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  1. drcha

    Cucumber water as a water alternative...

    Maybe you have tried it. Cucumber water is tasty. But you'll only need a small slice or two to flavor a lot of water.
  2. drcha

    Metformin and longevity

    The way we are heading, it will not surprise me if they put metformin and statins in the water supply one day. We are already putting fluoride in it, which would presumably be unnecessary if children did not eat crap. We seem to adjust our ideas of what is normal. As a society and a planet, we need to change our mindset. Is there an international body that is trying to change this? I see our government trying and I appreciate that. But, as usual they are operating with strained budgets and are 10 or 20 years behind on the science all the time and in bed with the food conglomerates, so people have stopped believing them. There are any number of people trying to sell you nutritional information or supplements, most of whom are making up lies. Someone please tell me who is dispensing sound and contemporary nutritional advice without trying to make a profit from it.
  3. drcha

    Back to CE but...

    Another reason I don't believe in superimmunity is my observation of pets. Many of us who own pets offer them the best possible nutrition and every available vaccination. We do not let them "cheat" by eating people food or other junk, but provide them with the highest quality pet food, based on science. And if we are good owners, we provide them with adequate exercise, sleep, and love, which also promote health. Good and responsible zoos do this, too: give animals absolutely everything they need to thrive and excel. Yet, pets and other animals get colds and little illnesses just like we do.
  4. drcha

    Anorexia a Bad Comparison?

    I believe this thing is about expectations. I live in the US. People here expect to get sick in their 70s or 80s, expect to get diabetes, expect to gain weight as they age, expect to die from heart disease or cancer. I just don't expect those things, don't want them. Although I realize they may happen to me, I don't accept that they are inevitable. I don't think it's those of us who think carefully about what we eat who have disordered thinking. It is the other people who are operating on misinformation and incorrect assumptions.
  5. drcha

    Back to CE but...

    Why did I not add the most important one? Wash my hands. Probably more important than all the others put together.
  6. drcha

    Back to CE but...

    I'm not directing this at any particular person here, but there is a bit of an undertone across the thread. Weather does not cause colds. Viruses do. And certain viruses have a cycle of being around more during the winter. I think it's impossible to totally avoid ever getting sick. The best you can hope for is to get sick less frequently and less severely than other people. If it were possible to eat optimally and not get sick I would have accomplished it (I have not). Here are some of the things I can do (most of the time but not all the time) without living an unnecessarily restricted life: Get a flu shot every year Avoid sick people Avoid kissing casual friends on or near the mouth Stay out of closed spaces (like elevators) Stay away from coughing children or adults Avoid eating food that may have been touched by many people, including inadvertently (like at a buffet) Avoid eating food made by children Stay hydrated
  7. Nice, thank you for posting!
  8. drcha


    We have to consider the populations studied. Our colons are likely healthier than those in the populations studied, and therefore probably less likely to be perforated and more likely to react appropriately to the initiation of a tumor. However, Dean is right about screening being a good idea. I still have a polyp or two every time (and a family history that requires me to have screening every 5 years). Whatever nice things I feed my bowel now, I can't erase the sins of my past years. Who knows how long ago some of these little items started growing.
  9. drcha


    I find it easier to not go crazy with dried fruit by setting a "rule" that it's a condiment rather than a snack. I can snip up a small amount of dried figs, apricots, or cherries as a topping for a salad or oatmeal. But no eating them out of the bag. The other thing that helps is to get these from bulk bins, only buying a small amount at a time.
  10. Well, the question is not really whether they are unhealthy. It's how you can convince yourself not to eat them. Reciting facts about how bad they are and beating yourself up about having eaten them does not really work. Unlike ribeye and ice cream, chips do not contain animal fat. This is why one might consider them a more minor infraction. I do agree that they are garbage. I just think one could do worse than chips.
  11. drcha

    REALLY low-fat good after all?

    Crazy! One can easily pay 10 times that price for high-end olive oil where I live, in Seattle. Cheers--enjoy your oil!
  12. drcha

    Are radish tops edible?

    Thank you--they look good! Will eat them for lunch tomorrow.
  13. drcha

    Are radish tops edible?

    I know the leaves of some root vegetables are poisonous.
  14. Chips need not be forbidden, only infrequent. Grain, salt, vegetable oil: really, they are not so terrible. You are not pigging out on ribeye steaks or ice cream. Got a friend with a big freezer? Ask them to store the chips. Declare a "chip day" once a quarter or so. Go get all the chips and eat all you want. After a few chip days you may find that the chips lose their luster, especially because you may not feel that great with the chip hangover the next day, being unaccustomed to eating like that....on the hangover day, if you have leftover chips, you can take the now unappealing, remaining chips to the food bank while telling yourself what a good citizen you are. Do you want to ask your parents to stop, but don't want to seem unappreciative? Ask them to send you something else instead. (Hey mom, can you send me a butternut squash every week? My grocery does not carry them all the time.)
  15. drcha

    How do you estimate calories in fried vegetables?

    The calories are ridiculous. I had some tempura the other day, made by an excellent Japanese restaurant: light, fresh, and nongreasy. However, just a few slices of yam, green beans, carrot, eggplant, zucchini, and a couple of small shrimp was over 700 calories, even though there were probably barely 100 calories in the non-oil ingredients of the meal. I realize there are a few calories in the wheat or rice flour that they use to make the tempura dip, but I'm sure most of the calories are oil, even though you can't really taste the oil. By comparison, I can make myself enough vegetables for the entire day (3 cups or so) and add a very nice flavor with just 1 tablespoon of sesame oil (130 calories). Throw in an ounce of nuts and you are up to 300 calories (plus whatever is in the vegetables) and have a meal fit for a queen. I love the tempura but have to relegate it to my "twice a year" category.