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  1. As for me, the best home workout is a flat belly fix. I recommend view this review https://cronicasportiva.com/ct-the-flat-belly-fix-review
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  3. JohnBrown

    MY supplementation list

    Looks no bad. It looks like a low carb diet for me. Would be better start test E and Dianabol cycle with https://120kgs.org/oral-steroids
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    I think testosterone from https://steroidsfax.org/oral-steroids in low dosages with protein will work better.
  5. JohnBrown

    Sexual Abstinence and Longevity

    Did you try to use testosterone in lower doses? I usually buy in valkyrie-online.org
  6. Hmm. Guys just relax. that's just my opinion and observation!
  7. In my opinion none of the above methods will not give you full effect like example testosterone injection purchased on https://steroids-evolution.com. There will be both strength and muscle mass gain. All that remains to secure the result is right PCT.
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    Hey friends !Im newbie.

    Thanx! I appreciate it.
  9. JohnBrown

    Hey friends !Im newbie.

    Hey Guys! Nice to meet you all who read this thread. Nice to be a part this community!