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    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Thank you Dean I will finish the bag I have with care and then eliminate them: thank you very much! See below for the Cronometer minerals section for the same day I posted 🙂
  2. Mark Nederland

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Sibiriak thank you! I did find the information I neede but. I was surprised to see how little information Longo gives in his book about the FMD. I do not have the money for Prolon and now I have to find all this information myself. Longo is my hero and I understand he does not make any money from Prolon but is it not a bit harsh to keep this information away for the poor people like me? Or is there something I do not understand? I still could use a bit more information and also based on your link I reduced my intake from 800 to 725 cal and looked better at the ratio (see below), but I do not like that this rule is derived from the Prolon instead of it being a clear rule from the book for example. It feels a bit like a bad SF movie where only the rich get the health care to immortality :). Or is there something I am missing here? Thank you Mccoy! As always you are a big help. I was able to do the FMD and by using the table in Long's book I came to around the same scores and also used some of the excell files from Sibiriak's link. I understand now that it is very hard to get the ratio right without Cronometer 🙂 Basically I found that i could only take 725 cal instead of the 800 in Long's book. I can only see the ratio in the phone app from Cronometer not in the Browser. I did the FMD and it was great although sometime difficult and I was sometimes a bit grumpy. On day 6 i was very happy when I started eating again, like stoned happy. I went from 68.5 to 64.2 this morning (day 7) which is a bit much but I ate only 1700 cal on day 6. I will start my next FMD just before or just after Christmas. I do still have some questions: would (1 of) you have a look at 1 of my days from the Cronometer. I would really appreciate. My ratios where Protein 10 %, Carbs 39%, Fats 51%. I do not like Olive oil. Would that be a problem I replaced it with nuts?
  3. Mark Nederland

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Thank you! I am sorry to disturb you again but I am currently doing a FMD but I cannot find any answers to the following questions. Can you help me out again? 1) I have the book from Longo but I am not a native English speaker and there is not so much clear information about how to do the diet (I do not have the prolon). Your posts are very helpfull. My question is: when I am following the guideline in the book (day 2-5) 400 cal from vegetables and 400 from nuts/oil do I still need to look at the amounts of proteins and carbohydrates? If so how? What are the maximum amounts of each if so? Any information is welcome, I cannot find this information. 2) Is there more information about the diet somewhere? I read about the FMD patent? 3) can we add (a little bit of) salt? THANK YOU!
  4. Mark Nederland

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Thank you very much for this Mccoy. It is really helpful. I am starting my first FMD tomorrow. I am reading the book but your posts really help. Did you restrict eating to a specific timeframe during the FMD?
  5. Mark Nederland

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    It helped me so I hopes this helps others: Make active work of sleeping and follow all of these steps below and make it your nr1 priority: 1) NEVER sleep in the same bed with someone else 🙂! 2) Make sure you are not worrying at night, I have a MP3 player with an audiobook. If I cannot sleep within 5 minutes I will put it on. It is extremely important to not worry. This method is better for me then Meditation because it is more distracting. With meditation it is hard to get away from daily problems. 3) NOISE wakes you up. I have had made earplugs that fit my ears perfectly: you 100% need these. With these my sleeping has improved drastically. I have a headband with 1 of these things road workers use against noise (if you sleep on your side, otherwise you can use not 1 but the whole ear protection thing). I put in my super earplugs and then the headband with the earphone thing with my earplug from the mp3 player/phone in it at top volume. This way I have the benefits of both: hardly any noise comes through and I can listen to my book so not I am not worrying. If you have noisy neighbors do not bother complaining but move right away to another house. I rather live in a carton box under a bridge and sleep well then in a villa with noisy neighbors and the horror of every sleeper: barking dogs! See my picture for my sleeping set! 4) Make sure you are physically tired, so make sure you have done some excercise but do not do it in the evening. 5) Make sure you get up every day at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Even when you slept badly get up at the same time. Do NOT sleep during the day! 6) The urine bottle that you have is very important. Especially when eating plant based without salt makes you go to the bathroom a lot at night. I have 3 of those next to my bed. Do not go to the bathroom and never put on the light at night. Just hop out of bed, do it and go to sleep again. 7) Never drink coffee, also not in the morning.
  6. Mark Nederland

    Exercise is not good for longevity.

    I agree with you but today I read the book "The longevity code" and they talk about hormesis and I was thinking about your post. What do you say about this? "Exercise is also a form of hormesis. The most important reason why exercising is healthy is because it damages the body. An hour of cycling or swimming makes our cells work much harder than they usually do. They become overtaxed and slightly damaged, which you can feel the next day when you wake up with sore muscles. However, this damage shakes our cells awake and prompts them to repair and better protect themselves for the next time you go for a bike ride or dive into the pool. As the cells keep arming themselves against that kind of damage, they are then also better protected against other kinds of damage, such as that caused by aging processes."
  7. Mark Nederland

    New to CR: some random questions.

    THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! I have watched the vid and will adept, I have ordered the Aviva accucheck, etc. etc. I am getting more grip on the schedule I want to follow thanks to all your help.
  8. Mark Nederland

    New to CR: some random questions.

    Hi I am new to CR and have some random questions. I have read some of the books and articles on this website but as I am not a native English speaker sometimes it is a bit difficult, so forgive me if these questions are already answered somewhere else. Any help on 1 or more of my questions is helpful: - I would be interested in personal values for the substances measured in Crono meter from CR people. - Do fruit and vegetables that have been frozen retain the same nutrient values? - Which glucose meters do you use? Or none? - I cannot get this clear (because it probably is not): is it better to fast long periods in a day or is it all about restricting calories. I am asking because CR is easy for me but fasting is not. The CR-way and The Longevity diet seems to have different opinions about that? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Gordo for the reply! I love your website. Gordo: might be nice to hypertext each one to a reputable source backing up the concern. Mark: I agree but I don't have them at hand. This list I have accumulated over the years from unreliable sources as newspaper articles and my common sense. For me this is enough to be careful around them. If you really need them I should put in some time. Some of them are easy checked on line. I will explain a bit further the ones you talk about: Gordo: I would think the health risk of not using tooth paste or vacuuming are higher than using/doing these. Mark: I cannot find the article on vacuuming but basically my list is about cancer. Fine dust (don t know the name in English) causes cancer and the vacuumcleaner does not catch it but blows it out of the back. It is definitely better then leaving all dust around but I prefer hard floors that I can clean with water. Toothpaste has loads of unclear chemicals inside (just check the ingredients) and is also forbidden for children what is enough for me. As it is not meant for consumption it escapes all regulation for food but still you get amounts inside. I keep it to a minimum and use only biological and have not have any problems with my teeth. It's a shame to put so much effort in your food choices and get loads of chemicals. Gordo: Not using a car is not too practical, but yea driving in traffic and breathing dirty air probably isn't too good for you but is it any worse than living in the country and breathing air filled with pollen? Mark: Not using a car is not practical but weighing all my food all day is not either 🙂 I do have a car though but keep use limited and would not want to be in it everyday. An electrical car helps by the way. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310466891_Air_quality_inside_motor_vehicles'_cabins_A_review Gordo: Indoors you are pretty much breathing dust/skin/mold spores constantly (put a petri dish out on your counter/table and watch what grows) - the human body is pretty good at dealing with such contaminants. Mark: I agree on this. But my list is purely about cancer and and the ultra fine dust that accumulates in the home causes cancer in my opinion. Also the chemical fumes from paint, glue in furnitures and well basically everything inside the house that is not organic. Especially homes with new products or after construction have high levels of for example formaldehyde. Inhaling these all day will in my opinion not help too live long. Gordo: Getting sun exposure also has pretty well established health benefits, as long as you don't do it to the point of burning. Mark: I agree.
  10. We all want to live long and healthy. It would be a shame to watch our diets and then still live unhealthy. I have a list of things outside food that I think will cause cancer and need to be looked at also in daily life, some are very obvious. I am not sure about others. I am putting it here to hopefully get some feedback. Combustion in the house: use never or minimize: wood/gas stoves!, matches, candles! and incense!. Combustion outside: use never or minimize: car/scooter/motor!, airplanes, chainsaw. Substances: use never or minimize and buy biological: shampoo/soap, toothpaste!, waxed flos, deodorant, sunscreen, hair-dye, make up, shaving cream, non-stick pans, cleaning agents, detergent, foam mattresses, copy machines, lenses fluid and washing-up liquid!. Activities: do never or minimize: smoking!, sunbathing, being up at night, drinking hot liquids!, vacuuming, renovating, painting, work in office building. Stuff: never use new or wash or air to minimize fumes: books/magazines, clothes!, pillows/bedding/matrasses!, car, electrical stuff (let run when not in room), furniture, just painted things. House: use as much as possible organic materials and keep ventilating always. Get rid of asbestos and glass wool. Live outside the city away from factories! Avoid as much as possible: X-rays, implants (also in teeth), stress, pesticides. Check: drinkingwater quality, bloodvalues. Edit dec 2019: Clothes: polyester realeases micro plastics which is harmful for humans, too. Tea bags: Several tea bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep the tea bags from falling apart. Every time you drink tea that is suppose to be healthy you are drinking plastic.