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  1. Miraenda

    Cronometer once a day meal plan

    Thank you both. I'll copy that day to another one and then work with taking 1-2 of the eggs out and replacing with some additional nuts. While the ghee is lower calorically than olive oil, I can try replacing it with olive oil to see the results. I switch back and forth between olive oil and ghee on days, sometimes using coconut oil when I want a change. For the cheese, I don't think I can remove it and still have this taste appetizing to me. I also don't think I can add berries and have this taste appetizing to me. I do love berries, but they would be strange to have in this dish.
  2. Miraenda

    Cronometer once a day meal plan

    Hi, I've created a meal in cronometer that is only 1202.1 calories and meets all of the daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients without exceeding daily upper limits other than the macronutrient protein. I wanted to find out if this looks like a good 1-2 times a week meal to eat to those more familiar with CRON. It doesn't have any berries, other fruits, or seeds (only almonds as a nut), so I realize there are other considerations besides the RDAs that it may not be meeting. My goal in crafting a meal was to find something I could make as a relatively appetizing meal that meets all nutritional requirements at a lower caloric value so that I could eat that without adding any supplements for that day. Because of this, I did have to pick items that seemed to go together to make what's basically a Chinese stir-fry type dish. Of note, because cronometer and many sites / databases do not generally have numbers for biotin, chromium, iodine, and molybdenum, I had to change existing foods to custom ones, then used values from Food Composition and Nutrition Tables, 7th Edition by Souci, Fachmann, and Kraut (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0849341418/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) as it was one of the few scholarly references I could find that does have data on those values for various foods. Of further note, I modified fluoride to be much lower than the RDA in chronometer. It was yet another data item less commonly noted for foods, and I highly doubt I'm not getting enough fluoride each day. Any suggestions or input is appreciated. Thanks for the help that's been provided thus far on other topics.
  3. Miraenda

    My current healthy eating philosophy

    Thanks mccoy. I had read a couple of discussions on here where photochemicals were mentioned, but hadn't really gotten into that area so far. I do like nuts, so I'll try adding more of them into the diet, since I need more variety now that I've gotten a good mix of overall nutrients. I also need to add more vegetables and berries. I decided to add some blackberries into the mix rather than just strawberries when I went shopping this weekend. I haven't had blackberries since I was a kid (we had a few bushes in our yard and we used to have so many that neighbors would come by to ask to pick them). Thanks again for all of the helpful suggestions. It's much appreciated.
  4. Miraenda

    My current healthy eating philosophy

    Todd, that is true about it being more fat loss that matters. I have a scale that does BIA, and if it's actually accurate, that day I didn't lose weight despite exercising and eating low calories the day before, I also didn't lose body fat. Now, it was just purchased about a week ago, and I don't have any prior accurate comparison to make to know if it's right or not. We'll see what happens when other days where no weight loss occurs when low calories and exercise happened the day before now that I have a scale to track body fat. Thankfully, I'm not worried if I don't lose weight or body fat each day so long as I'm eating properly now.
  5. Miraenda

    My current healthy eating philosophy

    Thanks for the input and suggestions. I'd picked seeds like pumpkin and sunflower over nuts for my diet currently, although I do have almonds that I've been eating from time to time. When I look at the nutritional benefits of nuts versus seeds, they are less likely to meet all as many nutritional requirements than the seeds, which pack a denser amount of nutrients per ounce. This is what I've found when plugging them each into cronometer for a day and comparing. Now, split peas, which I've purchased but haven't eaten yet, also provide a slew of vitamins and nutrients, so the idea of adding legumes is something that would be a huge benefit. Of course, eggs, spinach and avocados also are top at the list for nutrients, and I eat those nearly every day. Of note, personally, I preferred to focus first on optimal nutrition because eating healthier has actually managed to make me feel better. I've lost 13.4 pounds since May 1, but my actual focus is on making sure what I eat is nutritious and to gradually lose weight with nutritious foods. The nutrition I'm getting now is hitting 90-93% of targets daily in cronometer with most nutrients at 100% other than biotin, calcium, iodine, molybdenum, and potassium. I'm also not hitting the 100% mark for fiber and need to add more fiber into my diet (as Gordo recommended), which would be the case if I just start adding the split peas each day. I'm meeting these targets without adding a large amount of supplements (I only take cod liver oil, vitamin c 500 mg, chromium (recently added) and spirulina chlorella). I was taking another multi-vitamin that I dropped a few days ago because I don't need it. I am currently exercising 36 minutes on an exercise bike at my company's gym for three days a week. I will be increasing that to four days a week next week, then after about 3-4 weeks of that, I'll increase to five days a week. Eventually, I'm going to add in the rowing machine to my routine, and then after I get about 5-10 minutes added for that, I will eventually work up to doing some weights. For walking exercise, I prefer not to walk in public on sidewalks (Houston has atrocious sidewalks and drivers who like to hit pedestrians, which I have almost had happen to me when work used to be only a mile away and I would walk to work and was almost hit on multiple occasions). Now, for me, focusing on nutrition and exercise is an easier task than focusing on weight loss, because weight loss is a projection on what you'd like to see, while nutrition and exercise are tasks that you can work to meet goals and improve each day. Unfortunately, calories don't always indicate weight loss as I've had days with far fewer calories (1200-1400) and exercised on a bike for 36 minutes, but not lost weight the next day. As such, I don't want to focus on something I can't control (weight loss). I could easily get caught up in expectations of losing so much this day or that day, and then become disenchanted because I did not lose weight. Feeling better, which is something that is happening by focusing on nutrition and exercise, is a main motivator for me. I have never felt as good as I do now on any weight loss efforts I tried even when I lost vast amounts of weight on Atkins several years ago. At the end when I was the final weight I reached, which was 80 pounds lighter than I am now, I still didn't feel as good as I do at this very moment after only a few weeks of focusing on nutrition. On that prior Atkins diet, I did walk for my exercise and biked, so exercise was also there. If it isn't obvious, I'm very OCD and the inability to control weight loss makes it untenable as any type of goal-oriented approach. Nutrition allows me to tweak and be as OCD as I like with my daily meals, figuring out as I go how to improve what I'm eating. Since this approach so far has resulted in feeling better than I have in 20 years, it's already paying back for the effort. This response also explains why I'm unwilling to go about fasting for long periods of time (I'm not against the idea of intermittent fasting though, just long-term fasting), brought up in another thread, even though I'm currently having trouble eating lunch or dinner nowadays. I'm unwilling to go back to feeling crappy, which is how I felt before I was meeting 90+% targets for optimal nutrition. I guess I don't want to be the mouse standing in cold water 5 hours a day just to live longer, since that would make me miserable if I don't feel good. Living longer is only worthwhile if I also feel good while doing it.
  6. Per the RDA, 2300 is the upper limit not the recommended daily allowance. Compare https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK56068/table/summarytables.t3/?report=objectonly for the daily recommended intake for adults (1.5g/d or 1500mg/d) versus https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK56068/table/summarytables.t8/?report=objectonly (2.3g/d or 2300mg/d). Because that study now returns a 404 not found when clicking the link above, I can't look at it, but if they really did say 2300mg/d, then they are at the very upper limit recommended by the RDA.
  7. Try a spoon . Point taken, although I already take cod liver oil each morning, so I'd rather taste it with a food over directly ingesting another oil by spoon :) I did use it last night. I have been struggling to eat meals recently, and I decided to have some red bell pepper slices with the olive oil (a light meal for dinner). It was delicious and very very light tasting to me. I did sauté the bell peppers in the olive oil, so this wasn't raw on a salad-type concoction.
  8. For the past 2.5-3 months, I've been taking chlorella spirulina tablets (https://www.amazon.com/Chlorella-Spirulina-Tablets-80-DAY-SUPPLY-Natured/dp/B00FAB10ZI/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1495738430&sr=8-3&keywords=chlorella+spirulina for the ones I'm specifically using). I started at about 8 per day in the morning, then gradually increased by the end of the first month to 15 tablets a day, which is the maximum suggested dosage. When I started taking these, I did so in order to aid with digestion and fix heartburn issues. I hadn't yet really gotten into trying to optimize nutrition and this wasn't part of that process. This was a supplement to help some digestive issues. After that month, my hunger began to decrease more and more. At first, I thought it was due to this beef bone broth soup that I was drinking for lunch 3-4 days a week, but I quit that entirely and the hunger loss still continued. I was thrilled about the hunger loss for awhile. I saw this as something to suppress appetite to the point I could make sound decisions, making it a lot easier to focus on eating foods that I like without gorging out on too much food just to be full. Now, though, that I'm trying to ensure I have optimal nutrition as much as possible, I'm actually having an issue eating enough each day to meet nutritional needs. I had thought, oh, it's okay I'll just move foods earlier into the day, but my lunch today was impossible to eat and I won't push myself to sickness in order to eat food. I'm not certain what to do at this point. If I scale down the number of tablets that I take each day, I risk eating too much food again and possibly making bad choices on which foods to eat (since I'd have hunger pangs happen and I'm not the best decision-maker when I have hunger pangs based on past experience). If I don't scale back the number of tablets, I'm going to have a really difficult time reaching optimal nutrition, and I'm against taking even more supplements than I do already unless absolutely necessary. What optimal nutrition is sufficient if you cannot meet 100% per day on all vitamins and nutrients? Which supplements are overall okay to take rather than getting them in foods if you simply cannot eat sufficient quantities of food to reach optimal nutrition? Right now, I'm taking cod liver oil (lemon-flavored), vitamin C and chromium supplements. I'd planned to take out the vitamin C, but because of this setback, I haven't put in a food item to reach 100% for that component. I'm also daily having issues getting enough calcium and potassium even with dairy in my diet. Funny enough, the only things I don't have any issue each day eating without a struggle is cheese. Thanks
  9. Hey, Since I'm new and I'm not entirely into the entire CRON lifestyle yet, I'm working first on the ON part of that strategy. I'm posting this in chitchat to get feedback from others on what I've written as well as discussions on other people's progress at an early point in their journey to becoming healthier (and hopefully living longer). I wrote up a post at http://promise.city/index.php/2017/05/25/learning-the-healthy-lifestyle-of-optimal-nutrition/ on where I stand right now on what I'm doing. It's a list of tenets I try to follow, why I picked what I picked, and what challenges I'm currently facing. I'd appreciate any feedback, especially details on what others have done over the years in the early stages to get where you are today. Thanks!
  10. I did manage to open it last night. I had to use a knife as apparently the plastic attaching the cap to the top (it wasn't a cork after all) was preventing me from twisting it open. Sadly, I can't say yet how it tastes. I used a tablespoon in my 3 fried egg and spinach meal, but I used so much pepper (1 tsp) and turmeric (2 tsp) that I couldn't taste the olive oil at all. Next time, I'll try it on something where I can taste it, since it was a mistake to use it for something that had so many spices.
  11. I received the DeCarlo Torre di Mossa EVOO a couple of days ago, which was really fast shipping at 3 days after order (it wasn't Amazon Prime but the supplier who shipped it). I tried to have it last night with my salmon, but I cannot get the bottle open haha I will try to post back with details on it once I manage to open the bottle. I suppose that can give me some form of additional exercise each night until I get strong enough to uncork it!
  12. Miraenda

    diabetes reversal

    This is a topic that I can provide some anecdotal (not research-based) details for my own story on diabetes. When I was age 24, I was a vegetarian and had been one for 10 years, but I was a pretty terrible vegetarian who ate a lot of fries and other high fat foods with lots of starch. One summer, I took a job at Pizza Hut where I was given all the free sodas to my heart's desire. I began drinking large quantities of Mt. Dew every day. I found after a few weeks of this that I was thirsty all of the time, so I went to the doctor (that's back when I did go to the doctor a bit more than nowadays). I was diagnosed as having diabetes and they put me onto a pill. Rather than take the pill, I immediately stopped drinking all sodas and anything other than water. I didn't change anything else in my diet one iota. I just drank water and lots of water steadily for six months straight. I went to the doctor again a few times afterward, suddenly I wasn't diabetic anymore according to them. This continued for years where I was never again diagnosed with diabetes in my 20s or 30s. I started eating meat and quit being a vegetarian during this time period as well. Also, I ended up drinking soda again, but not in as large of quantities, at some point afterward until around five years ago. Then three years ago, I put on an extra 60 pounds. In December 2015, I went to the ER when I developed bronchitis and was again diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 42. Fast forward to the past couple of months where I've slowly started taking my diet seriously, and now I'm taking my blood glucose the past three days and my blood glucose has dropped dramatically from where it was a couple of years ago. Of note, I no longer drink sodas again, and I only drink water other than on weekends when I drink alcohol. Now, I don't know what good that information might be for anyone, but I can only say what did work for me when I was younger and suddenly became diabetic, then suddenly wasn't anymore according to doctors.
  13. After reading this over and looking up the olive oil, I did end up ordering it from https://www.amazon.com/DeCarlo-Torre-Mossa-Italian-Virgin/dp/B019WW1LJU(much more expensive than the price that the company charges in Italy, which isn't surprising since it's imported into the U.S.) A bit pricey, but it should last me some time as I only use 1-3 tsp. Since this is so expensive, I definitely will ensure to keep it down to 1 tsp so that I get about 100 uses out of the bottle. I'm looking forward to seeing how it tastes compared to regular olive oils that I've used.
  14. Miraenda

    Post a picture of what you just ate

    That cauliflower looks delicious. I keep trying to add more turmeric to my evening meal every day so that I get 1-2 tsp a day in my diet.