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  1. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    I have problems with high appetite and binge eating how do I solve this? I have been going over 3000 calories for many days.I'm taking an appetite-boosting medication
  2. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    But which of these formulas is best for an 18-year-old man?
  3. Fernando Gabriel

    Body fat percentage?

    Does the percentage of healthy fat change with age?
  4. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    This new imc doesn't calculate the cube just changes the healthy weight values
  5. Fernando Gabriel

    Bioimpedance balance is bad for my health?

    I wonder if it causes heart attack, cancer, etc.
  6. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    I don't understand why imc is squared if people are cubed
  7. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    My goal is to have low body fat to lower risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. I'm on a bulking diet until I get 130 lbs. Then I'll cut to 121 lbs. I don't mind having a six pack but having longevity.
  8. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    I have 6 feet and 124lbs but I do not have six pack, and wanted to do a cut until you reach 7% fat, I think I have about 14% but I'm going to the nutritionist in a while, I'm doing a 30 minute aerobic low calorie diet 3x per week + 3 sets with + - 20 to 40 reps in everyday land survey That was yesterday's diet Breakfast 1 french bread Ham latte with 2 tablespoons sugar Morning snack 1 apple Lunch 10 lettuce leaves 100 grams of lean beef 50 grams fruit salad 75 grams of brown rice 1 halls package 75 grams of carrot Afternoon snack . 1 glass of milk with 2 tbsp galak 1/2 french bread Dinner 1 gnocchi skimmer 2 spoons of seven fat free 5 strawberries 1 yakult
  9. Fernando Gabriel

    How many less body fat more longevity?

    My goal is to gain muscle mass and then cut to 7% body fat
  10. I think so because I read in the quora that a person can live without fat but not very healthy https://www.quora.com/Is-it-possible-to-live-without-fat-or-carbs And I think without proteins we would survive because I think only with amino acids we would survive
  11. I was reading that bodybuilders have more longevity on a website so I think this may be true. https://www.frankzane.com/bodybuilder-longevity/
  12. Fernando Gabriel

    Blood sugar levels?

    If two people are 5% fat and 6 feet tall but one is 180 lbs and another 110 lbs,both are maintaining weight and do the same exercise and eat the same food in different amounts which one would have the highest blood sugar level?
  13. If a person loses a lot of muscle and organs mass but has all the essential nutrients in the body, can he die from lack of muscle and organs mass?
  14. Fernando Gabriel

    If I eat my metabolic rate every day of my life, will I die?

    If I eat my basal rate every day, will I die much later than if I don't?
  15. Fernando Gabriel

    Body fat percentage?

    What is the minimum amount of muscle for me to survive according to my body type. Example I may be alive if I have 30 pounds of muscle