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  1. I agree that the human body was designed to move around, for example the veins in the legs use movement to help move the flow of blood back up to the heart. I disagree that anything extra (exercise) other than simple moving around is helpful. That is why in that post above just fidgeting the legs "Even fidgeting the legs for one minute out of every five can prevent the endothelial dysfunction caused by sitting". In my opinion rigorous exercise and building extra muscle is not helpful for longevity. Our bodies evolved to be skinny and to rarely hold on to any extra fat. Holding extra fat or muscle is a strain on our whole body. It also causes excess consumption of calories which takes a toll on the digestive system. You have to think of almost all food unhealthy in one way or another, either due to chemicals or over dosing on too many nutrients. The less food you consume the better because your body doesn't get overloaded with all the bad effects and chemicals from the food. Think of it like having to constantly fill your car with gas, the more gas you put through it the more it will clog things up. Sounds crazy but you really have to think of food as a necessary poison, so you want to eat as little as possible. Optimally for longevity (not optimal for attracting the opposite sex), you want to have as little body fat as possible and also as little muscle mass as possible, yet still be active enough to move around to keep your cells functioning and fluids moving in your body. This will lead to minimal calorie consumption and less load on all your joints and bones. Being extremely light weight will make mobility very easy and you will naturally get enough physical activity to keep your cells functioning smoothly. The reason people think they need exercise to be fit is most likely because they are overweight and carrying excess weight around which also leads to carrying extra muscles around to deal with the extra fat. This drains them of energy to be active and makes it difficult to move around, they won't take the stairs but will take the escalator for example. The extra muscle and fat also takes lots of extra digesting and processing of calories which also robs the body of energy. If you research why exercise doesn't help people lose weight it is because people who exercise will make up for it by basically being lazy the rest of the day. They will take the elevator instead of the stairs, they will move slower, etc. Exercise won't help you anyway, and it will only stress your body out by overloading your body for short periods of exercise rather than just doing normal activities the whole day. My point is that if you want to have optimal longevity then you want the least stress on your body. This includes, minimal body fat, minimal muscle mass, do calorie restriction, and no rigorous exercise. This will put the least stress on your body and especially your digestive system having to not deal with processing all that food. This is kind of what I do, except that i'm probably not even optimal and carry a bit extra body fat and eat a little too much. That being said I'm 120 lbs and 5'9.5" in height. I don't exercise, yet I'm very active in that I walk a lot and find myself much more mobile and active then mostly anyone I know. This is because it is very easy for me to move around being so light weight. Strength wise for being 120lbs and 5'9". I can bench press over my body weight for reps. I can also attach over 40lbs on myself and do pull ups for reps. I am extremely strong for being so skinny in that my strength to body ratio is very high. My strength is more than enough to deal with my body weight and I do not lift weights. This is why I keep saying your muscles are maintained for you to be skinny and are more than adequate enough to deal with what they were designed for, a skinny body. To build muscle to deal with holding 30-50lbs of extra fat is not smart or healthy. My Brother who has a similar frame as me weighs 170 lbs. He weighs 50 lbs more than me but he thinks that is normal weight. He doesn't look that fat, but he is still having to move 40-50lbs of extra body weight on his frame, where my frame only has to deal with 120lbs. That whopping 50lbs will most likely kill his longevity. Just imagine my brother decided to exercise and lift weights, he may increase his body weight from 170 to 185lbs. Now his body which is designed to be 120lbs, is now having to deal with an extra 65lbs. Not only the 65lbs he has to devote resources to like blood and energy, but he has to process all those additional calories each day to maintain that extra body weight and muscle and move it around. All this is going to kill his longevity. This is the issue with most people in that they are usually 50lbs+ heavier than they really should be or what their body was designed for. Most people are far heavier than they think they should be as my brother thinks he should weigh at the least 150lbs. Most people are so fat and overweight they can not even comprehend what a normal body should look like. Please understand and I repeat again, we are not talking about looking attractive with lots of muscle. We are talking about longevity here.
  2. With most of those health articles that say people who exercise are healthier. What they may be missing is causation. Simply, people with better health are more likely to exercise and continue to exercise into old age. I know with myself that while I don't do any exercise, I easily have the stamina and strength to do it and do it quite well. Usually people like me who can so easily go out and run for instance, are the ones who are exercising. The people who are unfit, overweight, and have health issues are the people who are not exercising. These studies then look at the people like myself who are the ones who will exercise and compare them to the people who are unfit and not exercising. The reason for example someone is running in 60's, is not because of the running its because he has naturally good health which allows him to run. The main reason why I'm fit is because I have very low body fat, even though I don't exercise. I grew up with my father who was always against junk food and to this day I limit all of the garbage and stayed skinny, of course genetics probably played a role, my father is 76 and still works full time and we are laying tiles in his kitchen, it amazes me how he can do all this physical labor at his age, he also lifts weights as he has done weight lifting since his early 20's. What I notice is when ever I'm out with anyone or watch what other people eat I can't believe how much food other people consume. This isn't even because of the amount of crap they are eating, it is that I can't believe how much food most other people can consume and not get full. I believe If the unfit and overweight people just cut back on their calories, they would probably get most the same health benefits without having to exercise. I really believe it mostly comes down to weight. It is really hard to prove any of these things with humans. There are also so many difference scenarios like does the person have low body fat because they are sick or on drugs. One thing to point out is that because I have a very low body weight it is very easy for me to be mobile and possibly I get more exercise than I think. I noticed that I'll do things and not even think about them in terms of physical exertion, like parking really far away and walking rather than parking close and getting my car damaged. I'll take a different bus to get someplace quicker even though I will have to walk further with the different bus. I notice most other overweight people are extremely lazy and will not do things like that, they will park at the closest spot. I also walk and move extremely fast, which I then later discovered that some people say walking speed is a good sign of health. Moving and walking fast is much more difficult and taxing on your body then slowly moving about. I don't agree that you need all this muscle mass and need to exercise to get more muscle mass. Our bodies were designed to be skinny. We evolved to be skinny and not to carry extra weight around. When we have low body fat our muscles are more than strong enough to deal with our weight. There is no reason to exercise if you have low body fat, unless you are planning to run a marathon or doing something very physically taxing. What happens is that people who should only weigh say 130lbs are now 180lbs+. Think about carrying around 50 lbs. Your body was not designed to take on that kind of an extra load, it will not fully adapt to the extra weight either. Your arm muscles will surely not adapt, and your back and legs only a little. Your joints will also not adapt. This is why all these obese people need joint replacements. If exercise was good they would be the healthiest people around by having to carry all that extra weight around, but they are the unhealthiest. I'm not sure what my point here is but I don't exercise and seem to remain extra fit for my age. This could be partly because my low body weight my whole life has allowed me to still have easy mobility (good joints and good health) and I am much more active than I even think I am. I do know that I spent a lot of time playing video games on the computer and now I notice that my finger joints start hurting quickly. It has seemed I wore out my fingers by all the extra exertion from using the mouse and keyboard, so now I have to limit myself with that and I don't have any pain. This is why your body is like a machine, you run it too hard it will wear out. The only other joint that I may have done a little damage was my left elbow. It was perfect up until a year ago when I had a job that required me to be moving my arms so much that I started to develop tennis elbow. I quit the job after a few months but it never went back to normal, but close to it. You see, if you overuse your body or any body part it will wear out and if you overdo it the cells will be so damaged that they may never go back to normal. This is why I'm against any kind of exercise where it is possible to cause injury. The older you get the more likely this will happen as you have less good cells. Its probably like this: Genetics play the biggest part in mostly everything. Luck plays the 2nd biggest part. Being skinny plays the next biggest part. Exercising while being skinny just wears out your body quicker. Being overweight and exercising limits extreme obesity but is not better than just being skinny.
  3. I can't seem to figure out how exercising can actually extend life. If you think about it, you are causing more stress on your body, which will cause more cell repair and apoptosis. You have to think of your body as a machine, it will wear out with use, the more you use it the quicker it will wear out. I come across plenty of articles which say how running and over exercising is actually hamful. These articles usually discuss over exercising, but I tend to think that any exercise probably isn't good. I just can't seem to figure out why punishing your body and joints is actually good in the long run. How can inflicting stress on your body be good? The reason why everybody has exercise wrong is that in the short term your body does become stronger because of the stresses. Your muscles get bigger, your heart and lung muscles grow, your bones get thicker. However, this short term increase will cause your body to wear out much sooner, and you will not have the cell capacity to live into your 70's, 80's, 90's.. Think of obese people who have huge thick hearts to deal with their weight, only to have those hearts fail after many years of all the extra stresses. What happens is their heart muscles eventually grow thin and that is probably from apoptosis. In my case I do not see any reason to exercise, it is all about maintaining a low body weight by limiting food intake and not by trying to be more active or exercising. I'm 5'9, 122lbs, 38year old male. I don't exercise and am against it, yet I'm so much more fit and energetic then anyone I know, except maybe young skinny teenagers. I can easily go out and run probably 2 or 3 miles or more without any training. The important thing is to reduce calories, stay skinny (body fat % very low), and take it easy on your body. Your day to day activities will be more than enough to keep you in top physical shape. Carrying around extra muscle weight and having to intake extra calories to maintain these muscles is not good for longevity. If you feel you need to do exercise, most likely you are not skinny and carrying extra weight (fat) around which your body wasn't designed to carry. If you are not around a BMI of 17-18, then you are carrying too much weight around. Trying to build huge muscles, including heart and lung muscles, to deal with the extra weight is not healthy. Everything is a trade off. If you want to be extra fit, able to run a marathon, you will then be more fit by exercising but the trade off is giving up longevity.
  4. Edward

    OMG! Obesity paradox stupidity

    This is so very true and I have heard many times that it is bad to be thin. To me it always didn't make sense how it could be bad to be thin and how could these studies conclude that being thin was a disadvantage. The simple reason is like you have said. It is very rare for anyone to be thin these days. Most likely if someone is thin they have some kind of sickness that makes them thin. They are surely not thin by choice or watching their calories. I personally have always been thin, but I always somewhat watched how much junk food I ate and watched my portion sizes. While I don't really have difficulty staying thin, I would not mind eating junk food every day like most people, and I could easily pack on the weight if I didn't limit my junk food and portion sizes. I found that mostly everyone I know is addicted to food and overweight. It is very rare for me to see anyone who is thin. Usually if I see someone who is thin they look frail and weak, they have no muscle tone and also no fat. There is probably some kind of sickness or drug use. Because really who in today age would limit their calories. I'm 5'9 and 120 LBS, with almost no fat but decent muscle mass. This is partly because my bones are thin for my height and I have a smaller frame with 6" wrists. I find anyone in my late 30's age to be not even close to my fitness and I don't do any kind of fitness training other than lifting weights for maybe 20-30 minutes a week.