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  1. Fernando Gabriel

    Longevity and starting CR middle-aged

    Eat 1200 calories and ask for a fat-soluble vitamin test if you think it is dangerously fat-free, I believe that from your track record you will reach 100-105 but if you did CR at 18-20 years old with 1200 calories you would reach 120 years, but it's never too late in life. And eat 1500 on trash day
  2. Fernando Gabriel

    Exercise Effects

    How often and how long do you exercise and what exercises do you do?
  3. Fernando Gabriel

    Peg Diamond, CR friend

    At what age did she start calorie restriction and how many calories did she eat each day?
  4. Fernando Gabriel

    Exercise Effects

    What is your BMI? My resting heart rate is high and wanting to low my resting heart rate?
  5. As far as I know vitamin D happens, I believe that magnesium also because it is a life extender.
  6. Even if she maintains her weight with a healthy diet. Tell an experience of someone who kept her weight with low body fat and had a healthy diet.
  7. Fernando Gabriel

    CORONA vs CRONie ... are bugs more scared of us?

    This is a picture of him in biosphere 2 how many pounds did he have and what percentage of fat did he appear to have? I already had 42 kg with 1.82 in 2019 and I had no sequels so I think I can reach 100 years with 1.82 and 56 kg
  8. Fernando Gabriel

    CORONA vs CRONie ... are bugs more scared of us?

    Roy Walford was not that thin he was 5 feet and 9 inches at the start of the CR and 120 pounds and 5 feet 8 inches and 134 pounds on the day of death as he could do excessive CR if it were so we should have the BMI 21-22 to be I have seen successful cases of people with IMC 19.17 and even 14 who have reached supercentenary status.
  9. And how many% can I do calorie restriction without affecting memory because I read that 30% helps prevent Alzheimer's!
  10. Do people with less body fat have less absorption of micronutrients and macronutrients
  11. If a person loses weight from BMI 30 to 25, reducing their calories from 3100 to 2500, will their IQ be negatively affected even slightly during the time of weight loss?
  12. Fernando Gabriel

    Oldest Man 111

    Did Jeanne Calment have caloric restriction?
  13. Fernando Gabriel

    Frugivorous or Vegan

    what other supplements do I need in the vegan diet because I don't want my IQ to go down.
  14. Fernando Gabriel

    Frugivorous or Vegan

    And how often should I eat meat to replace heme iron if I am vegan because I have not found a reliable site to replace heme iron?
  15. Fernando Gabriel


    I drank very little last year at most 10 times and it was 1 to 3,4 unitys of alcohol each day .And I drank wine in the food in an even smaller amount in 2013 about 5 ml other times that I didn't consider in 2019 about 5 ml too and 1 liqueur bonbon in 2012 I also took a homeopathic remedy for 2 weeks at the beginning of last year and ate rum raisin ice cream recently but I heard that this ice cream has no alcohol and that the homeopathic remedy has 30% alcohol My father drinks a high amount about 1 liter of distillate, 1 can of beer and sometimes wine with 1-4 glasses of 187.5 ml per day and if he stops for 15 hours of drinking and when he is working he drinks a lot less about 2/5 of that during the 7 days of the week and now he is unemployed and has no seizures because he takes the seizure remedy and his last seizure was today and he had taken the carbamazepine remedy in the morning but he had stopped taking it before that and he had a seizure in 2019 when he had just started taking medicine again. Seizure remedies are bad health and what would be the ideal remedy for seizure and longevity? After having the first seizure due to alcohol withdrawal, the chance of having the second if you continue without drinking is higher or lower. And I also really wanted a technology that would not cause seizures and out of curiosity I never had a seizure.