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  1. True, IMO. But still absolutely irrelevant to the point that was being made, which AP did not address, but went straight to the above character assassination.
  2. It doesn't make much evolutionary sense to me. How is this different than having an older, but still strong male, who is able to aid the younger males in defending the offspring? In fact, the grandma is unable to further reproduce at some point (and thus pass on more longevity genes), while the grandpa can do it much longer if given the opportunity. This is similar to the argument of why there is a higher predisposition towards homosexuality among males, as an extra "uncle" in the group who can defend the offspring is more "valuable" than an extra "aunt." My take is it has more to do with higher sexual drive and more impulsive arousal, and the ability to reproduce even if not normally sexually attracted to females. But the grandma hypothesis is weaker, IMO.
  3. Thank you, this was very interesting. It seems to support the thesis that inflammation can be the cause of a lot of evil. When it's not actually fighting something evil, of course.
  4. PCR tests were used to drive fear and loathing in 2020, when the Left weaponized the pandemic against Trump. Notably, as soon as Biden took office, the CDC quietly dropped the recommended cycles from 40 to 32 (if I recall) and it's now at 27, One does not have to like Trump to question if this is a coincidence, or why the mainstream media essentially buried the drops almost as deep as the Hunter Biden emails. Study: Only 1 of 32 COVID survivors testing positive had live virus It may also explain some of the Covid deaths claims that raised eyebrows and are part of the history written by the media by now. But it doesn't explain the significantly higher cancer deaths reported in the UK last year, or the excess mortality among middle-aged adults in the US which has more to do with deferred medical visits and treatments because of the fearmongering and the lockdowns. And yes, lone medical professionals raised such concerns back then, but they were quickly drowned and often canceled by the mobs and "journalists" calling for censorship. My guess is that illegal drugs offered a respite to some amidst the mayhem, lockdowns, and CNN's ticker-tape counting every death in a country of 330 million. This is an interesting story that has received zero coverage in the press here: Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64
  5. No, you are no immunologist, yet you have very strong opinions on forcing the rest of us to be subjected to invasive medical procedures, lockdowns, and masking mandates when there is reasonably good evidence that the latter two do little or nothing to prevent infections, hospitalizations, or deaths. For the vast majority of people without comorbidities, Covid is not much different than the flu, and in fact for kids and young adults, the flu is deadlier. For those who are vulnerable, voluntary vaccines and common-sense precautions are of course advisable. But neither your dubious beliefs nor your personal fears give you the right to lock up the rest of us or to force us to mask around you in public spaces or to inject us against our will. You are free to wear three masks and gloves alone in your car, or to get vaccinated every two weeks, or to wrap yourself in bubble wrap, of course. Knock yourself out. The problem is when you insist that you can make such decisions for the rest of us. Especially when "the science" is not really what your tightly controlled information bubble makes you believe it is. And that nonsense that you posted attempting to justify censorship by calling everything that contradicts your narrative "fake news" is is a good illustration of just how absurd your critical theory steeped thinking leads to authoritarianism. True believers have often ushered in the darkest times in human history.
  6. I took a quick look and the author appears to be almost spinning some of the included studies' findings. For example, here is exactly what Rengasamy says about cloth masks: "Common fabric materials and cloth masks showed a wide variation in penetration values for polydisperse (40–90%) as well as monodisperse aerosol particles in the 20–1000 nm range (40–97%) at 5.5 cm s−1 face velocity." Speaking of masks, this is a good overview of the significant recent mask effectiveness studies, and of the absurd change in masking recommendations that swept through the mysterious monolithic group referred to as "the scientists. Masks: Before and After They Became Political "If one actually takes the time to consider the preponderance of evidence regarding universal masking, it becomes extremely difficult to conclude that it has had, or was ever expected to have, a significant effect on the course of the pandemic. The evidence certainly doesn’t come even close to matching the quasi-religious fervor exhibited by the popular media, mask-mandating helicopter politicians, or your judgy virtue-signaling neighbor. And all of the new evidence that supports universal masking should be even more suspect considering the stratospheric bias of the media, public health agencies, politicians, and a terrified public all clamoring for studies that report positive effects, despite their obvious limitations. In contrast to evidence, it is much more easy to conclude that safety culture politics trampled our understanding of this intervention so completely and at a level previously unknown in our lifetime, that it will take years to sort out its real-world effects. And it doesn’t take a PPE expert to realize that." You might be interested in this: Infection-acquired versus vaccine-acquired immunity in an SIRWS model And, perhaps this: T cells from common colds cross-protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2
  7. Ron Put

    Are we exercising too much!

    Even if it was only a gain in healthspan, it would still be worth it. But it stands to reason that healthspan contributes to a longer lifespan, too, by making one less likely to succumb to pathogens, inflammation, or ailments that come with unhealthy lifestyles.
  8. While science has been politicized before, mostly by the Left, Covid took it to a new level. Everyone today has forgotten that the basis for the initial calls for lockdowns in the West was that "Covid IS NOT infectious" and therefore it can be stopped by following the Chinese example: "On Monday, Tedros said, “We have never seen before a respiratory pathogen that’s capable of community transmission but at the same time which can also be contained with the right measures. If this was an influenza epidemic, we would have expected to see widespread community transmission across the globe by now and efforts to slow it down or contain it would not be feasible.” People should try to protect themselves individually from flu strains, said Mike Ryan, the head of the WHO’s emergencies program, but at a societal and global level, “we don’t necessarily attempt to contain or stop them because we fundamentally believe they will spread unabated.” Everyone has forgotten that the broad consensus among the medical community, based on studies going back to the 1950s, was that masks worn by healthy people do not prevent community transmission of respiratory diseases. As soon as the Left made it into a political litmus test and a tribal identification of "the good," and its Twitter mobs destroyed the careers of those who objected, the medical establishment fell in line. The decade leading to Covid was already showing that Russian and Chinese disinformation campaigns were effective in polarizing and destabilizing the Western democracies, by reimagining Marxism along tribal lines and targeting education, and government and private institutions. Covid was the spark that lit the pyre, and the fear it created was channeled by political opportunists to attempt to topple the foundations of the West's liberal institutions. Democracy is but a rare blip in human history, and it is often suffocated by forces within. I hope we are not witnessing the end of such a blip. As to Covid, it's a bad bug. We've had them before, and worse, and will have them again. The reaction to Covid is far more dangerous than the virus.
  9. I just listened to this video on the topic:
  10. mccoy, hope things get better with your son. I am curious, what is an "acceptable" measurement? Do you get a lot of failed readings?
  11. Ron Put

    Ergothioneine Extends Lifespan (in flies)

    Thanks, Mike. This supports the thesis, in humans: https://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/news/2015/04/16/ufifas-study-mushrooms-boost-immunity/
  12. Ron Put

    Are we exercising too much!

    I wonder what "all-cause mortality" means here. I'd imagine that at least some of those in the 10+ hours engage in riskier activities, such as mountain climbing, diving, paragliding, etc., by virtue of being fitter and capable of doing so. Accidents and injuries might account for it.
  13. No, but there is an epidemic of mass hysteria and stupidity, demanding that EVERY child over 5 be vaccinated, or else be excluded from society. The out-of-context nonsense of "58% increase" in hospitalizations is being used for propaganda purposes, to scare those who can't put two and two together and unite them in the war against the unvaccinated "others." China is giving plenty of rope to the West's Left by "leaking" the highly effective images of its highly limited, showcase lockdowns, with the same clear message that started this madness: "See how effectively we do it." In the long run, it will tear down the fabric of Western societies, it'll weaken the Western economies, and together with the "woke" radicalism, may bring the end of Western liberalism within our lifetime. Scenes like this, where one part of society is forcing another to subject itself to medical treatment, or be locked down and banned from engaging in normal public activities, should give everyone but the most rabid true believers a pause:
  14. Unless you leave your mushroom in the sun or buy UV-exposed ones, you are not getting D from vegetables. It's the Sun 🙂 I'd start lower, maybe 1000 D every other day or so. You need to move to 30-40 (some say higher, but I'd be cautious) and this will probably do the trick. Maybe less in the summer, if you spend time outside. It also depends on one's complexion, among other things. But you are still young and capable of producing enough D with exposure of an hour or so. Are you doing physical exercise? Your ferritin is up there at the high end of normal (although it varies by the lab).