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  1. Gordo, I tend to agree that the one thing right about Trump was his antagonism with China. Not so sure he’s accomplished anything there, but on another point I’m not so sure they are doomed to fail. State run Capitalism is an experiment mostly being played out by China. Time will tell.
  2. Mike41

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Hi Mechanism, thanks for your input. My peRspective on EVOO is that it is empty calories and harmful in that it reduces flow mediated dilation as all higher fat meals do. As far as the polyphenols, these are easily obtained from Whole Foods like nuts and seeds that while fatty have numerous polys and nutrients unlike EVOO. Also of course red wine, teas, veggies, spices, fruits etc. Why eat a nutrient vacant high calorie substance based on a bunch of epidemiology that is following people who are eating as part of their diets, white bread, pasta, rice and other empty foods and so Of course they benefit when they eat some polyphenols from EVOO due to their suboptimal polyphenol diets. I don’t think most people eating a So-called Mediterranean diet are eating anything close to what we here consider an ideal diet. So if we are also limiting calories as most of us do then it makes sense to challenge EVOO as a smart choice IMO!
  3. Mike41

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    What large scale trials? Do you mean predimed? It was bogus. There was absolutely NO control low fat diet even though they claimed as much. So when we have a well conducted large clinical trial with a seriously low fat control we will continue to be in the dark wrt olive oil being an overall benefit.
  4. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2766121 posted this morning by Al Pater. The article makes the case that we have been comparing apples 🍎 and oranges 🍊 with regard to CFR of influenza and covid 19. If the articles conclusions are at all accurate than the CFR for Covid 19 is at least 5 times the CFR of influenza.
  5. Mike41

    Olive oil? Healthy or not?!

    Al Pater just posted this. Doesn’t look good for olive oil to say the least! Monounsaturated fat rapidly induces hepatic gluconeogenesis and whole-body insulin resistance. Sarabhai T, Kahl S, Szendroedi J, Markgraf DF, Zaharia OP, Barosa C, Herder C, Wickrath F, Bobrov P, Hwang JH, Jones JG, Roden M. JCI Insight. 2020 May 21;5(10):134520. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.134520. PMID: 32434996 Abstract BACKGROUNDWhile saturated fat intake leads to insulin resistance and nonalcoholic fatty liver, Mediterranean-like diets enriched in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) may have beneficial effects. This study examined effects of MUFA on tissue-specific insulin sensitivity and energy metabolism.METHODSA randomized placebo-controlled cross-over study enrolled 16 glucose-tolerant volunteers to receive either oil (OIL, ~1.18 g/kg), rich in MUFA, or vehicle (VCL, water) on 2 occasions. Insulin sensitivity was assessed during preclamp and hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp conditions. Ingestion of 2H2O/acetaminophen was combined with [6,6-2H2]glucose infusion and in vivo 13C/31P/1H/ex vivo 2H-magnet resonance spectroscopy to quantify hepatic glucose and energy fluxes.RESULTSOIL increased plasma triglycerides and oleic acid concentrations by 44% and 66% compared with VCL. Upon OIL intervention, preclamp hepatic and whole-body insulin sensitivity markedly decreased by 28% and 27%, respectively, along with 61% higher rates of hepatic gluconeogenesis and 32% lower rates of net glycogenolysis, while hepatic triglyceride and ATP concentrations did not differ from VCL. During insulin stimulation hepatic and whole-body insulin sensitivity were reduced by 21% and 25%, respectively, after OIL ingestion compared with that in controls.CONCLUSIONA single MUFA-load suffices to induce insulin resistance but affects neither hepatic triglycerides nor energy-rich phosphates. These data indicate that amount of ingested fat, rather than its composition, primarily determines the development of acute insulin resistance.
  6. Ron it ain’t over yet! You keep citing stats from previous pandemics while we are only at the beginning of one. That does not make any sense? For all we know this one may kill many more than the ones you cite. Again it ain’t over and until it is you cannot draw these conclusions. Did you read my previous post on this very point directed at you?
  7. Well you may be right and you may be wrong. If covid CFR is around say .5% which is a reasonable possibility and it spreads rapidly by the time we reach herd immunity we could lose 850,000 people??? .05 % x 170,000,000 people or herd immunity. Don’t know if that is a reasonable calculation or not. Don’t hold me to it if it’s crazy please explain. If it is a reasonable possibility would that soften your position? OTHO, my position has always been we are playing with fire and we don’t really know which is better policy because we are not God! If it were up to me I’d lean toward the moderate position. Open up, but hard line with gatherings, utilize internet First for meetings etc, make masks mandatory, limit travel etc. etc.
  8. Hi Tom B, I just checked my lab results online based on your concerns and my last result showed platelet count low at 135 k. I looked at all the others going back 4 years and there were 4 and all of them were over 150k. So why the last Was below 150 who knows? but the highest was only 168 so I guess Im in the lowball camp. So I looked up ways to raise platelets and the research is sketchy at best. A study on dengue fever showed good results using papaya extract. A few sites mention alcohol and milk as potentially raising levels. Also papaya fruit also lowerinG but no serious research. Also mentioned vitamin C, b12. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31601215 https://www.pdsa.org/treatments/complementary/vitamins-and-supplements.html alcoholism may be what we are looking at. They are very likely to have low platelet levels. That could explain the assocIation
  9. Kinda makes sense if an inflammatory cascade is the primary factor killing people. Statins are notable anti inflammatory drugs.
  10. Mike41

    Walking and All-Cause Mortality

    Interesting concept. So it may be that the two factors coincide. Cr and exercise. Therefore heavy people can counteract the effects by walking. It may be that crd folks won’t benefit from so much walking then or not as much as an overweight person would. Pure speculation but seems reasonable. This seems even more plausible when you consider the fact that in this study Intensity did not matter one way or the other! Think about that.
  11. White rice is sugar for the most part
  12. Their is a solution it’s called a carbon tax. Apply the tax gradually and end up agressive in about 5 years after enacting it. Then Take the revenue from the tax and apply it by subsidizing the renewables and guess what happens? The capitalists will solve the problem. Guaranteed! It does not happen because the political power is with the dirty slop that nature was smart enough to bury a long time ago. The likes of Exxon Mobile and the Koch bro’s etc, keep a carbon tax from happening. What is particularly outrageous and incredibly stupid is that we so easily wrecked the economy over this virus, but Have been unable to do the right thing wrt to a much bigger threat, hugely bigger namely the destruction of our ecosystem by dumping mass amounts of shit Into the atmosphere that Mother Nature had the wisdom to bury!