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  1. Fernando Gabriel

    Who would live longer?

    Active people live longer, but would anyone 6 feet 130 lbs 18% active body fat live longer than a sedentary with the same characteristics?
  2. I am 6 feet tall and 130 pounds in weight and around 16% to 18% body fat and am sedentary and would like to maintain this weight for some time.
  3. Fernando Gabriel

    Body fat percentage?

  4. Fernando Gabriel


    And you already did exercises?
  5. Fernando Gabriel

    Body fat percentage?

    What is my body fat percentage
  6. Fernando Gabriel


    And what was your weight before calorie restriction?
  7. Fernando Gabriel


    How many calories do you eat now and before calorie restriction?
  8. I am thinking of taking transresveratrol 200 mg but do not know the equivalence.
  9. I am in doubt whether the fat of the bones, brain, etc. are also part.
  10. Fernando Gabriel

    Basal Metabolic Rate

    Eat every 20 days
  11. Fernando Gabriel

    Basal Metabolic Rate

    I am doing calorie restriction, but I have heard that if you eat less than your basal metabolic rate you die, but if I eat every 20 days and always my basal rate I die? And what is the longest safe time I can do this?
  12. Fernando Gabriel

    Average age of death per calorie!

    How Long Would a Person Eat 2000 Calories? How Long Would a Person Eat 1500 Calorie? How long would someone live eating 1000?
  13. I want to create food with 0 calories for me to eat my whole life!