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  1. I had missed this affirmation of what the estimable Dr. Greger started tackling in an earlier video series on the subject of nuts. Walnuts Consumed by Healthy Adults Provide Less Available Energy than Predicted by the Atwater FactorsResults: One 28-g serving of walnuts contained 146 kcal (5.22 kcal/g), 39 kcal/serving less than the calculated value of 185 kcal/serving (6.61 kcal/g). The ME of the walnuts was 21% less than that predicted by the Atwater factors (P < 0.0001). So now we have both almonds and walnuts confirmed to be -20% of estimated calories. Pistachios less so, but -5% if I recall. So for at least walnuts and almonds, which are mainstay nuts for me, I am thinking to modify Cronometer with a custom nut entry to account for the reduced calories to ensure greater accuracy in daily tracking. Would welcome opinions for/against this! I don't know if we can assume the -5% for pistachios would be a safe lower bound to apply to all nuts, or if any folks on the forum know why there would be such a discrepancy...
  2. Fair points. I do consume a cup of nuts a day, which is 1/3-/1/4 calories depending on exercise activity, so it is material!
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    Weight gaining while on CR

    Lots of interesting content here, thanks to all for the ideas. I prefer to exercise fasted, feel better/stronger, but worried about going catabolic. So, will experiment with 10 grams of hip protein in a beet juice prior to workout, otherwise fasted. Can't bring myself to consume the .4g/kg recommendations seems to high and in opposition to longevity goals. Will have large protein meal within 1 hour of weight training. I also add on sauna to end of sessions for heat stress. timely: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/26/well/move/the-best-thing-to-eat-before-a-workout-maybe-nothing-at-all.html?smid=tw-share&referer=https://t.co/ajEPjVnKGd&_r=0 - discusses benefits of walking while fasted and extrapolations and just came across somewhat related to performance https://nutritionfacts.org/video/preserving-athlete-immunity-with-chlorella-2/ - some chlorella and nutritional yeast to support immune function around sessions
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    Weight gaining while on CR

    Thanks for the insight. Following your instincts is probably optimal, and this seems like a good strategy. I would be characterize my diet as pesco-vegan, but limited to 10oz of fatty fish (sardine, salmon) per week. I am finding after water fasting and FMD, my weight seems to be resetting lower, which is personally suboptimal even if it is metabolically advantageous, as I would like to maintain BMI of 21. With my various fitness activities, I seem to be net negative on calories many days. I have experimented with low fat hi carb but end up losing too much weight, so now macros run around 10:45:45. I am considering experimenting with hi fat keto vegan type diet, but it may necessitate protein supplements to achieve the 10% target which is also not optimal as I prefer whole foods. Not sure how this approach would impact muscle development and weight stabilization at higher level, but will report back if I do experiment with it.
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    Weight gaining while on CR

    Any update on your progress mccoy? I have similar objectives. Article discussion captures essence, the below did change my nutrition timing around exercise. But I do not come close to the high ranges suggested herein for concerns you have that I share. Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window? | Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition | Full Text https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1550-2783-10-5
  6. Hi all, I have enjoyed consuming content on this forum. Thank you to all members who actively post. Please know that many lurk in the background and benefit from the exchange of knowledge. I am about to embark on my first FMD using the Prolon box. I have previously completed water only fasts. I will compare FMD changes in biomarkers to those of other fasting interventions (water, self-hacked FMD, etc.) I was planning to track the enclosed at onset and immediately post FMD, any suggestions on others? IGF FBS Ketones hs-CRP ESR Homocysteine CBC --- Microbial load (uBiome) Organic Acids Test (Great Plains, urine)
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    Labs to track before/after fast (FMD)

    Thanks for the suggestion on the DEXA! This would be interesting as I am concerned about preserving lean muscle as much as possible. I will just need to look into the radiation associated with the scan, as I generally avoid scans for this reason.
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    Labs to track before/after fast (FMD)

    Thanks Thomas, look forward to some feedback from others.