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  1. Really great discussion. I'm curious, how much fat are you all eating daily? (Both % and total would be helpful I guess.) I struggle with deciding how much fat to put in my diet. Currently at about 22-25%, 65-70g daily. I eat a tablespoon of flax daily and walnuts a few times a week. The rest comes from tofu and peanut butter usually. I haven't really thought too much about my LA intake. I decided on taking a vegan DHA supplement.
  2. There is good evidence that as a vegan, after prolonged periods of time when you don't consume DHA/EPA, your body becomes more adept at converting ALA to DHA/EPA. There's a study here: http://dx.doi.org/10.3945/ajcn.2010.29457showing that vegans and vegetarians have similar blood levels of DHA/EPA despite not eating fish as omnivores do. Also, there's evidence that our fat can store DHA/EPA and release it over time so you may have stored those fatty acids in times when you ate walnuts and flaxseeds to accommodate times when you didn't. Very interesting data point though. I supplement but am considering stopping and switching to solely flax and walnuts. Also, what really matters, is brain levels, and we can't measure that for obvious reasons. Serum levels are just a proxy. As long as you're getting enough ALA to create sufficient levels of DHA or EPA, your body can convert between the two. If you supplement, you only need to worry about the total between the two, not individual amounts. Edited for duplicate content