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  1. This is my plan. 1) Yawn 2) Eat Pizza 3) No vaccine for something that is 99.5% survivable for someone under 60. 4) No supplements or drugs other than extra ice cream (with a banana) 5) More Pizza
  2. I liked your answers. I know it’s a hobby and my hobby is to question beliefs and critically look at them. And for me as far as eating animals, I don’t really have a problem with it. If it makes me feel good and it’s legal to eat, then I will eat it. I’m not really into eating meat. I like pizza, peanut butter and jelly with banana and a glass of non fat or 1% milk. I also eat eggs and almonds.....(not together), necessarily. Carry on, DHL
  3. Also I’m sure most people are doing significantly better than average here. But I don’t think it’s because of what you are doing, but rather in spite of it. Not that all of it is bad, it’s just not all good either. There is also some self selection bias here being that most people on this board may have been reasonably healthy to begin with (I’m guessing ). So are they better than average because of the somewhat extreme or unusual preoccupation with diet, supplementation, checking on ones blood, or are they better than average in spite of that. Not sure. Hey I might die tomorrow. I hope not. But I might. I will die one day though.
  4. I’m mid 50’s a bit of a mutant. I guess we all are. I found out years because I had a disabled child, that has passed away a bunch of years ago, that I carry a translocation in my chromosomes that while I look typical has given me slightly usual skin. Basically I’m not as strong as most but I might look somewhat younger than I am. With what seems to me a normal to hyperactive immune system to bad colds and flu......meaning while my immune system works decently when attacked......it makes me pretty miserable. and Todd no disrespect, but I kinda classify a Vegan diet as over the top. My guess and it’s only a guess mild you, is that optimal health is achieved if you eat ok, no extremes in diet one way or the other. I figure if you feel good and you aren’t too fat then keep doing what you are doing. I don’t think any special supplementation or wacky diet, like a vegan diet, is necessarily that healthy. I don’t want to start an inner exploration with what is wrong with me by testing my blood. Last time I got tested was 7 years ago for insurance and that was enough for me. We are all going to get sick and die eventually, there just isn’t any real evidence that any special interventions are going to change that one way or the other in my opinion. However needless intervention one way or another just might speed up the sick and dying part. Again all in my opinion only, and not meaning to be argumentative. Just expressing another opinion, which I realize I might be kind of alone with here.
  5. People are infinitely more complex than a car. People self repair. People aren’t cars. Not saying if you have a problem not to be seen. You can do all the blood checking you want. You can supplement with anything you want. Odds are if your diet isn’t to wacky that any supplementation will probably do more harm than good. Most probably if you aren’t dead by 87 years old, then you are headed in that direction no matter what you do. How old is the oldest person on this board ? That guy Saul ? I postulate that nothing he does associated with any of these health interventions encouraged by most members here did nothing to contribute to his longevity and possibly was detrimental. But what do I know ?
  6. Test nothing. Don’t take any supplements. And if things looked ok in the last 10 years.....don’t test again. By testing you have the possibility of being medicalized and rather than being helped you might be harmed, IMO obviously.
  7. DHL

    Supplements Thoughts

    All nutritional supplements and. Vitamins and minerals are mostly worthless, and potentially harmful. Eat Food. Sleep. Repeat.
  8. No way am I getting the vaccine. I’m in Florida, and I can get but I’m skipping it. I think I had a mild case of COVID back in December, with some GI upset for a couple of weeks. I’m in my mid 50’s in good health. I figure I’ll let my immune system work naturally without introducing a mRNA vaccine into my system.
  9. Hey guys give Aubrey a break. You see how old and raggedy he looks ? He better find that anti-aging miracle he’s looking for STAT. Doesn't look like he has much time left.
  10. Maybe being exceptionally was normal for these Japanese persons, and they didn’t make any special attempt to get that thin. Also how heavy were they at 50 ? 60 ? 70 ? 80 ?
  11. No, I don’t think so. Just saying that maybe there is no point health wise to be exceptionally thin. People that make it healthy and fit into their late 90’s and beyond in my opinion don’t owe it to lifestyle or starving themselves. It’s probably has more to do with unusual genetics.
  12. I’ve seen studies that show that the optimal weight for longevity is a BMI of 26-27 as you are middle aged. This is interesting also. https://www.studyfinds.org/overweight-later-in-life-live-longer/
  13. Maybe the theory of CR has it all wrong ? Start out at a normal weight in adulthood, and slowly over the years increase just a little bit. I have seen studies where the best BMI for middle aged and older adults is around 26-27 BMI. https://www.studyfinds.org/overweight-later-in-life-live-longer/
  14. If Bill Gates invested any money he should ask for a refund........he looks very old. Bezoar ain’t looking that good either.