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  1. First of all, hi! I've been lurking for a couple of week and finally decided to create an account. I've been following a semi-strict CR protocol since the first week of August: 1400-1800 cal/day, usually OMAD in the evenings and with the occasional Friday cheat day. Regular exercise (until last week) once a day. I'm not diabetic but I've been tracking my blood sugar religiously (with the thought that a low AGE diet and blood-sugar that rarely goes above 85 will reduce AGE formation/accumulation). For the first few weeks of doing this my blood sugar looked awesome, usually around 80 in the AM, and would stay +/- 5 from there all day. After eating I'd spike to 90-120, then drop back down to 70-80 within 2 hours (sometimes as low as 60). Last week for some reason my blood sugar started getting wonky. Thursday's for example it was 95-104 in the AM, hovered there all day. After eating it shot to 130, then dropped to 80 within two hours.I'd thought this might be due to some keto or CR adapted insulin resistance, so I've been eating regularly at or above maintenance since Friday of last week, but the results are still off. Today I woke up with a 104 reading, Had a cup of blueberries and some whey protein, and stayed at 104 at 45min and 2 hours post meal, I basically had no blood-sugar reaction. So I have a million questions: Does anyone have any idea what would be causing this? If it were caused by either CR or OMAD induced insulin resistance, how long does it take to adapt out of it? Is it possible to stay below 85 for most of the day on a CR diet? As an aside, I'm 32, 6'2 and at 205 lbs, at around 18% BF, so I doubt I'm suddenly becoming diabetic (at least I hope not) Thanks!