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  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5609489/ After reading the article I linked and what Dr.Peter Attia presents, there is some very strong evidence that KD increases Healthspan significantly (not sure about Kraft Dinner though). However people doing CRON or even Time Restricted Feeding should have similar or higher ketone levels - so already getting these health benefits.
  2. I follow that blog and have emailed Akshay about this recently and when they first announced their progress before Xmas in Dec of 2018. They won't be providing any tangible info on what comprised the treatment until patents are filed and more testing completed. They are planning on testing dogs next btw. What Akshay and Harold had to say in comments below the blog included: autophagy, mitophagy, ubiquitin proteasome system and DNA repair systems In a private email to he mentioned that in order to reverse aging you need to: 1-Activate NrF2 2-3x per week, 2-clear liposfuscin and AGEs, 3-rejuvenate the Thymus
  3. Clinton

    Should you be taking vitamin D3?

    Hi Genny - What brand of curcumin are you using? Is it Webber (which contains Meriva) ?? I can get this for a decent price at Costco ;-) Thanks, Clinton
  4. If a person is on CR with over 1000mg of calcium and adequate vitamin D3 and K; There is still increased concern of bone quality and fracture? Resistance training also helps improve bone density fwiw
  5. I’m in Canada and work indoors so simply will continue with approx 3000IU of D3 daily which is more than enough to avoid a deficiency. My ultimate goal regarding consumption of every vitamin and mineral is simply avoid a deficiency. Getting 1.5-2x RDA values from whole foods combined with CR.
  6. Clinton

    Metformin and longevity

    I’m having problems posting from my PC at work... maybe I’m supposed to be doing other things 😄 The paper is entitled ‘Towards natural mimetics of metformin and rapamycin’ by Aliper, Jellen ... Aging 2017 vol 9 No 11 The epidemiological study on glucosamine is ‘Total mortality risk in relation to use of less-common dietary supplements ‘ American Journal of clinical nutrition April 2010 by Pocobelli, Kristal, et al
  7. Clinton

    Metformin and longevity

    McCoy, Are you familiar with the paper that discussed potential natural metformin and rapamycin mimetics? I can post the article tomorrow when I get to work... One of the natural substances that was similar to metformin was glucosamine sulfate- and another epidemiological study showed that it is both safe and seems to have profound impacts on all-cause mortality in humans (long Washington State study which followed thousands of people). Clinton
  8. Clinton

    Jeanne Calment - Fraud, lived only till 99 years of age

    It’s been about 20 years since I studied statistics ... I may be off with my expectation. Even #2 (Sarah Knauss) was an outlier; everyone after her and JC died at 117 or earlier. But beyond SK and JC the lifespans are all within a few weeks of each other. With N = many billion I expected JC and SK lifespan to be all closer together to together like what we see from the 3rd longest lifespan and down. Statistics is something I’d like to re-study to assist me in skimming over scientific journals, etc..
  9. Clinton

    Jeanne Calment - Fraud, lived only till 99 years of age

    I read about the controversy of JC’s age years ago and thought her nearly 123 year age was suspicious. When you consider the lives of multiple billion people (N > 10 billion) and the difference in lifespan between oldest and second oldest is approximately 3 years or 2.5% it immediately looks statistically speaking as nonesense; even 2.5 months difference between lifespan of top 2 individuals of that size of population is enormous and strange.
  10. Todd, Are you asking this question because you are considering how to optimize your own resistance training routine? If you are, I believe that a very simple & basic resistance training routine will provide much more than 60s per week of actual lifting. I personally try to get maximum results for minimum time training and work out 3days per week; each day I do 1 upper body pulling exercise, 1 upper body pushing exercise and 1 lower body movement for 25-30 total reps each (as heavy as I can for example 5 sets, 5 reps each) example: Monday 5x5 chin-ups, dips, deadlifts Wednesday 5x5 bench press, rows, squats Friday 5x5 upright rows, standing push- press, lunges This takes approximately 20-25 minutes each day with plenty of rest, Clinton
  11. If you are interested in a paper he wrote that discusses much of this it is: Promoting Health and Longevity through Diet: From Model Organisms to Humans Luigi Fontana and Linda Partridge They include a nice table that breaks down the various 'types' of dietary restriction (Time Restricted Feeding, Intermittent Fasting, Selective Amino Acid Restriction, High Fiber) and the resulting effects ultimately on Health & Longevity. The Abstract:
  12. Hi Saul! you’re probably correct, but I enjoy playing the game for a longer life (as Josh Mitteldorf says) regardless of how it ends. For now I’ll dream of seeing the stars one day...
  13. Even if we can understand and drastically slow or stop damage resulting from normal metabolic functioning; ultimately the main source of damage from ROS production from mitochondria; we need to be able to repair the damage that has already occured or some forms of damage that still accumulate. SENS is a great starting point but it might be necessary to have nanotechnology (nanobots) in the millions (or billions?) that are made safe & available (and cheap) to reverse DNA damage and clean out all forms of intra & extra-cellular 'build-up' (or garbage) to truly achieve immortality. This nano-technology could be possible as soon as the 2030's and be available for safe use & mass production not long afterwards. With gene therapies becoming available now, AI getting better every day/week/month, SENS with projects like SENS21 - we are approaching longevity escape velocity. Once we conquer aging then over the next couple centuries we will find ways to hack even our solar system to give us sustainable life; I will make every effort to avoid 'throwing in the towel' any earlier than necessary especially in light of Hawking's convinction that there is no afterlife.