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    Dean's Diet & Exercise Regime, Tips, and Motivation

    Hello Mr. Pomerleau, Thank you for sharing so many details about your CRON experience. I did my best to follow CRON for a few years after my son was born, and I did really enjoy it - but that was 15 years ago now. I'm curious about muscle mass and your lower protein diet now than before. When you reduced your protein, did you find (either soon or much later) that it affected your muscle mass? At some point, did you add extra weight training to compensate? Or do you feel that the amount of protein you eat is adequate enough that you don't appreciate a loss of muscle -- if so, how did you determine the "right" amount of protein for yourself? If you have already responded to this question (and I just have not come upon it yet), I'd appreciate a link or a pointer to where I might find that. I'm very interested in changes, both positive and negative, to your body composition over the years; and what factors led to each. Sincerely, Karen C