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  1. I have attached what I eat in this message. I am eating at least 7 pounds of vegetables a day and right now I am eating around ~200-300g of each vegetable, but I am wondering if I might be better off eating less of the starchy vegetables - peas, carrots, green beans, - and more dark leafy greens? As you can see I am eating 600g of dark leafy greens every day which should be a good amount by normal standards, but I fear it is not enough from an optimal nutrition standpoint. Some more notes about my diet: The evoo is 600+ ppm polyphenols which I buy 24 bottles of and store for 12 months in my fridge at 2 degree Celcius I supplement with b12, iodine and vitamin D3 Berries are my only fruit source because of taste and they are more nutritious than other fruit I avoid animal products and grains in favor of more nutritious food groups: vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes I limit my fat sources to evoo, flaxseeds and occasional avocado to maximize my MUFA/PUFA ratio and limit my O6 intake to ~10g I drink coffee made from 30-40g beans and 5-10g of Sencha green tea every day I avoid cocoa like the plague since it left me anxious, irritable and burned out for weeks This is a post about vegetables but any diet related discussion is welcomed.
  2. 1: I think I will follow your suggestion and have BMI 20 as a short term goal and then adjust my calories/weight depending on body cues and blood tests. 2: Yes I am aware of Matt and his practice from reading his blog and his posts on this forum, thank you for reminding me. 3: If we look from a perspective of dietary diversity then this advice is good, I think. However, in my personal case I have not had good experience with whole grains after including and excluding them in my diet for many years. I should have added in my original post that I have an autoimmune disease -- and most whole grains seems to trigger my immune system causing a relapse. As I said, this is not something you could have known and I think your advice is awesome for 99% of the population and those that are healthy practicing "moderate" CR. For more extreme CR I think, due to hunger, you have to base your diet on vegetables and some legumes because in my experience whole grains is not as satiating per calorie -- but including a small amount (maybe 50-300 kcal) to feed the gut bacteria is probably a good idea. 4: I agree with you on this. If I ever have the chance to buy mainly raw vegetables I will steam or cook them a bit first as a precaution. 5: Yes very important. We have full body tests in Sweden costing around ~100$ and it is very convenient so I will try to do this often. 6: I probably should not have said "hardcore" CR since I don't even know what % restriction that entails. I consider what Michael Rae is doing (though admittedly my opinion is based on his low weight/bmi) "hardcore" CR -- and I am interested in following his footsteps.
  3. Todd: Many thanks for your reminder to be aware of the Copper/Zinc ratio. I am not a big fan of supplements due to not knowing what the risk/benefit ratio is, but I might follow your suggestion and add a zinc supplement or change my food distribution after I have done some more research about this topic. mccoy: I will be adding avocado and probably some type of nut for the n-6, thank you for your suggestion. As you correctly noted this diet is made for the purpose of CR and since I am still young (23y) I don't have to worry about my muscles disappearing, at least that is what I have read. For you people in your middle age and older age there seems to be a benefit in increasing your protein intake and exercise regularly to avoid frailty and muscle loss. -------- I know my diet is far from optimal - I would like to eat a more raw vegetables of all kinds to feed the gut bacteria. As a college student however I don't have the money to buy this amount of food as raw fresh vegetables, so I need to eat mostly frozen vegetables for a few more years until I get a job. After looking a bit more on this forum I am a bit surprised by the lack of hardcore CR people. Most users here seem to follow an obesity avoidance diet and stick to a normal bmi of 20-22. Based on this information I am going to set a goal of reaching a bmi of 18-19 as a happy medium and then experiment with going higher/lower depending on how I feel.
  4. TomBAvoider, Gordo and Saul: When you are talking about UV lamps do you actually mean UVB lamps? If I remember correctly from my earlier research you don't get much vitamin D or other health benefits from the UV rays -- so if you are interested in buying lamps you should probably go with the UVB lamps.