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  1. BetterStructure

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    Another solid wave of that (if we talk technology) might be helpful, yes. But what then? When special few hippie-tech-geeks revolutionizing their branch are out of the equation? And it's pretty clear the rest of the world, including everyone else clinging to more traditional view points, won't buy into it pernamently since - however enlighting - it's too "off their rocker", so to speak. Then, after this single solid breakthrough and hippie wave are done, we're back to square one and exactly where we are today, pretty much. That's why I would rather have something entirely different, not hippie thing again. Something that may provide a firm "rulebook" and appeal to the little man as well, not just open-minded eccentrics and counterculture seekers. Buddhist branch of it appears good but then when we look at it in practice, it's no different than lenient (or maybe not so lenient which is the problem?) worship of Jesus or Wiccan witchcraft. Meanwhile, there ought to be a better way to provide people with hopes/sense/morals/wonders/rules that they need and make pace of progress and creativity more sensible and focused.
  2. BetterStructure

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    There is still magic to be found, even plenty of it, but yeah, life can be very frustrating at times, especially lately, when we see everything go to shit and waste and we know it could function better. I know it may sound kind of hopeless but in my opinion we aren’t going to make it anywhere if we continue on this path (well, not anywhere interesting and exciting at least). My number one alternative may seem radical and even impossible but the only logical fix to fixing how people fix their previous fixes and thus solving our current problems lies at the lowest non-rational level of human factors: beliefs, morals, hopes, social norms, where most of it if not all is shaped. We should really think ahead rather than build modern paradigms on top of what we already have (which is pretty much a little bit more “advanced” version of our ancient/traditional/medieval ways). We need a sudden “something”, kind of a big bang boom (worldview-speaking) that will get us past the obstacles and move humanity into this whole new take on our mental basics and moral guidelines. Differently wired and progressive but not too different, thus easy-to-grasp for everyone, no matter their personal mental. I don’t mean like “New Age” wave and hippie tide, which might be compared to some sort of “teenage revolt” if you ask me, but more "global thing" that deals in both rights and wrongs and leaves everything else obsolete, hence more unifying than what we have right now and correlating our course towards actual progress. Now I don’t really know how exactly it could come to pass and if it’s relatively safe in execution but what the heck… our alternatives are short and I am here to support it. Just say a word. Or even better, give me more ideas and actual effort in utilization of what we have at the moment and, someday, actual conscious AI. Perhaps machines really ought to change humanity one day, ay? But however abstract and far away it sounds, I think we should be getting busy laying some solid foundations with our own hands first. Even if AI does happen at some point, it’s kind of rude to leave everything what's wrong to AI (while, ironically, we should actually become mentors about all "human" to it and say proudly what did we manage to tweak and solve).
  3. BetterStructure

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    Right, Dean. Perfectly summed up and this is exactly what I mean. Sometimes all the surrounding fallacies may be annoying but sounds like a good ride, eh? Well, I bet it is. Whatever "crazy" but full of life we do, it is certainly better than ordinary. (By the way, nice and kind of challenging of you to do it. Family feels and happy skydiving for your daughter!) Indeed we are all different and that's no mystery. But notice that I never actually said that I am overhelmed. What I meant about "progress being made at suprising pace" was an overall perspective regarding our entire civilization (our collective progress, including little, daily things in lives of ordinary people). For the so-called "little man out there" the progress being made daily can be pretty amazing and overhelming/scary (or both at once). Whether we like it or not, our collective consciousness is dominated by the little man. There are many amazing, skillful people who drive our human civilization forward but if taken separately? Pretty satisfied and amazed at the current progress of our age (even if they lack some mental progress that should really go in pair with it). But when it comes to me, I hear you. I don’t really feel like we’re really making progress, whatever area of life, and - gods help me - I'm just in my early decades of life. Most people seem like they don't know what they're talking about and they just go through montions, whereas others praise the same failed acts and mechanisms all over again. Technology can be disappointing at times, especially if nobody cares that it's broken, and the heck, why not, GIVE ME MORE MAGIC. Even simple mainstream entertainment and creative "vision" are getting so annoying and repetitive beyond the scales of good taste. Maybe most mechanics and social models we use today aren’t that much different than X years before and better AI is nowhere to be seen but... with everything that we have? So many wonders could be achieved, especially if the all-important factor of creativity and passion is highlighted and in demand. But of course nope. Companies and game industry shovel the same shit down our throats and the masses just buy into it, vloging about "new" and "amazing." Or worse even, thinking it's bad shit only because shiny graphics and details are outdated 1-2 years and they don't even bother to care beyond that. Well, now I don’t say there are no occasional exceptions to the rule but overall this is our sitiation. So whether we talk medicine, computers, beliefs or entertaiment, we are still going in circles and nothing makes actual progress, apparently. I would say we expect too much and this is our baggage to bear but... nope, we are just too sane and alive, alright.
  4. BetterStructure

    The Singularity May be Closer than It Appears

    Ignorance of how difficult problems in AI and longevity really are, and ignorance of the negative consequences of tech solution. Isn't that a constant, though? Ignorance and greed were always here, yet the world is still making progress, for better or worse. I would say it's more of a classic “beholder” issue. People's expectations and their straightforward need for hype in this age of ours are far too high and prevalent, as already said. Plus many people seem to think we should be able to predict many of such "progress" and "tech" advances with some sort of superior scientific accuracy, positive or negative, but sometimes it’s just a matter of occurrences and the right creative effort done exactly at the right time. Also, whether something major is achieved 3, 5, 10 or maybe 60 years from now, this is still pretty quick and kind of overwhelming, I would say (if measured by overall progress). Case in point: quite a short span for mental changes to occur and they’re something humanity really needs if we are to prosper further along the tide (…if we survive NOW, that is). Either way, Dean, not sure if you remember our brief chat but finally had some fine moments to get through all of this and the case is interesting, I must say. *Salutes you* Thanks for the link on Twitter. CR content seems handy as well and there is a lot of material here. Concerning some of your many posts and wild counter-measure attempts of this thread (and others), can I ask you something more personal? I mean, is it all serious serious (kind of moral obligation) coming from you? Or is it also a peculiar sort of fun (with common sense but not so heavy on the soul) and that’s why you ended up doing it? I only ask because I would bet it’s the latter but since both of them can be actually the same thing from my own point of view… I really wonder how do you see it and whether you would differentiate between the two or not lol.