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    CR but not always able to cook

    I've been trying to follow a low calorie diet as I am housebound (so not very active) and overweight. I'm running into issues of getting enough nutrients when Im too ill to cook (I have severe eczema and food prep often need to be restricted). I do make batches and freeze but often these run out before my skin is ready to begin making meals again. I'm vegetarian with vegan leanings. I'm using cron-o-meter and was finding it difficult to get more than an average of 80% iron due to having to resort to sandwiches too often. I'm often low on Potassium, Choline and Vit E too. I found myself looking at those powdered meals as a possible solution e.g. heul (seems to be far too much protein in them way more than I eat normally), ... they arent calorie restricted so I'd have to eat 2000 cals to get full nutrients, Im only maintain weight at 1500 cals (not losing weight)... so thiis seems like a recipe for disaster. Is there a lower calorie version out there? Ive been messing around with cron-o-meter trying to DIY an alternative with a higher nutrient density to calorie.... but its difficult. For instance I was thinking of putting powdered nettles in it but I couldnt find a nutrient breaksdown for powdered nettles! Is there anywhere that has the full nutrient breakdown for more exotic stuff (Im thinking no as google cant seem to find it- but not everything is well linked for google- so if there is a 'secret site' I want to know? The only other alternative that comes to mind it vit and mineral supplements for the 'ill days' but most of them seem to be nothing like 100% or far far over on some nutrients (to the point you wonder if its safe to take them a lot).
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    CR but not always able to cook

    Gosh, I'm sorry to hear you're suffering. Since you're struggling to get proper nutrition, and also looking into powdered easy to mix meal alternatives, have you considered moringa? https://www.africrops.com/africrops-moringa-a-solution-to-iron-deficiency/ Moringa alone obviously won't offer a full meal replacement, but it is eaten by malnourished and starving people around the globe. You can buy it online, help support struggling farmers, and when a cure for eczema is eventually released, and you feel better, you can grow your own moringa trees! Where you live are there affordable meal delivery services like http://farmtofit.com/?doing_wp_cron=1486326190.0924029350280761718750 ? I agree that fasting sounds like a bad idea in your case. Get healthy first, please. What have you tried to cure your debilitating eczema? Morringa sounds a great idea, much higher in iron than the nettle powder Id been considering and the nutrition details are available to add to cron-o-meter. We do have meal delivery services but they are extremely expensive (Im on low income) just taking a main meal each day would cost over £25 a week (at present I aim for £20 for a week of groceries). So its not really an option to go that route, the local supermarkets do frozen meals to a limited extent for vegans and vegetarians... I avoid palm oil too on ethical grounds- so that reduces things further still- on the whole the quality seems lacking, but there just isnt enough variety to feel Im eating a varied enough diet. Ive been experimenting with huel in pancakes as a partial flour replacer and it works well... I tend to be able to manage pancakes longer into the bad phases as its just mixig in a jug and then light weight pan use for the frying- and the batter lasts lasts several days... so I can try that but its just nibbling at the edges of the problem really. Heul on its own is pretty gross, slightly better with cocoa added- I cant see this improvng my mental health during bad phases though (it is a "huge flashing cant cope light bulb" at every meal LOL). That said its probably no grosser than boiled lentils on their own lol, it tastes vaguely like that (must be the pea protein). Ive been thinking more about my DIY powdered meals... that might help me feel in control even if it is gross... Im thinking: Flaxseeds: for omega oils Pea Protein Chick pea Flour (possibly) Oats Morringa for the extra punch of iron etc (and probably a more green taste). Nutritional yeast (possibly) Powdered beetroot (possibly) Cocoa (possibly) Im still researching though, lots of people advising against eating raw lentils and raw rice (so trying to do without those). The ratios are going to need tinkering with and if there may still be nutrients missing... Im probably going to mix it with soy milk to drink. mccoy Lentils dont routinely come in jars in UK (there are some available mail order but very overpriced), its tins or plastic packets here (and the availability of the plastic packet is down to the local supermarkets whim). I've been considering just boiled lentils, the problem has been lifting the pans to drain the water.... but maybe I could find a way to steam them or boil them in a cloth bag and then just lift them out of the water.... it still doesnt seem hugely appetising (and again there is the washing up thing for the pans- at the very least Id need to change the water somehow).
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    CR but not always able to cook

    So any ideas on what to do about the lack of lentils on the days I cant open tins? Rice comes in microwaveable packets here but Ive yet to see lentils in packets. When I say I cant prepare food, this also includes mixing stuff from multiple tins in other containers to create basic 'tins only meals'..... This is because while I can do very simple washing up when the skin is bad- such as rinsing out a blender or shaker- even with muliple-use other stuff tends require more intense washing up and gets left to pile up in the sink (no room for a dishwasher on the maxed out cosummer unit).
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    CR but not always able to cook

    I really dont think water fasting is an option. I should have probably mentioned Ive been anaemic twice, the first time, Nov 2014, I had moderate anaemia it was because the eczema was so bad I was only eating about 500 cals a day, I couldnt even cut stuff up, use pans, or towards the end even open cans. In the end I gave up picking at bread and bags of salad and just started eating anything that came readymade in a packet (very little healthy stuff comes in packets it turns out). Perfect recipe for losing a few stone and gaining it back plus more. They gave me iron tablets but it took a year to get the levels ups. Once Id got the skin more or less back on track, I was still scared to push the cooking too much in case it all went tits up again... so much lower consumption of lentils... I realise its possible to get them in tins but to be palatable they really need mixing with other stuff. I thought Id be ok at 80% of the RDA due to the lack of activity... but clearly very much not ok at 80% (its not clear how high my consumption needs to be to be enough)... A clue is that before the eczema got so bad I was eating lentils twice a day most days, in a veggie burger for lunch and in curry in evening (both homemade). Id been tending to eat rocket and tomato sarnies a lot when ill....sometimes without the tomato if slicing isnt an option. But I really thought it was enough. Anyway I was feeling increasingly breathless and having chest pain and thought it was asthma, but got a blood test in Dec 2016 and the anaemia was back and severe this time, so bad they wanted to do a transfusion but I refused- Managed to get it back up in 6 weeks with 35mg x 3 iron tablets a day and 5mg folate tablets- its borderline normal now, but I need to be on the iron for another 3 months to build up ferritin more. I think you might be right, about lentils straight out of tins, if push comes to shove: it doesnt sound verry appetizing, but then neither is the heul stuff. Maybe I do need to just drop the idea of a 'meal' and rather than trying to take ingredients and create something just eat the ingredients... more grazing on nuts, seeds, raw veg and tinned pulses.... so almost raw vegan I guess (Blimey I never thought Id be thinking raw vegan). Smoothies sounds fairly promising, as long as I dont have to cut stuff up too much first.