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  1. Thanks BarryR. Yes, exercise is health promoting only up to a point, and 60 miles per week of running is certainly past that point by a lot. But running competitively gives me joy and fulfillment, and I am willing to sacrifice some health for the sake of it. There's indeed an obsessive aspect to improving in endurance sports. But then it becomes a philosophical question and a discussion of "ends": whether I should take up a non detrimental obsession like playing the guitar and give up competitive running.
  2. Geo

    Exercise optimization

    Those are pretty impressive physical achievements for a CR practitioner!! Congrat! May I ask you how many calories do you eat per day? I wouldn't have thought a CR diet could be compatible with getting that big.
  3. Hi mccoy and Todd Allen, Thanks for your answers, insightful as usual. Ed Whitlock crushed all masters world records in long distance running from the 1500m to the marathon, but did not die very old (at 86). He ran a sub3 hours marathon at 70. Walford's chart says a CR athlete could run 2h30 at that age. Granted, one should not take the chart too seriously, its point seems mainly to convey a message (CR delays aging...), rather than give precise figures of what's possible in masters athletics... But still... a 2h30 marathon at 70 would be a fascinating achievement to witness. That would be the equivalent of a 32 minutes 10k (current WR 38), and a 4'30" mile (current WR 5'19"). Those are crazy figures. Well worth a life time of CR in my opinion.
  4. Hi all, I've been toying with the idea of CR for a while, but never implemented it seriously. I don't think I'd have the willpower to follow this lifestyle long term. Except if I find a super convincing reason to do so. The chart below illustrates the reason that would persuade me and give me the motivation to be strict about it. It's from Walford, The Anti-Aging Plan, 1995, p. 11. The dotted line represent the fastest time a human has run for a marathon, for each age. The plain line below represents what a human on CR could run for each age. To trace the line, Walford extrapolates from animal fitness data (I don't which data, there's no footnote there). If CR allowed me to maintain my running fitness and still run fast times for as long as I could, and crush it as a masters athlete, I'd do it. I run shorter distance races, but I guess the principle applies irrespective of the distance. Walford probably does not take into account that to train, and be competitive, a runner needs to eat more than a complete sedentary person. (Probably the mice he used did not train doing the equivalent of 12*400m repeats on mice tracks). Perhaps you can't be both a runner running 60-100 miles a week and on CR. Runners out there? Do you think that would work at all? I know it became a sport to knock Walford on the head and to say that if he died so early he must have been wrong on everything. But I want to believe that one! Thanks for reading and for your answers !
  5. Thanks all for your answers! I don't have the figure (or range) I was looking for? but I guess Todd Allen answered my query: we don't know...
  6. Hi all, What's the lowest calorie figure one could reach while still hitting all nutritient targets? Using only whole foods, not supplements (perhaps only B12 for vegans). I mean could, not should. It's a theoritical question, just out of sheer curiosity. Since, as mccoy formulated it in another thread, CRON is kind of a game, minimizing something under a constraint (optimal nutrition). Thanks! Geo
  7. Thank you all for your informative answers! I appreciate it!
  8. Dear all, If one day you had to chose between: 1. Exceeding your calorie target but getting all the nutrients you need. 2. Getting the calories right (that is, low) but not hitting your nutrient targets. Which one would you chose? Which one is more detrimental to health? When I am invited for dinner at friends house, I tend to exceed my calorie target for the day. As a solution I could refrain from eating during the day, but that would probably mean I would not get all the nutrients I need. Hence my question. Thanks! Geo-