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  1. Lots of fiber??? I’d hate to be on the pushing end of that rope 👍😁🤗
  2. Shezian, No question that greens are important - I agree that it makes sense to consider the impact on one’s nutrition if unable to obtain greens. Imo the solution starts with looking at what greens provide and trying to come up with alternate ways to provide those nutrients with foods or supplements that have a longer shelf-life. The key nutrients (and I might miss some) are folate (B9), vitamin K1, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, iron, fibre. Frozen vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and beans are going to provide these nicely- especially if you are supplementing with some vitamin K2 - at least for several months. Clinton
  3. Unbelievable!! That’s extremely high. So sorry to hear this. Stay safe, McCoy.
  4. I love rolled oats. I eat 1/2 cup 2x per day = 1 cup It may be a bit much however I justify it due to eliminating my delicious whey protein - the net effect is large reduction in BCAAs, increase in fiber, many minerals, etc..
  5. Absolutely. It is extremely contagious, but (hopefully) not that dangerous for most. I am very concerned, now, however for many elderly people I know - and because of that I support self-isolation; not to protect me- but to protect others
  6. They were referred to as a 'super power' back in the 80's -- now their GDP isn't even in the top 10: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)
  7. That's interesting wrt EGCg. fwiw AOR makes a very nice green tea supplement "Active Green Tea" with pretty significant quantities and one of the few supplement manufacturers I have confidence in. Gordo - the other one i used to purchase was the NOW one you linked, it's also a good choice and better bang for the buck for sure.
  8. I had no idea the virus was going to spread like it has and all of the effects it would have when I wrote that ... I thought it was possibly over-hyped a little and over-reaction.
  9. If you are not fearful of fire or robbery it might be an option... Good luck, McCoy.
  10. We cannot indefinitely shut down entire economies to attempt to only slow the spread of the inevitable. It will be recognized that business must resume, accepting the fact that those that are at 'least risk' (or nearly everyone) must return to business 'as usual'. Those that are 'at risk' will need to take all possible measures self-isolate.
  11. Spermidine is the only thing (afaik) that can upregulate autophagy outside decreasing mTor. And everything with the ability to increase lifespan also seems to increase autophagy... so spermidine might be one of the very few things worth ensuring you get plenty of- I don’t believe it’s available in supplemental form. It occurs naturally in the body but decreases with age.
  12. I thought this might be something scary like Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses ...
  13. I don’t have any weapons, only typical tools you’d find in the house & garage. That and ... hockey sticks 🏒👍