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    This charge against Sinclair as being a mere profiteer keeps being repeated here. Do you have proof that he is making illegitimate riches? There are at least some of his (dozens of) patents and products from which he is said to donate the proceeds to research. If a profit motive makes his science less valuable, or even corrupt, that deserves a forum better researched and more costly to him than online gossip and snark.
  2. Isn't that the most serious claim that can possibly be made against a scientist? I'd think that Harvard and his colleagues would have a great deal to say about it if they thought that.
  3. I'm about a third of the way through Sinclair's new book and highly recommend it for its documentation of what lots of labs are doing.
  4. Metformin has been extensively used for decades for Type II Diabetes without, we're told, adverse indications.