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  1. VeganCarbSmart

    Omega-6 PUFA the Healthiest Fat?

    I remember those EFA debates from 14 years ago. Mike, you always had a lot of good common sense and still do. I know Dr. Greger is into a lot of PR and can exaggerate interpretation of nutrition science studies, but I think these two videos are worthy of review. Links below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG-IxDE0W7A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4LvCZ0KnKc
  2. What solutions did you come-up with? Sometimes just eating one serving or one meal of any favorite item about once a month or even once a week should do no harm.
  3. VeganCarbSmart

    PlantPure Nation prepared food

    Has anyone made any progress on these ideas? I use an Instant Pot to do a lot of my cooking. You can get it 40% off on 3-4 Amazon sale days every year. I wait for in-season sale days and will buy a lot of that veggie/fruit and freeze it for later use. There are good vaccuum sealers that can work with bags or containers. Food Saver does 50% off sales that rotate from bags, containers, to their best sealers. Best to buy the better ones at 1/2 off than cheaper models, imo. I can recommend two models I use w/5 year warranty or lifetime warranty. Both can be bought for under $150 and $120 on sale. I make my own tomato based sauces and soups with all kinds of veggies and greens either slow/low simmering in a giant multi-quart pot or I use the Instant Pot. Then I freeze the sauces in Ball Mason Jars, vacuum seal with lid adapter, and I've eaten from these that are still delicious after 2 years frozen. Just thaw overnight in frig from freezer. This method avoids the dangers of canning and storing at room temperatures.
  4. VeganCarbSmart

    Dean's Diet & Exercise Regime, Tips, and Motivation

    Hey Dean, I've just got to say that if Dr. Walford is "out there" and could know this, then he's smiling and extremely pleased with where you're at right now. You can attract far more people to this lifestyle with what you're doing now combined with your past experience at being at the extreme with more health vulnerabilities put at risk. I'm sure you know to keep your cycling rpm above 90 and/or at very low resistance in order to preserve your joints long-term. 1) Now that you've had your exercise bike for over a year now would you still recommend this same model or try something else? 2) I guess you're trying to increase your BAT using cold exposure techniques too? I have not read that thread yet, but if anything has changed w/your experiments doing that please update us on that too. And, are there any methods or tests or markers to verify if it's working? 3) Have you posted your favorite Vegan related websites and YT channels that you follow somewhere "here" at CRS? I think it would be helpful to know, since you're so experienced with this diet long-term and continue to stay informed about it. Your opinions and commentary about any of these favs might be helpful too.
  5. VeganCarbSmart

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Wow, what an inspirational trip and set of experiences all of you had. Please, anyone going there again keep us posted on your plans and experiences. And, if anyone wants to invite others to join in, then please let us know. I wouldn't feel comfortable going alone for my first trip there, but I'm convinced this is exactly the kind of trip that I need. I just skimmed this thread, so I'll be studying it in detail. But I know I need to do this kind of trip sooner or later, and, hopefully, sooner than later. I'm just blown away... way to go Dean!
  6. VeganCarbSmart

    Dean's Diet & Exercise Regime, Tips, and Motivation

    Hey Dean and any old timers lurking here... I'm a blast from the past... way back before you were vegan. Dr. Walford was still reading the list and very rarely posted. I posted a lot back then. You, Michael, Mike C., Tim C., Paul, Allen, Saul, and on and on I could go. Brings back great memories of the good old days. I see you popped-up again to post for awhile, and then "poof" nothing recent. Just as an outsider looking in I'm hoping you might consider cutting back on so much exercise. Humans do wear-out body parts, and I would be concerned about your joint areas. So, if you're still around tell us if you've changed your diet or exercise routine from 2016. I would like to know any updates if you have any. I recently started a vegan diet that will be permanent, so I'm reading around for more about doing that. You brought me back "here" to see what I can find out considering you've been doing this for about 14yrs now! WOW. It seems like yesterday from my mind's eye. Do you post anywhere else actively regarding diet and nutrition?