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    Yeah, I strayed from the PSA topic. My bad. I'm new here.
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    At 61 my last VA fasting labs PSA was 0.29. I didn't know what any of my labs were until recently taking the time to look them up. Don't know why it's so low or if it had anything to do with diet. I've tried with varying degrees of success to restrict calories since January of 2015. I succeeded more than I failed; my weight now fluctuates a few pounds in either direction at a level around 100 pounds less than when I got serious. My goal? I got my disability a year or two before that, so somewhere around 5 years ago now. I intend to try like heck to live long enough to draw my VA check and my social security for at least 50 years while at the same time building a portfolio of stocks paying well covered growing dividends. The first HALF of my life wasn't so great after all the good jobs disappeared. I'm up for round two...and so far it's turning out much better.