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  1. Ketosis is difficult. Being Keto adapted is much easier. Pretty sure that is what you are doing Todd, assuming there is some substantial difference. That's similar to what I do, but I'm cool with pushing 100g Carbohydrate. Protein is probably around 75g as well.
  2. ADPeters89

    sex-restriction and longevity

    Gonna go ahead and put my bias out there and say that I practice sexual continence (or Celibacy, not sure) have only had a few ejaculations in the past two and a half years with nocturnal emissions every 1-3 months. I practice self tantra. Personal experience I feel great. Holding onto that energy forced me to let go of a bunch of repressed feelings, memories, and beliefs that weren't serving me. I also fast regularly, diet is generally low carb/high fat/moderate protein, avoid omega 6 & seed oils, practice tantra/meditation everyday, and do exercise for work. So there are other reasons for my level of well being. But I feel so much … lighter and harmonius since I started letting go of the blockages and what not. With all that said. found some old science ... https://selfdefinition.org/celibacy/bernard/physiological-value-of-continence-part-1-opinion-vs-evidence.htm It basically found that your reproductive system competes with your nervous system for energy and nutrients. In particular, Choline. Choline is very important for DNA repair/methylation. It seems fairly difficult to come by. Have to eat meat or supplement to get it. If I was orgasming frequently, I would supplement with it to ensure your body gets enough ... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3319504/ In addition, I theorize that since your nervous system is closely linked to your reproductive system, what you do has a large effect on the rest of the body. We are here as a consequence of millions of years of organisms reproducing themselves, it only makes sense our reproductive behavior will affect growth/aging pathways like MTor and probably others. Lastly, I think creating sperm is much more intensive than we think, consider … Yes, this last part doesn't have to do with longevity and certainly doesn't represent what the actual cost of an orgasm (much cheaper, considering 300 million cells die every minute) is in terms of what it takes for the Human body to produce an orgasm. It's fun to think about So, 134 million sperm per an average ejaculation today - was 2x this 50 years ago (cant find study for this, going off memory) - 110,000,000,000 MB per an ejaculation, or 13,800 Terabytes. https://t.co/oEr11FpU4E In terms of cost to produce a GB of data on the internet "Our major finding is that the Internet uses an average of about 5 kWh to support the utilization of every GB of data, which equates to about $0.51 of energy costs." That would be 7 million dollar orgasm. https://aceee.org/files/proceedings/2012/data/papers/0193-000409.pdf Or, another way to measure it ... 2000 calories is equal to about 2.325 KwH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the big benefit of sexual continence is using the Choline and other nutrients important to methylation for cellular repair and maintenance, instead of getting your rocks of. And perhaps the lower stress level, since you maintain homeostasis instead of fluctuating constantly. For example, with regards to testosterone, it goes through a two week cycle once you have an orgasm, before it goes back to a steady baseline. As an armchair doctor, that would be the max frequency that I would recommend people orgasm, unless you are trying to conceive.