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  1. I try to keep my protein up to at 60 g/day by drinking chocolate flavored whey isolate, at 24 g per glass. This regimen after reading two small, but well constructed experiments with persons over 65, who hadn't been getting recommended protein. After 7 months of at least 80 g of daily protein, the experiment group had larger biceps with no additional exercise. (Strength was no greater until strength training was done) At 84, I want to remain strong to help avoid falls and other age related problems.
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    On Elysium's Basis, I suggest we go to the Elysium web site and read about the science behind Basis. The company has several Nobel winners on it. But the best is, no claim for human benefit is made. Len Guarante's scientists, including himself, discovered that NAD + is necessary for mitochondria health. In mice, old mouse NAD+ levels were significantly lower than younger mice, whose levels were ~40%. The old mice got NAD+ to where their levels were once again ~40%. They then had more energy and lived longer. So Elysium says bring your NAD+ levels up with Basis, and maybe your mitochondria might maintain health because of NAD+. No claims about human pep and longevity because there is no credible data yet. Elysium doesn't make any claims because FDA approved trials would take a very long time, it was decided to simply market it with mouse data only.