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  1. Clinton

    Fasting for CR Benefits?

    Saul, I would very much like to see MR’s review and comments on this paper. I edited my post at the same time you were replying. And yes, chicken and better yet fish would be a better choice than beef, by the way- if you are interested I can dig up a very interesting research paper about tocotrienols that … albeit not based on epidemiology on humans and rather theoretical is quite interesting, Clinton
  2. Clinton

    Fasting for CR Benefits?

    Saul, I don’t eat burgers very often, I think once or twice a month they’re just fine. Plenty of vitamin K and a diet rich in tocopherols and tocotrienols from nuts is also beneficial in removing any plaques. IAC vegans don’t enjoy any increased lifespan and die at the same rate as agnostic meat-eating barbarians - which MR specifically tries to hopefully address and compensate for in his post regarding his supplementation.
  3. Clinton

    Fasting for CR Benefits?

    Yeah Khashmi, We all know Michael Rae concluded it’s ‘calories, calories, calories’. That was before this latest study. It’s entirely possible it’s the pro-CR trance that needs to be dialed back a bit here- not ‘authors selling another book’. It’s always quite likely that life extension due to CR corresponds to surviving 1 bad drought. For a 3-yr mouse lifespan that survival of 1yr might be 33% for an 80yr human lifespan it might be 1.25% I just had a delicious burger and wasn’t tempted in the slightest to sneak any Meow Mix from my cat 🤢 Btw cat food is high in ash 👍
  4. Hi Mike, I've seen many of your youtube videos and posts here as well and really appreciate all of your efforts and sharing of information. I only recently became aware of the apparent powerful inflammation-lowering effects (significant reductions of CRP and IL-6) of supplementing with even small quantities of boron (a mineral found naturally in our diet but varies greatly depending on where you live/where your food is grown). Even just 3 or 6mg per day seems to have profound effects on arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid) and those quantities are amounts found naturally in diets in locations where boron is plentiful in soils such as Israel. Have you looked into boron supplementation at all?? Boron - Health Professional Fact Sheet (nih.gov) Boron Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects | Examine.com
  5. Clinton

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    they should have Sinclair show up half-way through the movie with some resveratrol and N(R) and 'cure' the family back to a youthful state ...
  6. Clinton

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    Khashmi, Did you watch that movie?? Just wondering what you thought of it
  7. Who names their kid SRF?!?!? 😁
  8. Clinton

    Are potatoes wrongly vilified?

    I think this one might be evil:
  9. Clinton

    is low-sodium kimchi a cancer risk?

    I received a pm from you asking me if I was ‘cosmo’ and now this post. Is this a bot account or other weird thing we need to identify???
  10. Absolutely. 'the dose makes the poison' ... even sulforaphane (imho one of the most interesting hormetic polyphenols out there) caused DNA damage when feed in abundant amounts to pigs - I believe the amount was 600g of broccoli per day. Everything in moderation ... including moderation ?? Maybe eat less than 600g of Broccoli: Comparison of the effect of raw and blanched‐frozen broccoli on DNA damage in colonocytes - Lynn - 2015 - Cell Biochemistry and Function - Wiley Online Library
  11. Clinton

    The thread on keto (and low carb) diet

    If the whole point of being on a keto diet is the ketones, then for those who aren't aware, time-restricted feeding every day provides a modest amount (not that this is necessarily helpful for you, Todd). After fasting for say 10-12hrs iirc you are essentially in a state of ketosis until you re-feed. I aim for TRF of 8hr feed, 16hr fast and hope that gives me perhaps 4hrs of ketosis daily. Rhonda Patrick mentions this and I've seen it in other literature as well.
  12. Mooman, On the point of ensuring that you are consuming adequate (RDA levels) of micronutrients, the 'standard' advice here is to make use of the free chronometer app. It is extremely simple and can help you examine foods and come up with a diet that can fill in any nutrient 'holes' (deficiencies) or 'bumps' (excesses) that you might have with your current eating habits.
  13. Sorry if this is overly simplistic, however I watched an intriguing TED talk years ago about eating an 'anti-angiogenic' diet to thwart cancer ... William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer? | TED Talk It's by William Li. In short he says that cancer growth requires new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), and that new blood vessel growth isn't something that normally occurs in a healthy human after development, and that certain foods shut down this new blood vessel growth.