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  1. Except for the animals, of course. :o Of course there is an ethical concern, which opens up another whole realm of possible discussions. One exception though, would be eggs from home-farmed chickens. Maybe there are more. Korsow - we need to know more about your personal situation. What is your current BMI? What do you do for work? At your age you might be a student. What are your long term goals? What are your current health practices? Personally, I started at about 26 (am now 32) and err on the milder side of CR. My BMI is 20.7 and I check off all of the habits Mccoy listed above. His list is very important, especially for someone your age who can square up the mortality curve nicely. You may want to check out Matthew Lake's CR blog. I believe he started CR at around your age. His blog is here: http://www.crvitality.com I wish I would have started at closer to 18 but that's just me. My BMI is 20 and for work I'm doing activist/volunteer type of work, where I work with group of people on different kind of projects to have an positive impact on the world, so that is little bit stressful sometimes. My long term goal is to be healthy as possible. My current health practices are whole food plant-based diet, strength training 3x a week, mobility work/stretching, plus in the future 3-4 times a week jump roping/jogging but I currently have hamstring injury, so I unfortunately can't do that. And I do intermittent fasting, where I everyday fast for 16 hours and for the rest 8 hours gap I eat, but I might try fasting 21-22 hours a day and eat in 2-3 hours gap. I will definitely check that blog, thanks! Could there be any negative effects if I would try calorie restriction, even though I would make sure that I get all the needed nutrients? Could the lower IGF-1 levels affect my growth?
  2. Well for me I were googling around about calorie restriction and came across crsociety.org at one point if i remember correctly or it was from some youtube video.
  3. Thanks for the great answers :) I eat whole food plant-based diet and almost everything from the "laundry" list are checked, but I still need to improve on optimal sleeping though. Maybe I will keep doing intermittent fasting (16/8) and wait a few years until I will try calorie restriction!
  4. Hi! I got interested in calorie restriction diet for health benefits and I'm wondering can I do it long term, even if I'm only 18 years old? Can it effect my growth in any way? Should I wait until I turn 25 because by then I'm fully grown? Thanks in advance!