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  1. crinded


    woow nice.. going to try this one.. Thanks
  2. crinded

    Bottle of Lies

    4.5 of 5 in good reads.. thanks for the book..going to add this to my next purchase..
  3. crinded

    Blood sugar levels?

    I guess no one can answer this... I read somewhere that blood sugar also comes from heredity.. So it's tough to say. Having said that am not an expert in this. a good doctor can give a clear answer.
  4. crinded

    Anyone practicing Aerial Yoga

    yes.. as far I read.. it's easy and fun. Thanks
  5. crinded

    Iron intake

    I used to try some dates (for iron) and it worked well for me.. Am m 34..
  6. crinded

    Anyone practicing Aerial Yoga

    Off late am seeing lots of pics like these in my timeline and lots of discussion on Aerial Yoga. When I researched I came to know that Aerial Yoga was just found in 2014 and it's getting popular. But there are very few and limited studies. Anyone practicing Aerial Yoga and how it benefits you?
  7. crinded

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Simple and Neat