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    Is CR bad for women/fertility

    Hello: I searched the site extensively before posting. I've been slim my entire life 35 years old, 5'5'' never been above BMI of 20, (currently at BMI 19). I don't have an eating disorder and I practice loose "CR"- I eat large amounts of extremely nutrient dense fibrous foods and am careful about getting all nutrients from whole foods with very few supplements (calcium, the Bs etc); I know I'm thin, am not driving to be thinner etc. Recently, and probably because of a slight amount increased energy expenditure (my walk to work changed and is longer) my period stopped. Googling around and this appears to be called "functional hypothalamic amenorrhea" and comes from a "negative energy balance" (aka CR). All the "treatments" I've found online are to eat more calories and especially more "junk foods." Some women report gaining 15-20 lbs to regain fertility. Has anyone researched this? The main bad effect appears to be bone loss, which I know some of the men on this site have complained about. Having too little estrogen is connected to premature aging, not the other way around, so that's not what I want! Also, I'm using "fertility" as a shorthand, I'm not trying to conceive, but simply be as healthy as possible and not lose my bones! Thanks!
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    Is CR bad for women/fertility

    Thanks for the thoughts and updates. I don't feel like I'm overdoing it as according to my calculations, I've cut about 15-20% off daily maintenance and only lost about 5 lbs from when I ate more 122-117. My weight has now been stable about 5 lbs lower for a year and I've felt great. Even the no menstruation thing is wonderful in the short term- no hormonal fluctuation or moodiness or PMS etc. Alas. I also hear the argument by Gordo that by definition if hormones are non-existent, that by default means it's unhealthy / taken too far. I have an endocrinologist appointment this week and will see what she says. My guess is, it will be "put on a few lbs" which...ok. Mostly just wondering if this was common /accepted/ ok in the CR community. From what I can tell, most people who practice this are men and you all can tolerate a much lower body fat overall and are more resistant to different hormonal/metabolic changes. Dang evolution.