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  1. PHILWahl

    At what point

    So to answer my own question RC has a limit. It is not a practice that can go on for ones life time. So 9 months ago I started this to follow doctor ornish is recommendation And so will probly stop at some point or continue To lose a lot of weight If I don't stop Myself I followed a 30% reduction Of Calories
  2. PHILWahl

    At what point

    Thank you Todd For that advice
  3. PHILWahl

    At what point

    Weight loss So hi everyone I can use some advice on weight loss. There may be a thread on this subject but I am pressed for time today. So I started CR 9 months ago at 162 lb Am on a 1500 calorie but many days at 1100 plus serious exercise My question is am a Male at 143.0 lb 5.10 inches am down from 162.lb At what point in weight should I return to a higher daily calorie Thankyou for your thoughts PHIL