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  1. CarstenR

    Carsten's Current Diet

    Dear Ron Put, Thanks for pointing out the informative thread that I enjoyed reading. I even think that a reduction of methionine, leucine and valine is easy to do, for example by exchanging the salmon for a mixed salad every 2 days. Dear mccoy, Yes, I eat every day the breadth of fruit, because diversity is important to me and for me it is also a piece of quality of life, to feed every day a range of fruits. Yes, I have already read about the recommended intake of 0.8 g / kg / d RDA. At my weight that would be about 56 grams protein. I will adjust it in the settings. From a nutritional point of view, I will probably always be a bit over it in the interval between 70-100 grams. So let's see if maybe I'll adjust that again in the future, in the direction that I reduce the protein intake and perhaps aim at the 56 grams.
  2. CarstenR

    Carsten's Current Diet

    Hey, I would be glad about all sorts of suggestions and questions about my diet. I do not have fixed times for meals. Most of the time I start eating around 10 in the morning and eat the last one at 10 in the evening.