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  1. Clinton

    TMAO & Cardiovascular Disease

    Tom, I’m also doing the 16-8 five days per week and 1 meal on two non-consecutive days (500 cals). Combining that with optimal nutrition and resistance training 3 days per week. Clinton
  2. https://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2019/07/01/money-in-aging-research-part-i/ Karl, Josh Mitteldorf on his blog recently wrote 2 entries on money in aging and many of the main players. You might want to check and see if you find any new companies mentioned, Clinton
  3. When I consider metformin and rapamycin, I come back to 2 truths. 1-We don’t have evidence that I am aware of that EVEN CR extends lifespan in humans. 2-I’m not aware of any supplement or combination of supplements has extended lifespan in mammals greater than CR (ref S.Spindlers studies). When you think about #1 and #2 -logically you've got to come to the conclusion that if you want to slow aging at the moment supplements are hopeless.
  4. Sounds like you’ve covered almost everything- that’s pretty impressive to have children eating what you have already described. A couple of other ‘must consume’ foods on my list are nuts; in particular walnuts and almonds. 1oz (1/4cup) of mixed nuts per day will get the job done. Next item is a form of cooked tomato or food that contains tomato paste for bioavailable lycopene. Salsa and even V8 juice are decent to this end. I also think ground flaxseed is very useful- loaded with ALA form of omega 3’s, fibre, minerals- you can sprinkle this on cereal or sneak it into pancake mix and kids don’t seem to mind.
  5. Clinton

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Thanks Dean, Great suggestion on taking less than 1 per day - that amount would also get me just above RDA level as well, Clinton
  6. Clinton

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    I am personally supplementing with 100micrograms of selenium ( NOW brand). Without it I am under RDA levels - anyone else supplementing as well? Clinton
  7. Thanks for the Sinclair Interview post, Gordo - was nice to hear about what he's working on.
  8. I’m sure you can maintain a little lower than 10% sustained - but I get your point- maintaining the physique of a skinned rabbit indefinitely isn’t likely optimal.
  9. Referring to 'this' as reversing aging in humans reminds me of how 'Eugene Goostman' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Goostman passed the Turing Test https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test wrt artificial intelligence. A bunch of 'ooo ooo, ahhh, ahhh, jumping up and down and finger pointing, followed with sensational headlines in non-academic circles.
  10. Thanks Ron, If/when you get a urine test results for cadmium I’d be interested to know your results. I’m thinking that going with raw organic nibs and more than adequate minerals discussed above that 1-2 TBSP per day is likely safe and beneficial - that’s the amount I’m planning to add to my smoothie(s)
  11. Ron, How much cacao nibs do you consume per day?? thanks, Clinton
  12. Thanks Sibiriak - excellent post & references. So we know that cacao nibs have less cadmium than powder (but amounts vary by brand/source) and that adequate calcium, iron, zinc & magnesium intake also helps to mitigate cadmium risk. I was able to find some information online regarding cadmium in some popular brands but not of one I was interested in on Amazon (Sevenhills Wholefoods, organic, raw); I am not a member of ConsumerLabs. Essential Living Foods Cacao nibs which have been tested and reported 'low' (according to quick searching) in cadmium are approx 4x the price of the Sevenhills brand. Having said that, assuming your calcium/iron/zinc/magnesium intake is adequate, I wonder if the benefits for cacao nib consumption outweighs the risk; especially if you are not willing to have (urine) testing for cadmium done? (just curious of opinions on this)
  13. Just ordered some raw organic cacao nibs to add into my smoothies!
  14. Yes - I was concerned about the cadmium. I was eating Lindt chocolate 85% cacao.
  15. Todd - I’m sure you mentioned this previously, but what are you showing in your photo (exactly) - thanks, Clinton btw one of my (personal) regrets was following Vince Giuliano’s blog for a while, when as an engineer (by day) and a guy that didn’t study biology- led me to assume dark chocolate (cacao) (among many other poor influences) was a good thing.