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  1. Extremely simple approach- which imo could be slightly improved if a person logged their intake into the chronometer for micronutrient intake and slightly adjust some foods and supplements accordingly. Like Josh Mittledorf eats: Beans and Greens and lots of nuts!👍👍
  2. Clinton

    War in Ukraine

    Double post - sorry.
  3. Clinton

    War in Ukraine

  4. Exactly - thanks Gordo. And perhaps it should also state 'for weight loss alone but not all benefits'. This study only looked at weight loss and not other (imo very significant) improvements that might increase healthspan/lifespan. I.E. Even IF there was ZERO change in fat loss - check out these benefits from Rhonda Patrick interview w Tim Ferriss (studies done on HUMANS): Recent studies suggest that… • Eating within an 11-hour window was associated with a decreased breast cancer risk and reduction in recurrence by as much as 36%. • Earlier meal timing associates with improved effectiveness of weight-loss therapy in overweight and obese patients. • For each 3-hour increase in nighttime fasting duration was linked to a 20% lower odds of elevated glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C), which is a more long-term marker of blood glucose levels. • For each 10% increase in the proportion of calories consumed after 5pm there was a 3% increase in the inflammatory biomarker c-reactive protein otherwise known as CRP. • Eating one additional meal during the day (instead of the evening) was associated with an 8% decrease in CRP. • Eating within a 12-hour window improved sleep and increased weight loss in normal weight people.
  5. Hi Cory,

    Would you be willing to share with me your longevity strategy and/or supplement regimen??

    I'm wondering if you are on rapamycin along with other prescriptions??

    I had been hesitant to use rapamycin yet since I had concerns on that it hardens arterial plaque - certainly stabilizes it, but my goal was to keep it soft and eliminate it with vegan eating and vitamin K.



    1. corybroo


      I'm not taking any supplements.  My longevity stategy is follow Michael Pollan: “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”  Where the first part rules out many things found in SAD and the second part means as much CR as I do.  It helps me to remember Michael Rae's post from long ago, "The Myth of the Good Calorie".  I am near vegan.

      Also I exercise, typically with HIIT.  I don't know if the people swimming in the lanes beside notice any difference on my High Intensity laps, but I sure feel it.

      Sorry not to be more help, 


  6. Wow. So some key take-aways for anyone hoping to increase healthspan/lifespan in a pill (or augment your exercise, etc. with a supplement regimen): I came away from that hearing that there was zero evidence for fish oil, green tea, resveratrol, nicotinamide riboside (NR), NMN, spermidine (which we already know that diets high in spermidine for humans is THE most important micronutrient for lifespan), and unfortunately they were not able to test a stable form of sulforaphane. Quite interesting at the end he seemed enthused about astaxanthin ...
  7. Ron, If you've read the study - maybe you're as intrigued about glycine as I am - something that improves sleeping, increases insulin sensitivity - examine has a review of it here based on 151 papers: Glycine Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects | Examine.com It appears very safe ... at the moment.
  8. If anyone is interested in Josh Mitteldorf's recent blog on this glycine-NAC study: GlyNAC improves biomarkers in humans and extends lifespan in rodents | Josh Mitteldorf (scienceblog.com) Gents, this is a really impressive study- was anyone else extremely impressed by the results in HUMANS?? This is not theoretical, petri-dish, ex-vivo stuff. GlyNAC given to the folks that were old age did the following (from the abstract): GlyNAC supplementation for 24 weeks in OA corrected RBC-GSH deficiency, OxS, and mitochondrial dysfunction; and improved inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, insulin-resistance, genomic-damage, cognition, strength, gait-speed, and exercise capacity; and lowered body-fat and waist-circumference.
  9. Clinton

    War in Ukraine

    Recently posted on Canada's CBC website was an article entitled something like 'How the West got Russia so wrong'. It was essentially regarding how baffled some (western) 'experts' are over Russia massive failure(s) and Ukraine's surprising resilience during the Russian invasion and war crimes. Russian's failures from several interviews I've seen from western generals and experts seem to include: -believing this would be a 'short' invasion and thus lacking food, fuel, and general logistically support for a prolonged campaign -failing to first dominate air and destroy Ukrainian air capability and anti-air defense - by all accounts, Ukraine is still operating in the air - this is fundamentally demonstrating that Russia doesn't understand and prioritize very basic military strategy -totally shocking -Russian troops are not motivated and totally demoralized -the Russian army has repeatedly displayed lack of officer leadership at multiple levels. The Russian army has not been able to properly move, attack/coordinate using basic military tactics - more like an armed mob, something we would expect from an African nations 'military'. Russia's GDP even with 145 million people is below Italy, Canada, South Korea, France, India, Japan ... essentially Russia is not the force that it once was - economically or militarily
  10. This is what Aubrey just recently posted regarding this on his facebook account: (1) Facebook I am highly gratified by many aspects of the statement posted today by SRF's board of directors (see facebook.com/sensf/). As follows: 1) For the first time, and some might say rather belatedly, the board has stated that "Dr. de Grey is not a sexual predator". The issue thus arises: is the board accusing Celine Halioua of defaming me? It sure seems so. I'm sure that the truth will emerge soon, whether or not under oath. 2) The board's statement notes that "A number of our members need to move on to other endeavors". While I am sure that a LARGE number of board members wish, in hindsight, that they had moved on rather a long time ago, this is clearly a case of better late than never. But since various board members who expressed an intent to step down many months ago are still mysteriously in place, I'm not holding my breath. Encouragement might not hurt. 3) Above all, I am delighted to note the board's statement that "we will do all we can to assure you we are navigating this situation in a manner that honors our mission and FIDUCIARY DUTIES" (my capitalisation). There is a rather clear, and publicly-stated, view of many donors that the board have been grossly derelict in their core fiduciary duty to comply with donor intent, including by unjustly removing me from control over the process of deciding how their money is spent. Thus, it will be quite interesting to see how the conversation between board and donors concerning why I was just re-fired plays out going forward. I remain as committed as ever to restoring SRF to its former glory as the unique, irreplaceable tip of the longevity spear. That is where my strengths lie and have always been seen by my donors to lie, and I will remain as loyal to those donors as they have always been to me. I also need to mention that I have again been deprived of my sens.org email address. Moreover, and unlike my previous interregnum, the "out of office" message that those who write to that address receive does not even provide my personal address. Thus, here it is: alwaysmyself@mail.com (note, mail.com not gmail).
  11. Clinton

    Reversed Aging in Mice

    lol well - this treatment of factors is the closest thing I've seen regarding an anti-aging 'treatment'. No doubt it has limitations and is still a ways from being available, but exciting still
  12. Clinton

    Reversed Aging in Mice

    So using the same Yamanaka factors - but only 3 of the 4 (or 5); Sinclair explains it once again here, AND he says that THEY ARE TRYING THIS RIGHT NOW in non-human primate trials. This is the real deal - instructing all tissues that they are a different age. Biotracking, Age Reversal & Other Advanced Health Technologies (lifespanpodcast.com) Any issues using this link?? Thanks