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    Are vegans at risk for lower IQ?

    Well, according to Betteridge's law of headlines, any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no. This one is no exception. I took a brief look and there are bizarre claims like vegans having problem with vitamin B6 intake (it's very common in plant foods) and they illustrate it with the potato as an example. Elsewhere they claim after some study that iron supplementation boosted 5-7 fold cognitive performance (misleading at best, whatever it means*). They cite German Society for Nutrition (whose opinion on vegan diet is somewhat negative), but don't mention that most such associations find vegan diet perfectly adequate. Etc., etc. They rise some good points though with B12 and some nutrients that are lacking in not supplemented vegan diet, so there's that. The obvious solution is to supplement if you fear that it may be important (B12 is important, creatine, carnosine, taurine, etc. are arguably not that important). That said I don't think that this article should rise any concerns in people following a CRON diet. * It seems that in the study the z-score was 5-7 fold greater at the end of the intervention, but z-score measures how far you are from the mean of the population, with 0 meaning no distance from the mean. What if participants started at "the wrong side of the mean"? The factor would be negative? 😄