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  1. BenkRichardson

    FMD vs. "inverted FMD"

    May I impose upon you to share any links you have to Longo's longevity diet advice? I have read much about the FMD trials and FMD and interviews with Longo without encountering this. I am particularly intrigued by the recommendation to include lots of cereals and the rationale for it. My google-fu may work and I will find the content anyway, but if you have anything bookmarked . . . . :-)
  2. BenkRichardson

    New paper on Longo's Fasting-mimicking diet

    First time poster here, registered thanks to this thread but looks like I will find lots of interest. I have also practiced and written about a Do It Yourself and whole foods approach to the Fasting Mimicking Diet. I have also tracked my results and shared these within a discussion post and a DIY template intended for others to use to plan their own FMD. FMD DIY Guide + Google Sheets Template (open access) http://foreverfreefrom.com/fasting-mimicking-diet-guide/ FMD Results & Reflections http://foreverfreefrom.com/fasting-mimicking-diet-results/ I was inspired by the Quantified Body FMD podcast but also observed that the 'Avocado' approach had very, very different macros and micros to the FMD used in trials by Longo and the ProLon package. I do share the opinion that both the protein and carbohydrate macros can probably be reduced from the FMD baselines, and fat increased, and the same or similar outcomes achieved. By contrast exceeding the protein and carbohydrate macros would at the least threaten progress into nutritional ketosis and remaining there once reached. I am confident my carbohydrate macro was too high on my first FMD cycle despite following the prescribed ratios. I still got some pleasing results from my first cycle. These may have been better had I reduced the carbs and increased fats.