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  1. Cautionary note re drugs that target senescent cells ~ "The idea that we can use natural substances to selectively target cellular senescence has opened a promising new door in the fight against cancer and aging.6 "Studies have used drugs and synthetic biological products capable of clearing away accumulated aging cells in aging tissues. In animals, these compounds have produced dramatic results, such as delaying the onset of aging, slowing existing age-related changes, and even extending lifespans.7-9 But in their current state of development, these drugs and other synthetic products are impractical, dangerous, or both, making them entirely unsuitable for use in humans to prevent either aging or cancer. "Researchers have found that two natural compounds, when combined, successfully remove aging cells from the body without harmful side effects." Tocotrienols + Quercetin - Life Extension Magazine https://www.lifeextension.com/Magazine/2016/10/Natural-Compounds-that-Remove-Aging-Cells/Page-01