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  1. Ron Put

    Random Lectures and talks you liked

    A good talk about behavious psycology and heretability: And another, older talk by Plomin focused more on educational achievement:
  2. Ron Put

    ALS, Exercise and Genetics

    Interesting. But even for the carriers, the chances are rather remote, exercise or not. I've had myself sequenced almost 15 years ago (Nebula Genomics' complete 30x was my third time) and if I trust every study, I would live longer than 100, but should be obese, with high blood pressure, and suffer from a host of other diseases, including lactose intolerance and Cron's. I've learned to pay attention only to stuff that really pops out in terms of significance and has plenty of support. Most of it is noise, but I am glad that so many are working hard to advance the science.
  3. What do you base this conviction on? With all due respect, it's actually far less likely to be a non-modified virus. Someone had quiped that it's like seeing a tiger on the street in London and focusing on how it might have tracked from India, while ignoring the giant circus tent on the next block. -- Apart from Chinese scientists, the Fauci-Anderson emails show that Anderson brought up the highly unusual CGG-CGG sequence of the virus, which is never seen in the wild but is common in lab research. This same point has been made by a number of other scientists, but ignored, or outright suppressed by "the scientists" in the media and by social media. -- Three of the Wuhan Institute technicians were hospitalized with SARS symptoms in November of 2019. China hid the epidemic until January of 2020, but there is evidence that it had already spread, with a study showing coronavirus infections in Los Angeles as early as December of 2019. -- Trump-era intelligence officials have maintained that evidence points to a lab leak, but have been ignored and laughed at, because the media and the Left really, really hate Trump. -- Chinese labs have a poor record, with about a dozen leaks in as many years. The Washington Post published diplomatic wires from 2018 identifying the two labs in Wuhan as particularly worrisome: State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses “During interactions with scientists at the WIV laboratory, they noted the new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory,” states the Jan. 19, 2018, cable... The research was designed to prevent the next SARS-like pandemic by anticipating how it might emerge. But even in 2015, other scientists questioned whether Shi’s team was taking unnecessary risks. In October 2014, the U.S. government had imposed a moratorium on funding of any research that makes a virus more deadly or contagious, known as “gain-of-function” experiments. ...There are similar concerns about the nearby Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention lab, which operates at biosecurity level 2, a level significantly less secure than the level-4 standard claimed by the Wuhan Insititute of Virology lab, Xiao said. That’s important because the Chinese government still refuses to answer basic questions about the origin of the novel coronavirus while suppressing any attempts to examine whether either lab was involved.Sources familiar with the cables said they were meant to sound an alarm about the grave safety concerns at the WIV lab, especially regarding its work with bat coronaviruses." Since the WP article is from April of 2020, there is the silly requisite disclaimer used to discredit Trump that "the scientists" agree it came from animals. But if the issue had not been politicized and open discussions had been permitted, we all might be in a much better position now.
  4. Ron Put

    Plants: Eusocial Ferns; Are they "sentient"?

    Yeah, well... Similar absurd logic is employed by serial killers. Most reasonable people can differentiate between bacteria, or eating carrots, and torturing or killing animals.
  5. Ron Put

    Plants: Eusocial Ferns; Are they "sentient"?

    Of course. I already noted above that "virtually all living things have some form of sensory reactions, which they need to stay alive, I am not aware of any study or suggestions that plants have the complex framework necessary to feel pain, or fear death." Bacteria defend against phage attacks by creating RNA molecules that "remember" the attacker's DNA signature and when they subsequently identify it, they destroy it. And viruses, which many argue are not "alive," use their structure to "trick" cell defenses. So, while plants are admittedly much more capable in their sensory reactions than bacteria, the principle is similar and I don't really see the point.
  6. Ron Put

    Low isoleucine foods?

    A good summary, although mice and men are not the same. Based on what I read, I am inclined to agree that limiting BCAAs may be beneficial, but then there are human (granted, recall) studies like this: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21169225/ In conclusion, higher dietary BCAA intake is associated with lower prevalence of overweight status/obesity among apparently healthy middle-aged adults from East Asian and Western countries.
  7. Well, at least you get some money, and hopefully, they'll give you the blood test results :) There is enough (and growing) evidence for me to believe that boosters are unnecessary, even if profitable. Immunity from SARS Covid-1 appears to protect against SARS Covid-2, based on two separate studies I've seen. The two are considerably more different than any of the current variants, and yet there is immunity after more than a decade. Enjoy the $$.
  8. This is neither a meaningful, nor a productive question. Address the arguments made and if you disagree with specific points, show why you do. I don't agree with many things Martenson says, but far from everything he says is wrong either. Fauci was, in fact, playing politics and it appears that he privately did not believe in at least some of the politically imposed Covid-related mandates that he publically supported. There appears to be some evidence to indicate that he may have been actively influencing the steering of the investigation of the Covid-2 origin. The Anderson email suggesting lab involvement, the undisclosed Fauci-Anderson conversation, and Anderson's subsequent 180-degree turn in Nature, and the $2 million NIH grant given to him shortly after the article are all things that should raise everyone's eyebrows. Neither The Lancet nor Nature should have published such opinion pieces, and should at least allowed rebuttals. But that pales with the unprecedented lockdowns that may have changed the course of history. I am hoping that this will be looked at, as part of the US and EU investigation, as well as the WHO's role in adamantly supporting China's position and promoting its methods of containment. I also hope that this will not be swept under the rug, because if there are irregularities, they must be addressed at a structural level so that it doesn't happen again. There are also real questions about the mRNA vaccines and I am glad to see that the CDC is holding an emergency meeting to address some of them. An Oxford study claimed that the mRNA vaccines have similar clotting effects to those identified in the AZ and J&J populations. I don't subscribe to some the doom and gloom scenarios presented in some of the posts above, but the process and "the science" have been politicized enough to raise reasonable doubts and to merit an open discussion. Because the questions are real and must be addressed, not suppressed. Allowing social media to delete such discussions, and allowing politicians and the media to cancel scientists, or bully science journals to publish, or refuse to consider, or retract politically unpopular research, is just wrong and it must be stopped.
  9. Ron Put

    Plants: Eusocial Ferns; Are they "sentient"?

    I am guessing that Saul is not entirely serious.... Pain is generally understood to have evolved as a warning to mobile creatures so that they can move away, promptly, from environmental conditions that will cause them harm. A functioning nervous system, neurons, and brain are generally the prerequisites for experiencing pain, and sentience for the fear of death. Different animals have different thresholds and experience pain differently, with fish for example being considerably more sensitive to temperature changes or skin injury (if I remember right) than humans. While virtually all living things have some form of sensory reactions, which they need to stay alive, I am not aware of any study or suggestions that plants have the complex framework necessary to feel pain, or fear death. It would also be nonsensical from an evolutionary standpoint, as they are not sufficiently mobile to act on acute pain signals.
  10. Ron Put


    Hi, Starlight. Note that I eat non-fortified nutritional yeast and then supplement with B-12 and occasionally D3. I do eat a bunch of spices almost every day, such as nigella, cumin and amla, and I take olive leaf extract since I don't consume EVOO at home and don't want to miss out on all the benefits that some here swear by. I also take curcumin almost daily, as well as either nori or dulse for iodine. I also take melatonin, zinc, Q-10, quercetin, lutein, and glucosamine on occasion, some more often than others.
  11. True. Medical care has advanced considerably, at a price. Yet the Blue Zones are all in temperate to warm climates, often dirt poor, like Sardinia and Okinawa. The oldest person born in the North I could find was Christian Mortensen, but he actually spent most of his life in balmy California....
  12. LOL. Are you trying to flip it? Is the title you got written in Lishu? :) You should have sold it to Biden, but he already bought it (after first shutting down the investigation started under Trump). And now the EU opened an official investigation into the lab theory, so you missed your chance there too. All kidding aside, it's bewildering how so many were so easily convinced that this coronavirus "definitely was not man-made." Even though logically it's the likely explanation: China's main lab working with coronaviruses is there and the Chinese have been conducting gain-of-function research for decades, with at times less than secure protocols. The Chinese government was unusually eager to prevent any association of the virus with China, conducting a documented broad campaign to rename the virus and ensure it did not contain a reference to China. Then they made statements about Trump's "racism" designed to appeal to the American Left, which lapped up the Chinese narrative and made it its own. It just shows how well the Chinese manipulated this and how well propaganda works, especially in an already polarized society. And despite intelligence services suggesting that it was a lab leak, the West hamstrung itself by actively preventing timely investigation and engaging in political infighting and broad and unprecedented censorship. Now it may be way too late to really find out: The evidence that is leading scientists towards the theory that coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab "[T]he former MI6 chief, Sir Richard Dearlove, said that evidence of the novel coronavirus leak from the Wuhan lab that could be the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic would have been destroyed by Chinese officials. He added that it would now be challenging to prove that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) was working on experiments to make a coronavirus that would be more deadly to humans. ... On May 26, US President Joe Biden released a statement acknowledging that the intelligence community had "coalesced around two likely scenarios" and announced that he had asked for a more definitive conclusion within 90 days. His statement read: "The failure to get our inspectors on the ground in those early months will always hamper any investigation into the origin of Covid-19." The idea of a lab leak is thought to have first originated from Chinese social media users who began sharing their suspicions as early as January 2020. A research paper co-authored by two Chinese scientists then went about finding out how a novel bat coronavirus got to a major metropolis of 11 million people in central China, in the dead of winter when most bats were hibernating, and turn a market where bats weren’t sold into the epicenter of an outbreak. The paper stated: "We screened the area around the seafood market and identified two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus." The first was the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which sat just 280 meters from the Huanan market and had been known to collect hundreds of bat samples. The second, the researchers wrote, was the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The paper's staggeringly blunt conclusion about Covid-19 read: "The killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.... Regulations may be taken to relocate these laboratories far away from city center [sic] and other densely populated places.""
  13. Ron Put

    Plants: Eusocial Ferns; Are they "sentient"?

    Interesting, thanks. I am not sure it implies sentience at all, however. Also, in a way, I am not sure it's all so different from what some fungi do.
  14. Ron Put


    Hi, Starlight. Here are grabs of my day yesterday, which is more or less typical: