years.
  4. Clinton

    Exercise optimization

    Lifting IS fun ... mixing things up keeps it fun for years- looking good McCoy!!
  5. Clinton

    Exercise optimization

    McCoy, Arnie was approx 235lbs and 6’-2”ish on stage to take the title. He was the best of the best using only steroids (until IFBB modern champs use that plus HGH and insulin). I personally think Arnie still looks better since he didn’t have any stomach bloat like the modern druggies. The doc above is not only taking injectable testosterone but probably HGH and insulin as well. I know a 5’-5” bodybuilder in New Brunswick that went on stage at lean 200lbs (I know him personally and he runs 2-3 injectable 12 week cycles per year) and at about 4% body fat the crowd gasped when he walked out on stage because he was so unbelievably huge. He won provincials and it was not even close. No disrespect to you McCoy whatsoever. I am simply letting you know I have been in this game for 20 years and anything over 160lbs LEAN at 5’-6” requires steroid use. Not any question at all at 180lbs. But 240??? As I said his toilet water would be anabolic.
  6. Clinton

    Exercise optimization

    McCoy - I'm aiming for 1600kCals but lately I've been all-over the map due to family/kids schedule and being on the road a bit - so certainly not an average caloric deficit, but I've managed to still get all of my workouts in - lots of heavy training. I'm trying to get my calories back to CR levels of say 1600ish starting today. I was on track yesterday for CR but had a weak moment with my kids at Dairy Queen - lol. I still maintain fairly decent strength levels - still doing 6 chins and 6 dips with bodyweight + 90lbs, dumbell bench press with 90lb db's for 12 reps for example, I'll update you with any results in a few weeks - my goal is to stay in a CR state with very low bodyfat, yet attempt to maintain as much muscle & strength as possible.
  7. Clinton

    Exercise optimization

    At 5'-6" and 240lbs I can promise you the Doc is p1ssing out more d-bol than most people could afford to pay for; as a result unfortunately he isn't exactly 'walking the talk' (at least any more than any other juiced-up personal trainer (even with a PhD) or bodybuilder), however it sounds like his logic is sound. McCoy, you might find this interesting - This is an excellent summary of how much mass is possible for natural bodybuilders with some proven formulas that take into account many variables including height, wrist and ankle size ... and it isn't 240lbs for 5'-6" ... at 5'-6" maximum lean body mass is 140lbs which puts a guy at approx 149lbs at 5-6% bodyfat. https://www.muscleandstrength.com/expert-guides/bodybuilding-genetics
  8. Clinton

    Clinton's Stack

    Btw - this is a late response, I've read your post several times; Thanks Sibiriak for the above.
  9. It contains several exogenous anti-oxidants like CoQ10, PQQ, NAC, benfotiamine (a type of vitamin B-1), and a few phytonutrients which typically function via NrF2/hormetic type of pathways. This may be an over-simplification but generally I believe these 2 approaches counteract one another like when glucosamine which (other than its minor benefits for joint health) functions via mitohormesis to extend the lifespan of mice and seems to have a powerful effect on all-cause mortality in humans (epidemiological studies). The life-extending benefits of glucosamine were nullified when the mice were also given N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC). I am perplexed why so many intelligent and well-educated people seem to be unable to separate these two concepts ... even Josh Mitteldorf just recently posted this: https://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2019/03/25/eat-glutathione/ Wouldn't NAC be an example of an exogenous anti-oxidant to be avoided based on this?: https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms4563 At the very least it's almost certainly over-priced rather than picking a few of the ingredients you're interested in and ordering much cheaper individually.
  10. Clinton

    Muscle power vs strength

    McCoy, My understanding is that the weight in reality should never move fast; but you are ‘attempting’ to accelerate that very heavy weight which ends up moving at a very normal speed - and you are failing in the 6-8 rep range. That chin-up video I posted is exactly that; I completely fail at 6 reps with all the weight I can possibly handle but mentally I am trying to heave as fast as possible... I no longer do this type of thing with deadlifts and squats though; I’m just no longer comfortable with huge loads on the spine. edit: I also completely agree with your comment about joints and tendons; you never (imho) want to be actually moving a weight quickly, but rather visualize and attempt to move it this way. Fwiw after I shot that chin-up video I tweaked my lower back (a reoccurring injury) reaching too far to pick up a dumbbell (doh!!) ... I am almost 100% again. This was 100% preventable by walking over closer to my dumbbell rack and not reaching. Safety is #1 wrt any physical training...
  11. Clinton

    Clinton's Stack

    Ok - What Rhonda Patrick actually said that I recalled was wrt IGF-1 (not mTOR). This is from her interview with Tim Ferriss: "So, high IGF-1, higher cancer risk. Low IGF-1, reduced cancer risk and even longevity. With this new understanding of the relationship of meat consumption to IGF-1 production and IGF-1’s relationship with cancer and longevity, where it even inhibits the longevity gene FOXO3, it would be very tempting and very easy to take an absolutist position and never touch meat again, putting aside all of the other reasons why someone might make such a choice. But as I mentioned there are good aspects to IGF-1. IGF-1 has been shown to increase lean muscle and and reduce adipose tissue simultaneously, it acts as a neurotrophic factor increasing the growth of new brain cells, it prevents brain cells from dying. It’s pretty clear that I actually want some IGF-1 activity. I think this is a really important take-home with respect to IGF-1because IGF-1 has a good and a bad side but I think exercise is a way to tip the balance towards the good. Exercise, whether we’re talking about aerobic or resistance training has been shown to to lower serum IGF-1 because exercise causes our muscles to take up IGF-1. Additionally, IGF-1 has been shown, in rat studies, to cross the blood-brain barrier in response to exercise and increases neurogenesis. This also means the exercise lowers circulating concentrations of IGF-1 which means it has less of a chance to promote the growth of damaged cells or inhibit Foxo3 in other tissues." So like with all other micornutrients, enzymes, hormones, etc. there is a balance and both 'good' and 'bad' aspects to IGF-1. Seems like one of the (many) benefits of exercise is that muscles require the IGF-1 thus removing some of it from circulation ...
  12. Clinton

    Muscle memory

    Thanks Sibiriak & McCoy, I hit most of my PRs (personal records) about 15 years ago and simply trying to maintain muscle strength & size.
  13. Clinton

    Muscle memory

    McCoy, This is me doing some weighted chin-ups with 90lbs. I use the same for dips. Also doing bench and rows with 90lb dumbbells for 8 reps each at age 44 weighed in at 137lbs this morning... Clinton 😄💪
  14. Clinton

    Cronometer results for March 2019

    I do the same thing Todd; I’d rather input a ‘generic’ food such as ‘rolled oats’ and have all 81 micronutrients accounted for than enter the actual brand name and end up with only for example 21 micronutrients accounted for.
  15. Clinton

    Cronometer results for March 2019

    Hi Thomas, I think it’s pretty typical to be low in zinc and need to supplement (you want your zinc approx 10x that of your copper intake but not much past 40mg; less than 50mg should be ok). The RDA for Calcium is difficult to meet eating vegan like Greger advocates; I include dairy in my diet to achieve this (or supplement). Unless you eat more nuts it’s difficult to meet the RDA for vitamin E also. On a personal note I am down to only a few supplements but still include the AOR multi basic 3 mvm to increase vitamin E, zinc and iodine along with some other trace minerals. Each capsule also includes 333iu of vitamin D3, and some vitamin K2-mk4 and mk7; as well as enough vitamin A, Bs and C (very high quality forms of each) without mega-dosing. Its worth considering, Clinton