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  1. I am aware that health-care-costs is not the same thing as life-expectancy, but I see no good reason to believe that a strong correlation between the two does not exists. What better data do we have on that, though? I'm not saying that this kind of data is the end-it-all to determine which BMI is ideal for longevity. I'm just expressing that it is much better than anything I've seen before, where charts didn't even look at BMIs below 20 and thus made it impossible to make good conclusions about the results of CR in that regard.
  2. https://f1000research.com/articles/2-101/v1 This paper was a great read. It is quite a bit more wholesome than just talking about the health- and longevity-benefits of CR but it clearly mentions them and contains a great graph about the correlation of BMI to health-care cost, that you cannot really find anywhere else as most studies don't even include people below a BMI of 20. This one does! It starts at a BMI of 13 and we can finally see what the real healthy BMI-range is: It is 17-20 with the sweet-spot being at 18!
  3. To me IF is a tool to make CR easier.
  4. AIL

    protein RDAs for vegans

    After I've seen Dr. Tel Oren's Lecture about protein I completely stopped worrying about meeting any RDAs for protein. Not that I did before but before I wasn't vegan. I don't actively seek out food high in protein and I don't supplement it either. I just assume that whatever food I eat will more or less automatically fulfill my requirement. Dr. Oren's speech also included about how they came up with that 0.8 g/kg number. They measured the actual amount with the nitrate-balance-method and then simply doubled it to have a safety-threshold.
  5. Now this is starting to become somewhat of a problem to me. It's not super bad or anything but it is quite uncomfortable. And it's only September. I always hated the cold temperatures in winter. But now with so much less of a protective layer of fat and less glucose to "waste" for heating, I'm really not looking forward to winter. Gonna have to compensate with my clothing. Makes me really feel with the poor reptiles.
  6. AIL

    UCSF Shape Up Study

    I think it's a bit weird to look for participants from the San Francisco area on a forum with worldwide access. In that sense greetings from Germany.
  7. AIL

    UCSF Shape Up Study

    So since eligibility says nothing about citizenship of any particular nation I suppose participation is possible anywhere in the globe?
  8. What started as an interesting and eye-opening article, giving compelling explanation for many of the observations that have been made concerning the longevity effects of calorie restriction, eventually turned into an ad for a pill someone wants to sell. The question I now have is, is it still believable enough to warrant some application or was it all ruined by what seemed to have been their goal. I'd be highly interested in other's opinions.
  9. I always wonder how others found crsociety.com. Could you tell me?
  10. So what Greger did not consider is that by now most (?) of the Cr-people have switched to plant-based/low-protein in addition to their calorie restriction and therefore there really is no useful long-term data on humans to make the comparison between pb-cr vs. Pb-only. Though there was a study on Rhesus Monkeys. Not a rodent and plant-based by default, one of the cr group still alive after 42 years when average life span of his species is 20-25 years. So definitely gonna stick with cr.
  11. AIL

    Dr. Greger about cr

    A friend of mine, who knows that I'm doing calorie restriction, sent me a link to this video : https://nutritionfacts.org/video/caloric-restriction-vs-plant-based-diets/ This morning. I don't feel like Dr. Greger has dug deep enough into the matter to really provide an insightful statement. He is completely fixated on Igf-1 levels and cancer-risk. He also doesn't even tap into the possibility of someone restricting calories while being vegan at the same time. So what do you think?
  12. Anyone who has seen "Idiocracy" and took a moment to think about how plausible that scenario actually is, given the current developments, would probably shun away from partaking in such intervention. :p
  13. AIL

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    They are neat tools for diluting the caloric density of your meals. But my understanding of a staple is something that I can keep very long without going bad, that has a lot of calories per volume. So of the foods I eat I consider rice and lentils as a staple. Greens are something I buy fresh and use right away.