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  1. University College London are running a short (15 min) online study to investigate differences in thinking abilities when on CR. This study has been preliminarily vetted by CR Society VP for Research. We are aware that there is a lot of data to support the link between CR and benefits to health, but there is currently little known about the impact of CR on cognition, particularly executive function. We are comparing the results of those on a popular intermittent fasting (IF) plan (5:2) with those who have daily CR lifestyles to see if there is a difference. Our hypothesis is that those on daily CR will with have better results for certain tests relating to executive function, when compared to those on IF. We intend to publish the results next year and we believe this will be of enormous value both to the scientific community, and to anyone who is considering their options for ways in which to improve their health. Anyone who contacts us will be sent the participant information sheet and a consent form to return before they receive a link to 5 short online tasks. All data is protected and confidential ID numbers used to further protect our participants. This study has passed rigorous ethics procedures. If you have been restricting your calorie intake for more than 4 weeks, then please contact us if you would like to know more or sign up. A prize draw of numerous Amazon vouchers is available for all who take part. ucl.fasting.cognition@gmail.com or ucjuole@ucl.ac.uk Researchers: John O’Leary , Freya Donaldson Principal Researcher: Dr Lucy Serpell
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    UCL Human Cognition Calorie Restriction Study

    Hi Gordo, All those who would like to take part will receive a participant information sheet which will provide further details about the study.
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    UCL Human Cognition Calorie Restriction Study

    Hi Gordo, We are aiming to recruit people who are restricting their daily calorie intake by at least 15%. We are aiming for a large sample size which will allow us to control for variations in sleep and other factors between participant groups. The more people we can encourage to take part, the stronger the study. 😊