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  1. Clinton

    I kindly ask you to delete my account.

    What happened to this request??
  2. Clinton

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    Fernando, I ask that you please do not respond to any of my posts, Clinton
  3. Clinton

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    Gents, I was hoping for feedback other than the above 'post' & interested in any comments, Thank you, Clinton
  4. Clinton

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    Is anyone here taking resveratrol?? I know Ron indicated before Christmas in his supplement thread that he was. I am curious to know your rationale for taking and what you are taking (dose, type/brand ). I am considering taking a small amount (100mg per day) trans resveratrol Doctors Best brand which includes some other polyphenols. I understand it blunts some of the positive effects of HIIT and other forms of exercise; however I (sadly/honestly) do zero HIIT these days or exercise other than resistance training and also don’t even follow what one would consider CR. I don’t over eat, stay lean , practice TRF and think that there may be some cardiovascular, insulin sensitivity, autophagy benefits to be had given my diet and lifestyle. 150mg per day had impressive results in obese men. Thanks for comments, Clinton
  5. Clinton

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    It depends on the rest of the diet.
  6. Holy smokes, Mechanism - thank you for all of your work in putting together your above post!!
  7. Clinton

    Silvanesti Smoothie

    Hi Fernando!! I am 5'-6 1/2" tall weigh approx. 140lbs and am 45 years old. Thank you for your reply! With due respect, I believe that you and I have different perspectives with respect to how to maximize lifespan; One one hand, I believe that in order to live as long as possible, I cannot allow myself to die prematurely due to malnutrition or illness (things that can affect my short-term survival), whereas you do not seem to be concerned with dying due to malnutrition or short-term survival.
  8. I agree and as with anything - the key is 'moderation' - using a couple Tablespoons per day of whey (although whey is a high concentration of protein and BCAAs) when added to a plant-based diet or lacto-ovo vegetarian diet I do not believe falls into the category of a 'high protein' diet; especially when muscles are starving for some AA's from resistance training.
  9. Clinton

    Silvanesti Smoothie

    Are you ready to get serious about your approach to longevity and looking for a grab-and-go meal idea?? I believe here that we all share the common goal of applying an intelligent, science-based approach to maximizing health-span and lifespan, and it is in that spirit that I consider the following. The upper-bound (at present) of maximum human lifespan appears to be 120 or 122years. Perhaps it’s time for us to look to other humanoid cousins that have much longer lifespans. Perhaps it is time to address the elephant in the room: yes, I am referring to Elves; in particular the Elves of Dragonlance (not necessarily the same as the Elves of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works). Even as a geeky kid I found the longevity of the elves astonishing and was intrigued at their ability to circumvent death for so long. http://lexicon.dragonlancenexus.com/index.php/Silvanesti_Elf https://dragonlance.fandom.com/wiki/Silvanesti What exactly IS the lifespan of Silvanesti Elves? “Most Silvanesti live to around 550 years old” Is it possible that if we study and apply the lifestyle and dietary habits of the Silvanesti that we may also be able to reap the benefits of some increased lifespan? Let’s examine what might contribute to this impressive lifespan. Silvanesti Elves are approximately 5’ in height and weigh 90-100lbs; the resulting BMI range is 17.7 to 19.6; Elves are slim and a BMI in this range places Elves at a decreased risk of all-cause mortality and major decrease in risk factors for nearly every disease (known to man). Elves live their life in and surrounded by nature. The health benefits are likely numerous; avoidance of air pollution, artificial lighting and industrial noise. A lifetime observing nature and being present in the moment is essentially a lifetime of meditation. Elves are very physically active and without vehicles would almost certainly achieve a minimum 10, 000 steps per day. Walking with leather footwear, open footwear or bare feet and Elves are thus constantly in contact with the earth; earthing. Elves are self-respecting, clean & elegant beings; not boorish hooligans and as such might occasionally partake in alcohol or Tabaco consumption, but in very controlled moderation; certainly not to excess. Perhaps one of the largest contributors to the health & lifespan of Elves is that of their diet. Having zero access to processed food, and eating a diet comprised entirely of organic whole-foods is one of the cornerstones of Elven vitality. The diet is plant-based with small amounts of animal protein; zero refined sugar, zero refined grains. The result is a diet relatively high in fiber and polyphenols. Fruits, vegetables, greens, whole grains and berries would be plentiful in the Elven diet. For example, Quith-pa (iron rations while on a journey), was typically dried fruit or bread. Coffee and Teas would be consumed liberally throughout the morning and mid-day. I demand much from my nutrition: I require it to keep me lean and strong while providing plenty of micronutrients, impressive amounts of healthy fats, fiber and polyphenols without excess calories. On my quest to a healthy 550 years I hereby present my ‘Silvanesti Smoothie’ inspired by the Silvanesti Elves of Dragonlance. I typically have this 1-2 times per day: ¼ Cup (I prefer ½ Cup) Rolled Oats 1 TBSP Ground Flaxseed 8 to 10 Almonds 1 TBSP Walnuts ¼ Cup Blueberries ¼ Cup Raspberries 1 TSP Ceylon Cinnamon ½ to 1 TSP Greens+ powder 2g Creatine (Creapure) 1 g Taurine 1g Beta-Alanine 1 TBSP whey protein powder (Optional but excellent low-calorie (dense) source of Cysteine for elevating glutathione levels, protein for strength and to mitigate sarcopenia as well as some dietary calcium and adds some nice flavor). I add the ingredients to a 500mL sealed jar with water, vigorously shake to mix, and let sit overnight. The rolled oats are not cooked and are essentially ‘over-night oats’. One could easily use low-fat or skim milk instead of water and whey protein powder.
  10. Anyone want the rest of my vanilla flavored Leanfit Whey protein powder?? ;-)
  11. Yes - Dean & Mechanism - Thank you! This is a yet another wake -up call for myself ...
  12. Clinton

    I Biohacked for 10 Weeks to Try to Live Forever

    Thanks Ron!! That was hilarious- I enjoyed it all.
  13. Clinton

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Conan’s purpose of life: ”to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women“ https://youtu.be/6PQ6335puOc
  14. Clinton

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    Fernando, All essential nutrients are necessary to keep you alive. If you use the Cronometer (free app) you can input the foods you eat each day and check if you are meeting the RDA minimum requirements for each essential nutrient.