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  1. Do you know at what level of oxygen saturation they will consider admittance necessary?
  2. Mind on Longecity said that in the USA, no individual under 70 without pre-existing conditions has died from covid-19. Does this sound accurate? How does this compare to the data from Italy?
  3. Is that true? If so, how does that explain the ~35% reduction in cold symptoms from hourly zinc lozenge dosing? As for quercetin, there is EMIQ available from several major supplement companies that has approximately 40x bioavailability and is GRAS. It's dosed at 50-200mg which would be 2 - 10 gram quercetin equivalent. It has mostly been studied for rhinitis, but a recent study showed nice lower limb anabolism when adding it to whey protein, so a nice benefit. Not sure of the efficacy of it, or any forms of quercetin on viral outcomes though. Mccoy, at least in my city, low cost masks have been sold out for weeks. They were the first thing to disappear from shelves, and are actually kind of a rare commodity here to begin with. Amazon too is completely void of them. Hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol are some other desirable commodities also missing from stores, but I believe transmission from air is much more likely than direct surface contact.
  4. Based on some very cursory reading, it looks like "the current pneumonia vaccine protects against Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria that cause pneumonia...That vaccine will not protect against SARS Cov2 COVID2019 pneumonia.” full article here: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article240916181.html
  5. By the way, it is definitely worth mentioning the "PowerGrown" mushroom supplement is mycelium, not fruiting bodies. Black rice and turmeric grown mushrooms sounds like nothing more than fancy marketing to me. You want to grow mushrooms on what they grow best on, using a superfood substrate won't make a more potent medicinal mushroom. Anytime you see "mycelium", "mycelial biomass", or "full-spectrum lifecycle (Fruiting Body, Mycelium, Spores, and Primordia)" you can basically be assured you are being sold an impotent, overpriced product that is nearly entirely starch. In China, mycelium is often sold as pig feed. Some liquid ferment substrate seems to be an exception, where cordyceps CS-4 mycelium has levels of active components at comparable or higher levels than wild harvested (trading cordycepin for adenosine).
  6. I'm not sure it's worth the effort to grow mushrooms, when button, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms are commercially available for rather cheap and have well proven immunomodulatory effects. If you can't find fresh locally, dried organic shiitake can be bought online for less than $20/lb. That said, cordyceps in particular is known for its ability to improve lung function, so it may be worth special consideration in times of coronavirus. However, efficacy is still to be proven. Effects of Cordyceps militaris supplementation on the immune response and upper respiratory infection in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study Note, this study used 1.5 grams per day, perhaps more would have been more effective. 3 grams is generally the starting point dosage in TCM.
  7. Mushroom supplements are actually very economical for the most part. You just need to by bulk powder rather than capsules. Terrasoul sells economical reishi and lions mane extracts. Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies are dirt cheap, and CS-4 mycelium powder is available for around $45/kg (bulksupplements or znaturalfoods). Don't be afraid of Chinese grown mushrooms. In fact, that's pretty much the only place to get mushroom fruiting bodies.
  8. tea

    Hot Beverages/Foods & Risk of Esophageal Cancer

    Consumption of a boiled Greek type of coffee is associated with improved endothelial function: The Ikaria Study There was a linear increase in FMD according to coffee consumption (‘low’: 4.33 ± 2.51% vs ‘moderate’: 5.39 ± 3.09% vs ‘high’: 6.47 ± 2.72%; p = 0.032). Moreover, subjects consuming mainly a boiled Greek type of coffee had a significantly higher FMD compared with those consuming other types of coffee beverages (p = 0.035). Beneficial effects of acute consumption of boiled Greek type of coffee on endothelial function and peripheral vascular properties Doesn't this first study basically go counter to the " Espresso coffee consumption and risk of coronary heart disease in a large Italian cohort" one? Obviously FMD ≠ cardiovascular disease but still, you would think that highest consumption in habitual unfiltered coffee drinkers would result in worsened cardiovascular function.
  9. tea

    Exercise optimization

    what is your general load/repetition scheme to optimize hypertrophy?
  10. tea


    that looks good! I tried making the "traditional" kunana recipe before, of mashing bananas and boiling with cacao, and the result came out less than palatable. Lately, i've been just making hot cacao, with a large tablespoon of cacao, hot water, ceylon cinnamon, and dark honey. I can however, highly recommend this product, if you are able to track it down on amazon or anywhere near you. Raw cacao nibs with yacon syrup. https://www.alovitox.com/products/certified-organic-cacao-nibs (prices will likely be cheaper from other companies, amazon, or ebay). I'm not sure of the origins of this product but i've seen multiple companies selling it, all with raw organic criollo cacao nibs and organic yacon syrup. I can't imagine it has roots in tradition. I assume the yacon syrup is essentially inulin, because these have the same pure sweetness that inulin/cane sugar both have, perfectly masking any bitterness or catechin astringency. By far the best healthy chocolate that i've tried, considering no stevia/monk fruit, it's sugar free, and has the addition of prebiotic yacon.
  11. The Effect of Exclusive Olive Oil Consumption on Successful Aging: A Combined Analysis of the ATTICA and MEDIS Epidemiological Studies
  12. Disturbing, as I've been consuming around a tablespoon of inulin per day in hot chocolate. I wonder if the dysbiosis would be ameliorated by something as simple as consumption of polyphenols. Selectively modulating gut bacteria seems easy enough to do for humans who consume a range of plants, but not for chow fed mice.
  13. tea

    Cadmium contamination in cacao products

    Can you share how Ghirardelli's 100% Unsweetened Cocoa did?
  14. tea

    Cadmium contamination in cacao products

    That's interesting. Did they test the raw cacao powder (Peru) or their unsweetened dutched Cocoa powder? Ppm should be the same as mcg/gram, so if the results of the CL tests are accurate than Trader Joe's QC is definitely in need of some improvement.
  15. tea

    Cadmium contamination in cacao products

    I think flavanol content (and to a lesser extent cadmium content) are highly variable between batches. There is no reason to assume that one batch of one brand will have the same levels the following harvest. Someone on the forum contacted Trader Joe's and they guaranteed their cacao powder to be: "Alkali used in processing - no Cadmium <0.6 ppm or it doesn't ship to their stores (so it could be less, but this is the max allowable) Lead <0.0001 ppm or it doesn't ship to their stores (so it could be less, but this is the max allowable) Polyphenols - 4 grams per 100 grams of product (I actually asked about flavanols, but since it isn't a nutritional supplement they don't measure/track it and she provided polyphenol levels instead)"