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  1. What is best for studies alcohol light 1 glass a day of wine or concentration remedies like risperidone and would like to know if alcohol removes the effect of resveratrol And I would like to know why I can't take these drugs with alcohol?
  2. Fernando Gabriel

    What is healthier grape or red wine?

    The maximum I took was about 2 cans of beer and I became normal .That year when I drank 100 ml of wine I could barely pay attention in college it took me about 2 days to get back to normal but I won't continue because I can get addicted so I prefer avocado,yogurt or an intelligence supplement.
  3. What is healthier grape or red wine?
  4. Should I take more than 5 different antioxidants?
  5. I have no chronic illness!
  6. Fernando Gabriel

    Acarbose better than Metformin?

    If I am not diabetic and take acarbose it will hurt me
  7. See weight from 0.0 kg to 150 with 0.1% fat increase from 0.0 to 100.0% with 0.1 increments and muscle mass from 0 to 100.0 with 0.1 increments And how can bioimpedance not measure weight?
  8. Fernando Gabriel

    How should I start exercising?

    And how many times a week should I exercise 20 minutes?
  9. https://www.hypeness.com.br/2020/06/gemeos-identicos-separados-por-12-semanas-de-veganismo-comparam-resultados/ If this is true I don't think it works for everyone because Matthew Lake has gone vegan and his BMI does not decrease as I remember.
  10. Fernando Gabriel

    How should I start exercising?

    They say that gradually it is better because it reduces the risk of heart attack?And how would the frequency and time increase
  11. Fernando Gabriel

    What is your blood pressure?

    110/70 or 100/60
  12. Fernando Gabriel

    Low blood pressure? Think again!

    But what makes a genetics look good are the habits in some cases my grandfather is 80 years old and only started having high blood pressure at 74 -77 years old and my grandmother of 82 years old at 78 years old and my father already has high blood pressure 40s or early my mother has normal pressure none of them was obese during their lives so I think my genetics is bad
  13. Fernando Gabriel

    Low blood pressure? Think again!

    We must create stronger drugs for high blood pressure and we must leave everyone's pressure below 90/60 When I was 1.83 and 43 kg my pressure was 90/60 to have 80/50 I would need to reach 38 kg which without medication I could to kill easily in my opinion we have to zero the fat or muscle or make long fasts to starve
  14. Fernando Gabriel

    Is a healthy diet the same for everyone?

    Go on a 1500 calorie diet if you think you're going to die, give it up and increase to a calorie you think is safe.
  15. Fernando Gabriel

    Cronometer results for the FMD

    Have you done CR for a long time?